Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24


I tumbled to the ground, the heavy thud of my body against the rubble the exact pain I needed to snap me out of my haze, bringing my focus back into the present.

I looked around, blinking the fog out of my eyes, and cursed at the utter devastation surrounding me.

Eros was unconscious on the floor, his face pressed against the debris as though he had fallen flat, his arms stretched out towards his mate.

Sophia wasn’t much better. I barely recognised her face with the amount of blood she had on her. Even from this distance, I could see that her nose was broken, her lips were split, and one cheekbone protruded through her skin. Her leg was twisted underneath her in an unnatural position, her arm snapped at the elbow.

Where was Antheia? I scanned the room, looking for my baby. I breathed a small sigh of relief when I saw her on the floor, her arms and legs bound, a bag over her head. It wasn’t the worst thing I could have found. I forced my fear down, knowing that she was somewhat safe right now. Jeremy had left, waiting for his warriors to finish what he had started and wouldn’t be coming for her. Which left one person for me to look out for.

My vision honed in on my mate - he was being surrounded by three of the warriors, each of them foul and disgusting.

Khaos held one hand to his stomach, his other in a boxer’s stance as he twisted from left to right, watching each and every one of the warriors as they approached. His legs were slightly bent, his shoulders slightly hunched as he braced himself against the pain, preparing to launch himself at the first one stupid enough to attack.

He was breath-taking!

To anyone watching, he looked the part. The ultimate fighting champion. Yet I had known him too long not to recognise the fight he was having with himself, the struggle he was failing to disguise.

His eyes were dark, his breathing fast and laboured. Small lines appeared at the corner of his mouth as he pursed his lips, biting the inside of his cheek as a way to distract him from the pain in his stomach.

I called my wolf forward and gave her a quick pep talk. I had learned a lot during those long years I spent on the run and since then Khaos and I had spent many, many hours together, honing my skills until I was at the best of my abilities. I may have wasted the first eighteen years of my life under my mother’s thumb and wasting my wolf’s abilities, but those years were long gone and this was our time to shine. Now was my time to repay the debt Khaos had bestowed on me all those years ago when he had traded his life for mine.

My mind made up, I raced forward.



I felt the soft pressure of silky skin against my arms as my mate looped her arms through mine, her back pressed tightly against my own. I chuckled softly, knowing what she had planned. We had fought in this same position so many times and knew the exact way our bodies needed to flow for this to work.

I quickly sent a plea to my wolf, begging him to find the strength to push through this one last fight and then I would let him rest, allow him to heal. But right now we had to ensure our safety. He gave a soft whine but like the Alpha that he was; he took over, giving me the strength I needed to ignore my injuries and get through this.

Violet tapped on my arm, indicating that she was ready. I lifted my hands further up her arms, grabbing her biceps firmly as she planted her feet together.

She bent her legs, propelling herself off the ground with one big push and I took my cue, tightening my hold on her arms and bent forward, flipping her over my back, stretching my arms out with hers, running my hands down her skin until our fingers were linked.

She performed her part to perfection. As she flipped over my back she extended her legs, her body perfectly streamlined as her legs crossed at the ankles, her arms high above her head as they kept their connection with mine. Her feet went straight into the chest of one of the warriors, knocking him into the air and into the pile of debris behind him, a huge piece of plaster from the wall stabbing into his back and protruding through his chest.

Violet unlocked her fingers from mine and I immediately let go, allowing her the freedom to twist her body so she could bring her feet to the floor, crouching down low and bracing her hands against the concrete to steady her fall.

We both scanned the remaining two warriors, noticing them spare a glance at the other as they realised we were a pair, a fighting machine that was perfectly in sync.

“Left or right?” Violet projected with a pant.

“Left,” I responded, making an instant decision to attack the strongest looking of the two and leaving her with the one I thought would cause her less potential danger.

Violet and I sprung forward at the same moment. Violet jumped on her victim's back, her arms wrapping around his throat as she clung on, bracing herself as he bucked wildly, trying to throw her off.

I raced at my choice of warrior, rugby tackling him to the floor and reigning blow after blow down on his face. He grabbed my arm, biting down onto the flesh on the inside of my wrist, his fangs piercing into my veins.

I pulled back with a small yelp, ripping open my forearm as his teeth stayed inside me. He used my moment of weakness to his advantage, pushing me off him and flipped onto his feet, charging me the moment he gained his balance.

His shoulder connected with the hole in my stomach, sending another round of fire through my torso as I stumbled back. I called my wolf to heal me, to stop it from hurting so bad, but he didn’t respond. His breath was ragged and drained, sinking to the bottom of my mind as my connection with him wavered.

“Sorry,” he panted, and I felt the strength zap out of me.

Violet stiffened as she felt the loss of my wolf, throwing her head back as she sent a howl to the sky, the cry so heart-breaking and full of anguish that it was obvious she could never have held it in. The warrior she had been clinging to shook her off, chucking her on top of me.

The air left my lungs as her body hit my chest, her knees stabbing straight into my hips. We watched in horror as the warriors got to the door, one of them holding Antheia under her shoulders, the other one carrying her legs.

Violet jumped off me and ran after them, but she was too late. The one carrying her legs had already bundled her into the waiting car, speeding off before Violet even made it down the packhouse steps.

She shifted into her wolf without thinking twice, racing after the car, and despite the pain I was in, I smiled with pride, admiring the strength she showed every single day.

I pushed myself to my feet, holding onto the walls for support as I stumbled through the wreckage. I had just made it to the top of the steps when I heard the sound of a gunshot ringing out and saw Violet’s wolf flop onto her side with a heavy thud as the bullet hit its mark.

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