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Chapter 19

Chapter 19


I looked down at the note I had written and decided to place an extra kiss on the end to try and take away some of the harshness of my words before posting under the doorway of my parent’s room.

“The two of you are pathetic. I’m sick of your shit (sorry for my language, dad).
Get your acts together and sort it out like grown-ups. Mum, you were wrong to obsess over Eros so much - he’s a fully grown wolf with a mind of his own. Get over it.
Dad... well, you were dad. Stop upsetting mum by being horrible, or else I’ll tell her about all the times I’ve seen you sneak into the bedroom to cuddle her pillow and sniff it like a madman. Oops. Guess I already did.
What sort of example are you setting for me? I’m an impressionable young lady, you know.
No, really. I know you’re rolling your eyes and laughing at me, dad. Imagine the way you two are being - now imagine me in that same toxic relationship. Is that what you want from me? With the way you two are going, how am I supposed to know any better?
Sort it out, grow up, quit being so immature. Cheers.
Your frustrated, pissed off daughter

If that didn’t get my dad’s attention with my language, then nothing would.

I heard a stirring on the other side of the door and made a mad dash back to my room. It was five am, and I knew my dad was getting ready to begin his training for the day. I jumped into bed and pulled the blankets over my head. That way, just in case he decided to confront me now, I could pretend to be asleep.

It was around ten minutes later when I heard the shuffle of paper and looked at the door to see he had posted me my own note. I felt the nudge in my mind as a link was being sent to me, but I ignored it for the time being.

“Mind your own business before I tell that young wolf you’ve been drooling over at mealtimes that you lurrrve him and want to marry him. I’ve seen you spill soup down your clothes, you were staring at him that hard. That’s quite the achievement considering how big your mouth is, I’m surprised you could ever miss it!
Oops, did you hear that over the packlink? I could have sworn I was only linking you. I’d hate for that young fancy fella of yours to hear me… Oops, I guess I already did.”

My heart stopped. He wouldn’t do that, would he? I tried to intercept the link again, but it was already broken. My eyes went back to the letter, my eyes hungrily scanning the words.

“Just joking. Don’t doubt that I will do it if you keep poking your nose in our business. Relationships are tricky.
Your ever (sexually) frustrated dad.
P.S. Stop pretending to throw up. Now who needs to grow up?
P.P.S. You’re grounded.”

I huffed, hurling the paper away from me. So much for that plan!


“No, Axel! Goddess, don’t you ever listen?! I said over there!” I snapped, gesturing wildly at the other side of the room. Everything here had to be perfect.


It had taken me a long time to decide what to do with my parents, but I had finally settled on a plan that I was almost positive would work.

I was going about this the wrong way, trying too hard to appeal to the humans inside them. They were too stubborn. I knew now that it was the wolves I needed to call to. I could practically hear them whining every time my parents chose to sit apart and so I, master planner Antheia, was going to bring them together again.

I cringed as I remembered the last time I had seen my mother, her angry shouts following me as Axel and I walked away from her, but I shut the image down. I couldn’t focus on that right now. The end far outweighed the means. Yes, she was positively livid, but she would get over it. I did what I thought was right.

Axel and I had stolen all my mum’s clothes and planted them around the forest, making her scent difficult to follow. I knew my dad’s wolf would love this - he enjoyed nothing more than stalking down his prey. I had made Axel send a link to my dad, letting him know that my mum had stormed off into the forest and hadn’t been seen in hours. She had missed both lunch and dinner and none of the warriors could find her.

Extreme, I know, but he would come running, I knew he would. He was with another Alpha at their pack - they had been having some issues with rogues and he wanted my dad’s help with tightening security, but I knew this would take priority. Plus, it gave me time to set the whole situation up. Besides, I had also made Axel tell him that there had been footprints with a distinctly rogue smell. I snorted as I imagined him running like the cartoons – his feet moving on the spot before spinning in circles as he set off. Beep, beep, Road Runner.

Laugh whilst you can, Antheia. You really have done it this time. He. Is. Going. To Kill. You.

The smirk was wiped from my face. Yep. I was dead.

I glanced around at the room once more, taking in the signs of struggle that Axel had deliberately caused. A knocked-over chair, a broken window. It all looked so real to me!

I knew the moment the plan had gone tits up when Axel flinched, holding his head as though in pain. I rushed over to him, concern written on my face. “Axel? What’s wrong?” I breathed, growing more panicked by the second. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Khaos...” he grunted.

“My dad? What about him?”

I let out a high-pitched squeal and jumped as an angry voice vibrated around the room. “What about him? Are you fucking insane, Antheia? You tied your mother to a fucking tree and left her in the woods?!”

Oh boy.

Here we go. It was nice knowing you wolf.

I stood up, turning around slowly, shooting a sheepish smile at my dad who was angrier than I had ever seen him. My mum was in his arms, cradled against his chest, and I fought back the urge to smile. “No, I didn’t.”

“You didn’t?! Are you going to stand there and lie straight to my face?” he roared.

“I told someone else to kidnap her and tie her up, so technically—”

I jumped in the air as he exploded, yelling a bunch of words I don’t care to repeat. “I’m a sensitive soul, dad. Those words really hurt me, they did. What sort of thing is that to call your daughter? For shame.”

To my surprise, my dad stopped dead in his tracks and laughed, placing my mum on her feet, and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You are your mother’s child, that’s for sure. You women will be the death of me. Do you want to tell me to count to ten as well?” He looked down at my mum and she smiled back at him, both of them lost in their own memories.

“Right, Antheia. Whilst I’m relatively calm, can you please tell me what the fuck you were playing at?”

I took a deep breath and folded my arms across my chest. “Not that you seem to appreciate it, but I was trying to get you two to make up. The plan was to stage a kidnapping, trap mum in the forest and have you come to find her,” I paused for a moment as I frowned. “How did you find her, anyway? That silver in the handcuffs meant she couldn’t link you... We’re not going to talk about the silver, are we? It’s probably a bad idea to bring that up, isn’t it?” I asked, seeing the anger reappearing on his face.

“If you want to make it to your room without any injuries, I’d suggest not,” I rolled my eyes. My dad had never laid a finger on me and I knew he never would.

“What silver?” I asked innocently. “Did someone mention silver? Wasn’t me. Did you, Axel?”

“I don’t even know what silver is,” he replied with a shake of his head.

“Alright. Don’t fucking push it.” My dad shook his head at the two of you. “I should have stopped this friendship as soon as it started. Devil children, the pair of you! To answer your question, of course, I knew where she was. Your mother and I are soul mates, I’d find her no matter where she ended up.” Their gazes were drawn to each other once more, and a softness fell over the room. “Come here, little one,” he murmured, and my mum fell straight into his arms, raising her face to his to accept the kiss he offered.

“I’m sorry,” he told her, resting his forehead on hers.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. We both got caught up in the moment. Never again?”

“Never again” he grinned.

I cleared my throat. “Does this mean I’m not grounded any longer?”

“Oh, fuck off!” My dad growled, scooping my mother up into his arms and racing towards the stairs.


I sat in the garden, far enough away that I wouldn’t hear any unwanted noises coming from the packhouse. For the first time, I wasn’t disgusted by what I knew was happening. I couldn’t be. I was too happy over the fact that my parents were making up, finally ending the battle that should never have happened in the first place. Nothing was going to spoil this moment for them.


“Why are you always in these gardens? It’s freezing!” My head snapped to the side as I took in the man appearing out of the shadows.

“Eros?” I breathed.

Well, I was wrong. The moment was ruined.

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