Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20


“You told me I had four days!” I moved the phone away from my ear, the angry roar having nearly deafened me. I knew before I had even made this phone call it was going to be difficult. That he was going to be angry. I had almost chickened out, but I knew the repercussions would be far worse. I had to face up and own my mistake.

“I know, I’m sorry!” I said, nervously swallowing the lump of fear in my throat. “They arrived early and left early the next day. No one knew they were here until they were ready to leave! They surrounded everything concerning them in mystery! We are the pack Beta’s and even we were not permitted into the packhouse!”

“It’s not good enough!” He yelled, almost making me drop the phone in fear. "Didn't it occur to you that something was going on when your Alphas started acting strange?"

"How was I to know? They had been so excited about Eros and Sophia arriving. We were so careful to keep our hatred under wraps, there was nothing that could have spooked them!"

"If you truly believe that, then you're an even bigger idiot than I first thought. And I'm a bigger idiot still for even believing for a second you could pull this off."

I bit down on my lip, calming myself for a brief moment before I replied. “Do you think I’m not just as disappointed as you are? I want to see them dead just as much as you, if not more!”

“Ahh yes, the perfect little revenge plan,” he muttered, sarcasm clear in his mocking tone. “Khaos killed your son, so you’ll kill theirs. How perfect!”

“It would have been if everything just went to plan!”

“Exactly,” he hissed. “Where are they going, did you at least manage to find out that much?!”

I grinned, remembering the tidbit of information that the youngest Alpha son had revealed to me. “They’re returning to the Blood Moon pack in the hopes that Khaos will offer Sophia protection.”

“Why?!” He demanded, a desperate tone in his voice that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

“Why does it matter? What concern is it to you why they returned?” I pressed on when he refused to answer me.

“Forget it,” He snapped. “When do they arrive and for the love of the Goddess, get this fucking right. If I miss them again, you and your useless mate will be taking their place. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Alpha,” I muttered and revealed everything I knew.

A plan was made to meet up at the Blood Moon pack tomorrow night, and so I sent a link to my mate, letting him know that we were to leave immediately, before the light of day and anyone noticed our whereabouts. We were finally going to get justice for our son.

I picked up the picture off the fireplace and looked at the handsome face of Logan, his arms around me as his father snapped a picture of us. He had been so young, so happy with his place in life. I’ll avenge you, I promised him, kissing my fingertips and placing it on the glass over his lips.

Khaos and Violet would suffer forever in Tartarus for the crimes they committed against him, and I would be the one to send them there.

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