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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The Moon Goddess

“Hades...” I breathed as he nuzzled himself against my neck, the whiskers from his beard scraping against the skin that was already pink from his aggressive kisses and bites.

I ignored the fact that I was still handcuffed to the bed - the same place I had been for the past two weeks. Hades had refused to let me go once he had me where he wanted me to, telling me that he wasn’t going to share me with anyone, not yet.

I pretended to protest against this but really I was happy to be where I was, loving the feelings he gave my body. I could have zapped myself out of here any time I wanted, despite what he thought. His silly handcuffs had no effect on my powers like they did when he locked his sister up for whatever reason he felt like, but I didn’t let him know this. I would keep that information hidden for when I needed it the most.

His head lowered as he began to drag his lips down my body once more, circling around my nipples with his tongue and sucking them into his mouth.

We both stiffened as we suddenly heard a scream echo around his chamber in Tartarus - we both knew who that belonged to and it didn’t spell good news for us.

Artemis popped in, almost shaking in rage as she glared down at us. “Have you two any sort of idea of the utter shit storm that’s been taking place?” She turned her eyes in my direction. “Are you aware that bastard wolf of yours has been slaughtering panthers left, right and centre or have you been unable to see anything with a face full of my brother’s cock?!”

“Artemis,” Hades muttered in a bored tone. “No one can understand you when your screaming like that. Who has killed who?” He stood up, unashamed of his nudity as he walked towards her.

Before she had a chance to answer, he grabbed hold of her wrists and hijacked her thoughts, projecting them to me as a movie played, showing us everything Artemis had seen.

I gasped, unable to understand what I was watching. What the fuck had happened in such a short time?!

“Hades, release me,” I demanded, yanking on the chains around my wrist. “My wolves need me”

“Fuck your wolves!” Artemis screamed. “Have you any idea of the number of panthers that I have lost tonight?!”

“Oh, shut up,” Hades drawled, “You knew full well that those creatures were an abomination and if anyone else ever found out about them, they would have been destroyed long ago. You’re lucky I have tolerated them this long.”

Artemis let out another squeal that had me flinching in pain, the pitch of her scream almost shattering my ears.

Brother and sister went toe to toe, each roaring at the other as they defended one person or another, and I rolled my eyes at them, silently removing the shackles and rubbing my wrists.

Neither of them noticed my absence as I poofed out of there and into the courtyard of Jeremy’s pack, howling in anger at what I came face to face with.



I faced Logan’s mother, seeing the same features on her face that her son had possessed, confirming what her scent had already told me. She laughed as she placed the blade to her lips, running her tongue along the sharp edge, licking the blood that was dripping off it.

My blood.

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment, to taste your blood as I end your life once and for all - just as you took the life of my son.”

I was saved from answering as a blinding light flashed to the side of us. Anastasia fell to her knees as she noticed who had teleported to us. I simply cocked my eyebrow, noting the Moon Goddess's angry glare at the pair of us.

“Selene, to what do we owe this pleasure?” I murmured. She waved her hand, silencing me as my lips clamped together against my own will.

“Shut up. Just shut. Up. I will deal with you later. You!” She hissed, turning on Logan’s mother. “Explain yourself!”

Anastasia fumbled, her face showing her panic as she struggled to explain herself. “He... I... My son... You know what he did!”

“I do! I knew it at the time. Had I thought there was anything wrong with his actions, he would have been punished there and then. Whilst I don’t agree that Logan should have lost his life, he should have known better than to mess with someone else’s mate! Did you teach him nothing!” She screamed, her hair whipping around her face as a storm built in the air surrounding her.


“But?! But! You dare to question me?! Enough!” She roared, her voice deepening as she took on the demonic form of the Gods, her face dark as her teeth elongated. “You have no idea what it means to suffer. Do you think you’ve suffered all these years?! I’ll show you what it means to hurt, to live in agony every day of your wretched life!” She threw out her hands and blasted a jolt into Anastasia before she could say another word.

Anastasia was gathered into a whirlwind of lights as she was dragged from this world to another, for Goddess only knew what punishment.

Selene was breathing heavily, her back still facing me as she fought for control. She turned, her face softening as she looked at me. She waved her hand, and I felt the pressure disappear from my mouth. “Nice party trick,” I muttered sarcastically as I inclined my head to the spot where Anastasia had been.

“Please, do not start,” she ordered, rubbing her temples. She held out her hand to me and without even realising what I was doing, I placed my hand in hers.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “He’s not good, is he?”

It didn’t take a genius to know who she was talking about. I simply shook my head, watching in fascination as the tears pooled in her eyes. “I can take him now for you if you like? I will keep him safe with me until you are ready to join him once more. Don’t make him suffer more than he needs to. There’s too much wolfsbane in your body for him to come back from this.”

I hesitated for a brief moment before I nodded my head. I knew as well as she did that there was no way for me to keep my wolf here with me. The damage he had suffered was too extreme, and he deserved this time to rest in the Kingdom of Paradise until I was ready to claim him as my own upon my own death.

