Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 23

Chapter 23


My arm was almost ripped from its sockets as the warrior grabbed me, spinning me around to deliver a punch to my face that had my nose shattering under his fist and my vision blurring as everything went dark.



I could barely concentrate on what was happening around me. Every part of my body hurt, my wolf too far into her grieving process to even think about helping me heal. My panther was deliberately withholding her healing abilities as she mourned the loss of her mate. He had made his rejection of us pretty clear.

I should have killed him whilst I had the chance. But I knew that was wishful thinking. As pathetic as I was, I loved Jeremy. He was my mate. I had no control over it. I couldn’t harm my mate.

I couldn’t do anything, and I would forever hate myself for it.

All I could do was float on the soft lull of the sleepiness that invaded my body. I saw a bright light whispering my name as it called me forward. Inviting me to join them in eternal bliss. I was ready to go. How could I survive this?

Take me, I projected, a soft smile playing on my lips as the pain began to ebb away. This is what it was to believe in the afterlife and now the Goddess was coming to save me from the Hell on Earth.



Fight against the current Eros, don’t like it take you! I raged, screaming at my wolf as he gave a long yawn and curled into a ball. This isn’t sleep! This is goodbye forever if you don’t get up and fight!

I screamed as the wolfsbane drifted through my veins, licking my body into inward flames of lava. I needed to fight against this. I couldn’t let them win. There was too much at stake, too much to lose.



I braced myself, positioning my body into the stance of a warrior. I may be young, but my dad had taught me well. I had no doubt that they were going to take me, but I was going to put up a good fight.

The warrior approached me, canines protruding into his lower jaw and sticking out of the bottom of his chin. He was stuck in the horrible phase of shifting, unable to complete or revert back to what he was. It was obvious from the size of his canines and the fur that was peppered over his nose and cheeks that he had been spliced with a bear.

Poor man.

He didn’t seem to be in any hurry to take me and I began to grow nervous, looking around the room to see what had caught his attention. That’s when the bag was thrown over my head and I was thrust into pitch black.

Two strong arms picked me up from behind and carried me out the room, either not noticing or uncaring about the hard blows my feet delivered to his shins - nothing was going to slow down his determined strides.



Blood poured from between my fingers, the huge wound was unlike any pain I had ever know. It was a searing, burning pain that made me lightheaded, struggling to keep my hold on reality, the beckoning call of darkness seducing me over to the land of nothingness.

You’re fucking better than this, Khaos! You haven’t been to Hell and back - quite literally - to give up now! Stand up and show every fucking bastard here exactly what you’re made of and why you have the reputation you do! You will never be able to live with yourself if you go now! Get up!

I pushed against the darkness, rejecting the sweet temptation of her seduction and gritted my teeth, forcing my eyes to open. My vision was blurred and hazy, everything moving within a thick, dense fog.

I closed my eyes again, calling forth my wolf. He surged power through me, heightening my senses and I used my two strongest assets.

Footsteps to the left, the muffled sounds of a struggle.

The smell of rotting flesh in the same direction, coming closer and closer.

Any second now, Khaos, any second...

Even closer

Closer still


My hand shot out it, grabbing the ankle of the creature walking past. I tugged with all my strength, ignoring the stretch of my wound as it ripped further up my body. I heard the thud on the floor as he dropped what he was holding, turning to me with a vicious roar.

This is what I was made for. This is what I did. My wounds would wait. I would protect my family with my dying breath. For the second time.

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