Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32


“You’re awake,” I grinned, putting down the book that I had been reading to pass the time.

Jeremy struggled against his restraints, but there was no way out of them. I had made sure of that.

His face turned red as the blood rushed to his head and I leaned forward, making sure my face was close to his as I turned the tap on, watching the fear reach his eyes.

He shouted, screaming something at me, but thankfully, the gag in his mouth prevented him from being able to say anything that would annoy me any further.

I sat back in my chair and allowed myself to enjoy the site in front of me.

Thank the Goddess that Sophia had used that taser on him when she did, or else he would have got a much quicker ending. This had bought me time to set up this perfect ending.

He was hung from the ceiling by his ankles, two long, thick nails hammered into his bones and curved over the hooks in the roof. I could hear the crunch of his bones against the metal every time I moved and knew it was causing him unknown agony.

He was tall enough that his head was inside the bathtub and now that he was awake; he was able to fully appreciate what was coming as the water slowly rose upwards.

I had deliberately left his hands untied. I wasn’t completely cruel. He could escape if he wanted to. All he had to do was reach up and rip the nails out of the bones in his ankle before he drowned. It needed no explanation; he knew what he had to do.

I crossed my leg over my knee and watched in fascination as it dawned on Jeremy what was needed of him. He tried to swing his body so that he could get enough momentum to reach up towards his legs, but each tiny sway that he made caused the nail to grind against his bones even further.

His face paled and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I reached forward and turned on the cold tap, splashing it into his face to make sure that he didn’t pass out. He would experience every moment of this.

The steam from the water rose up, coating his face in a fine sheen of mist as he swung his arms back and forth again, once more trying to swing his body. He gritted his teeth against the agonising pain, but the minute he made any progress the bone would crunch and shatter, causing him to fall back into place.

I heard him gag and saw the vomit spilling over the sides of the gag.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I laughed, ripping the fabric out of his mouth to prevent him from choking. “You don’t get to go that easily.”

I smirked as I noticed the scalding water was now high enough to reach the top of his head. Jeremy squirmed as the water began to burn his sensitive scalp, but all this did was pull on his ankle restraints even further.

The blood ran up his leg and torso, dripping off his shoulder and mixing with the vomit and water in the bath. Jeremy closed his eyes and seemed to resign himself to his fate and so, with a huff of annoyance, I kicked out, hitting his chest with my feet. His body swung hard, knocking his head off the tiled wall.

His scream of agony resounded around the bathroom, echoing around me like music to my ears. I saw the hole in his skin where I had hammered the nails in and noted that it was stretching further open, the skin splitting like a loose thread on cheap clothing.

“Stop,” he whimpered, his voice breathy and quiet. “Please, stop.”

“You can get out of this any time you want, Jeremy, you know this. Time is running out though,” I said as the water reached his eyes.

He began to panic, his eyes stinging from the temperature of the water that was now covering them. His breathing came faster, his movements jerky as he tried to lift his head from the bath.

I stood up to get a better look, leaning my hip against the sink. He managed to lift his head for a moment and I got a glimpse of his bloodshot eyes, the lids beginning to swell from the temperature.

I reached up and grabbed his ankle, shaking the nail that was protruding from the bone, laughing as he screamed out, his throat becoming hoarse and dry.

The water came up to his nose. He placed his hands on the bottom of the bath and tried to push his body up with the strength of his arms. All this did was move his restraints as the nail shifted place in his ankle and he immediately dropped back down, twisting his head from side to side as he realised the water was now reaching his upper lip.

He screamed against the sting as the skin on his face became raw, the outer layer being burned off from the sheer heat of the water.

He took a deep breath, pursing his lips together tightly as he became fully submerged in the water, remaining as still as he could.

I rolled my eyes and shifted my fingers into claws. Before he even had time to register what was happening, I grabbed his groin and sank my fingers in, feeling his disgusting balls between my nails. With a sharp tug, I ripped them out, dropping them into the bath with him.

I saw the bubbles float as he screamed underwater, the foamy yellow top letting me know that he had once again vomited. I could no longer see his face, but the bubbles kept coming, letting me know that he was in real trouble.

Eventually, he began to still, the bubbles popping one by one as he’s body became slack.

Not trusting this for a moment, I walked away, leaving the water running. He would die eventually. I had seen all that I wanted to see.


I stepped out into the courtyard, intending to go straight back home to my family after I had done one last thing.

I stopped in the middle of the courtyard and roared my demand, ordering every woman out of her house.

One by one, the women came out, looking at me in absolute horror.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not here to harm you. What I did here tonight was unacceptable. I should never have killed those creatures in front of you all. Years ago, my own pack was attacked in similar circumstances and though I had a safe room for the women, children and vulnerable, I couldn’t help picture in your faces the emotions that they must have felt that night.

“Your Alpha is dead, you are all free from this moment on. If any of you are looking for a new pack, just know that my home is open to you. So long as you are looking to live in peace, you will be welcomed with open arms. I realise this is not the norm, that panthers and wolves do not live as one. I want to change this. My own daughter-in-law was a hybrid, a wonderful mix of panther and wolf that I failed to truly appreciate or understand until now. Though she made the courageous decision to terminate her panther to save my daughter, she is still a panther and she will be the future Luna of my pack. She will see that you are all safe and accepted, of that you have my word. No harm will come to you.

“I accept you all, each and every one of you. Please allow me to offer you this chance at a new life as my way of apology I...” I gasped as I felt a stinging sensation in my shoulder.

I twisted slightly, seeing the blade protruding from my skin, but the pain disappeared when I smelled the scent coating the handle.

Logan? That wasn’t possible. I had killed him. I had ordered his body burnt.

“Finally!” A woman cackled, her pale hand ripping the blade from my shoulder.

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