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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“They’re still there? You’re sure?”

“Yes, Alpha. I assure you.”

“What are they still doing there? They’ve never stayed in the same place for this long.” I wondered aloud. Were they getting sloppy? Did they think I had forgotten them?

“It’s the daughter, Alpha. She’s refusing to move. Mark has been trying to force her, but she won’t budge.”

“What have you found out? Who knows of her?”

“Nobody, Alpha. They keep Sophia’s secret hidden. People have their suspicions, of course, especially the wolves—”

“The wolves! Are they still friendly with that pack?”

“They’re not friendly with anyone!”

“So…” I moved away from my Beta, pacing back and forth as I counted on my fingers. “They have no friends there, nobody to help protect them, and no one that should care if the secret comes out. So why do they remain in that house, knowing that I’m following? It makes no sense…”

“There is one thing, Alpha.”


“The young heir…”

I stopped still. As I turned around, I saw the slow smirk creep along my Beta’s lips.

“No… You’re not telling me…?”

“It looks that way.”

“Oh, this couldn’t be any more perfect. Tell the worshipers to hold off on their attack. She’s reaching her eighteenth birthday this year. We’ll bide her time, and if this turns out to be true, we attack the minute the ritual is complete.”

“And what of the heir?”

I stormed over to my Beta and grabbed him by the shirt, bringing him off his feet as I brought his face to mine. “I want him, and Sophia brought here. Alive. She’ll soon give in when she realises what she’s about to lose.”

“I’ll see it done, Alpha,” my Beta gulped. “And what of his family?”

I dropped him to his feet and waved him away with a brush of my hand. “Kill them all. Kill the entire pack if you need to. The fewer wolves in this world, the better.”


Eighteen Years Old

I gave another thrust into my latest conquest, laughing at the way her eyes rolled in the back of her head as her nails scraped down my back.

“Easy, kitten,” I murmured, lowering my head to her nipple, biting down on it causing her to scream out in pleasure and pain. Her hand clamped over her mouth to drown out the sound of her moaning.

I had been seeing Phoebe for around two weeks now and every evening was the same. As soon as her parents went to bed, she was on the phone to me, begging me to come over. It didn’t matter either way. If I didn’t go to hers, she would show me what I was missing, sending me video after video as she fingered her pussy, shouting my name as loud as she dared. I had been with a lot of women over the past year, but she was definitely the most free and open with her sexuality.

I had introduced her to the pleasures of outdoor sex, and in turn, she had invited me to experiment with her, showing me a side of myself I hadn’t even known existed. She enjoyed playing rough. She loved to be choked, spanked, tied up, whipped, bitten. The more she submitted, the harder I gave it to her. It was all I could do to hold my wolf back at some points. Then came the first time she had called me daddy as she rode my cock. I almost came on the spot.

From that moment on I knew I would always be the more dominant one, loving the thought of a woman completely submitting to me and letting me do whatever I wanted with her.

I turned my attention back to Phoebe and wrapped my hand round her throat, and she did the amazing gagging sound that had my balls jerking and caused my cock to twitch inside her.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you moan for daddy like that,” I whispered into her ear, biting down on her lobe and thrust harder into her, sensing by the tension in her legs that she was close.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her hips to mine, “fuck this tight little pussy daddy, make me cum for you. I have been a good girl, haven’t I?” She teased, and I lost it. I flipped her over and shoved her head into the bed to drown out the noise as I fucked her senseless, slamming my cock into her with enough force to cause the bed to hit the wall in time to my thrusts. I no longer cared about her parents; she knew all the right buttons to press to throw me wildly out of control.

“Yes, daddy, yes!” She screamed, meeting me thrust for thrust, rocking her hips against me. Her ass jiggled in front of me with every thrust back she gave, and without asking permission, I pushed my finger into her puckered hole. Her pussy tightened around me instantly as she moaned her pleasure. Yeah, she was open to new experiences all right.

She flung her hair over her shoulder, the silky black tresses shining as the light hit her, and for a moment, I was reminded of Sophia.

I hadn’t seen her in so long - it was rare for her to spend more than two consecutive days at school anymore and she had changed her number so many times that I no longer made any attempt to find out her new one. Countless times I had questioned everyone in the school in an effort to gain her new number. All I ended up doing was sending her a text to make sure she was okay – usually she ignored me, so I gave up trying. She had made it clear that my attention was unwanted. She had a life without me, one that she was happy with. I heard bits and pieces throughout our friend groups, and I knew that she was living pretty much the same life as I was. She was seeing guy after guy, often getting caught in uncompromising positions. I saw her arguing with her parents a lot, and she no longer seemed to have her enthusiasm for school.