Selene placed her other hand on top of mine, whispering under her breath in a language I didn’t understand. I felt the sting of pain as her hands began to glow, the searing pain of the burn branding into my skin.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Selene!” A voice called from behind us, causing us both to jerk to the side. “You always have to be so dramatic about everything!” Hades completed his teleport and came into full view, glaring at the petite woman in front of him who barely reached his chest. “Move!” He ordered, shoving her to the side roughly.

I didn’t have time to move. I barely had time to draw a breath before Hades appeared in front of me. He grabbed hold of my head, muttering the same language that Selene had been chanting seconds earlier. He raised one of his fists, throwing his fingers wide as a bolt of light smacked into my temples.

I fell to the floor, unable to stand the burning sting that ran through my body. “What have you done to me?” I gasped, blowing on my burning skin in an attempt to cool it down.

“I saved your stupid ass, that’s what I did. That will be the last free favour I ever do for you. Now, are we done here? Good. You, woman,” he pointed at Selene. “You made me a promise. Back where you belong.”

He grabbed hold of her arm and they began to shimmer as he transported them away. At the last moment, he pulled away, leaving Selene to disappear without him.

“Tell your son that Sophia’s mating bond with Jeremy was revoked. It will be as though it never happened. She’ll no longer feel guilt over the loss of her panther either. I won’t apologise for my actions but just know that, for the time being, I am done interfering. Enjoy your new and improved wolf. Now excuse me, my woman is in heat, and I'm needed.” He sent another bolt into me and the next thing I knew, I was standing outside the Blood Moon pack, my wolf yapping away happily in my head.



“Please, please make it stop! I can’t take it anymore!” I sobbed, rocking back and forth in the corner of my cell. It didn’t matter whether my eyes were open or closed, all I could see was Logan during his final moments.

I had often pictured what had happened to him, but this was beyond cruel. For the hundredth time, I was forced to watch as Khaos charged at him and severed his head, throwing it to the ground like my son was nothing, completely worthless.

The look of absolute horror was now branded on my mind, his terrified scream replaying over and over.

“It’s not fair!” I screamed, pushing the palms of my hands against my ears to try to drown out the painful cries of my only child.

“You know what else isn’t fair?” A deep voice laughed from the other side of the cage. “It’s not fair that my mate has had to deal with a traitor. It’s not fair that she has blessed you with the gift of a wolf and you have thrown that gift in her face, as well as making a mockery of all the rules she laid down for you. You betrayed your pack, you worked with an enemy panther, you abandoned your mate and now I have to deal with you in my domain when I had promised no more wolves!” He roared, slamming his fists against the bars.

“You and I are going to have a lot of fun in the future, I promise you that. For now, though, I have a little gift,” he pointed up to the ceiling with a little grin and my head tipped back to see. He clicked his fingers and I screamed as Logan’s headless body fell on me, his blood coating my skin as his head followed afterwards, rolling over the floor and stopping in front of me, his face turned in my direction.

I closed my eyes and screamed as loud as I could, scrambling away from my body as Hades simply laughed harder, walking away from me and leaving me with the corpse of my son.

The second my eyes were closed, the same scene played out once more. Logan being murdered, Logan’s howls of pain. I opened my eyes and there he was, staring at me with that same horrified expression.

The sad thing is, I genuinely think that Hades was just warming up.



I followed the scent of my family, loving that my wolf was now in full control once more. He did me proud as he led me towards the healer’s building where my family were gathered around the bed of my beautiful daughter.

I snuck in the room, wrapping my arms around my mate’s shoulder as I wiped the tears from her cheeks. My heart stopped as her grief flooded into me. “Tell me everything,” I demanded, but Violet simply shook her head.

I looked at Antheia, so small and pale on the bed. I was relieved to see that she was now in her human skin once more, the horrific partial shift having reversed thanks to the healer. She looked so serene and at peace; it was hard to imagine that anything had happened to her at all.

Yet no one could deny the raw emotion that made the air thick as we all struggled to breathe.

“She’s okay, dad,” Eros breathed, noting that I was struggling to contain my wolf as he threatened to burst free and rampage against everyone who had even so much as looked at Antheia in a funny way

“But...” I stuttered, my eyes widening in shock as I looked back at my mate. She shook her head once more as she wiped her tears. It was then that I noticed that she wasn’t overwhelmed with grief, her tears were happy ones. She couldn’t speak because she was overcome with emotion.

“Ahh, Khaos,” the healer grinned as she entered the room. “It’s so nice to have you back, Alpha. Have you heard the good news? Antheia is fine, fit and healthy! Minus a few bumps and bruises, that is!”

“But...” there was always a but, wasn’t there? I could tell by the way everyone refused to meet my gaze.

The healer just grinned wider. “I think congratulations are in order, personally. I have no idea why these are so nervous! Your daughter is now the first bear/wolf hybrid in history. Congratulations!”

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