My mother spent far too much of her time trying to reconnect us all - sending letters to Jasmine, trying to catch Sophia walking through the town, pestering me to make amends. She hated the fact that we had all lost touch, but even more so she hated that me and Sophia became nothing more than friends.

I had always assured her I only ever saw Sophia as a friend and never had I felt anything else. But as always, my mother saw through me. She knew I had once thought that I was in love with her, and she had often told me she saw Sophia giving me the same looks that I often gave her – especially when we thought no one else was looking. But clearly she had been wrong. I had thought that my mother had hinted to Sophia about my feelings, and that’s why she had pulled away, but she assured me she hadn’t – but she would if I wanted her to.

So I decided then and there that I had to put an end to my mother’s ridiculous notions. I didn’t need her interfering and getting me involved in a pity date. Sophia didn’t want me. And I didn’t need her.

Many mornings my mother had caught me doing the walk of shame, trying to sneak into the packhouse unnoticed. It never worked. She would always, always be waiting in the shadows.

I heard them sometimes when they thought I was asleep. My mother said that I was out of control, that I was deliberately hurting myself. That one day I would look back and regret that I had chosen a string of one-night stands rather than pursue my true mate. It’s not that she minded me sleeping around, she just thought I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. A way to distract myself from Sophia. My dad would tell her to leave things alone, that I was just enjoying my youth whilst I had it, and that my mate would be there no matter when I decided to pursue her. Plus, need he remind her of what he had been like at that age? That had placated my mum for a while, however, when the women I had been with started calling at the house, she put her foot down.

She reminded my dad that they had made me promise that I wouldn’t mess women around. I would let them know exactly what my intentions were. I cringed as I remembered some of the latest break-ups I had been through. They were messy, to say the least.

Then she came with her ultimate ace card: would my dad like it if this were Antheia and she was being messed around like I was messing women around? Or how would my dad react if Antheia was sleeping with anything in her path?

My dad had been silent for a moment and then said that when Antheia was old enough to make those decisions, it was up to her. However, he would speak to me about the way I was currently treating women. He knew all the right things to say, and my mother was off my back. I knew she wasn’t meaning to nag, that she just wanted me to be the best possible version of myself, but I had to be given room to make mistakes.

Even Antheia would ask about Sophia, making me promise to bring her around. I would agree, assuring her that I would contact Sophia the very next day. Yet every time I chickened out, and instead I found myself arranging another date with a woman I really didn’t care about but would have a fun time with rather than sat alone thinking about the one that got away.

The last time I had tried was Sophia’s eighteenth. It was only a few weeks after mine, and so many times in the past we had arranged our own special celebration together. We would meet in the forest, long after our parents had gone to sleep, and we would exchange gifts. I waited there the entire night, but she didn’t show. I left her necklace in the hollowed-out tree trunk with a note wishing her the best for the rest of her life. She went away with her parents the day after, and no one saw her for months. As far as I was aware, that necklace was still where I left it.

Phoebe moaned underneath me, placing her hand over mine and squeezed my wrist, letting me know she wanted me to choke her that little bit harder. It wasn’t long before she was panting, her back arching as her hips bucked wildly beneath mine in the midst of her orgasm. I joined her quickly, ignoring the fact that it wasn’t her face I saw but the face of Sophia the last time I had seen her.

I had never told anyone about what I saw that night – I hadn’t gone straight home when I left our spot. I was angry, my wolf demanding that I go and find her and demand an explanation as to why she had abandoned us and our friendship. The morning sun was just breaking through the clouds as I approached her house. I heard them before I saw them. I followed the noise, only to see her with her legs straddled around the waist of her latest boyfriend as he fucked her against the wall at the side of her house. She had locked eyes with me that night as if she sensed my presence, tossing her head back in defiance, as if daring me to judge her for something that she knew I had done a thousand times.

It wasn’t what she was doing that stuck with me as much as the insane jealousy I had felt. I had twisted away from the sight of them, my wolf bursting free as his anger overtook us both. I was only just able to hold him back from charging over to them and killing her boyfriend on the spot.

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