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Chapter 7


What am I doing here?

Prom really wasn’t my thing, but yet here I was, at my teacher’s insistence. He had told me it was the perfect way to say goodbye. I knew what he was really trying to tell me. School was over, which meant the end of our secret dalliance. I didn’t really remember how it came about, all I could remember was one minute I was sat in detention talking to him about something stupid, the next minute I was bent over his desk being spanked and called a naughty girl. Not my proudest moment, but a girl has needs after all.

I knew what was happening. My wolf was getting ready to meet her mate - pair that with the usual hormones of a teenager and I was almost out of control. Not to mention that my wolf wasn’t the only creature inside me that was looking for satisfaction. It was a heady mix of animal lust and teenage desire that I was helpless to resist.

I looked around, seeing the faces of people I barely recognised. If I were honest with myself, I couldn’t even name more than ten people here tonight.

Not that it matters, I thought to myself with a sigh. Come tomorrow, I would be as far away from this place as possible. After years of arguing, I had finally given in to my parent’s relentless nagging and agreed to move away.

We had been here for five years now, and even I was beginning to appreciate the risks that we were taking. There was nothing here for us, other than danger and potential death. Yet every time I thought of leaving, my heart broke as I remembered the blue-eyed boy who had once been my entire world.

I had barely seen Eros over the years - I had been travelling with my dad as we scouted out new places to live. We had gotten word about the latest plan from Alpha Jeremy, and it didn’t spell good news for me. My dad was reaching the point where he was considering leaving me, sending me to live with old friends in hiding, thinking he was more a hindrance to my safety than ever before.

Besides, I couldn’t stay here just because once upon a time Eros had been my friend, that was beyond ridiculous. I hated who he had become - it wasn’t just that he slept with a bunch of girls, I would be a complete hypocrite if that was the reason I no longer cared for him. It was his attitude whilst he did it. He moved from one girl to the other, seemingly uncaring towards any feelings they may have towards him. There were so many rumours about what he liked in bed, what he demanded of the girls. If the rumours were to be believed, he had taken so many girl’s virginities and then tossed them aside when the next conquest caught his attention.

I couldn’t stand the whole “God’s gift” thing he and his gang of delinquents considered themselves to be. They all played the game, although it was clear that Eros was the best at it, the other guys were left with his cast-offs. Mot that they seemed to care.

A fuck was a fuck, after all, I thought with a twist of my lips.

The door to the hall opened and though I didn’t turn to see who was entering, I was hit with the most delicious smell I had ever known.

“Mate!” My wolf screamed, quickly followed by another voice in my head who immediately rejected the idea.

Mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate, mate,” my wolf screamed over and over, drowning out the other voice until the point that it was overwhelming, causing me to run out the hall and into the gardens outside. As I got to the doors, the smell hit me stronger than ever and I nearly fell to the floor as my knees buckled and a powerful wave of desire flooded my body.



I climbed out of the car, laughing at something one of the lads said as I wrapped my arm around my date, watching with dancing eyes as she straightened her dress, bringing the straps back up over her shoulders with a sexy grin on her face.

We had all agreed to come to prom together - myself and five of my closest friends, each with our own date. We had planned to be here much earlier, but one thing had led to another and the driver had circled the block many times until we had finished our fun. The Devil himself would not be able to get me to reveal what had happened in the limo that night but, suffice to say, my eyes had been opened to the appeal of two girls together, something I had never really appreciated before.

Phoebe scowled at me as I passed, still bitter about our breakup a few days ago. She had begun to pester me for more than I was able or willing to give and I knew I had to let her go for her own good. I would have only been stringing her along otherwise. I was a bastard, but I wasn’t a completely unfeeling bastard.

It was no secret that I enjoyed sex, but I never forced women into doing anything that they didn’t want to do, and I never let them believe, even for a moment, that our time together was a permanent thing. I was upfront about what I wanted, but time and time again they always started wanting more. Which meant that I had to cut them loose, and despite being the only person to keep to the agreement, I was branded an asshole. The story was always the same.

I pushed open the doors to the prom room, gesturing for my date to go on ahead.

The minute I entered the hall, I scented her.

The mind-blowing, head-spinning smell of my fated mate.

My wolf began to scream in my head, warning me he wouldn’t tolerate me being apart from our mate longer than needed and to go find her, now!

I choked as the smell got closer, covering the noise with a cough, seeing a flash of raven hair before the doors slammed shut and blocked out the smell.

“Excuse me,” I whispered to my date, ignoring her frown of displeasure. I would deal with that particular headache later.

I almost ran out of the doors, my nose in the air as I followed the scent, leading me into the vast gardens behind the buildings.

Fighting the urge to shift into my wolf, I followed the trail until the smell became so strong that it was all I could do not to shred my clothes and roll around in the dirt, covering every inch of my skin in the appealing aroma.

My skin prickled, anticipating the moment we shifted into our wolf and chased down our mate until she submitted beneath us. If we were anywhere else, I wouldn’t have hesitated, but I couldn’t risk a shift on school property.

I heard someone gently clear their throat, and I looked up, seeing the last person I would have imagined - yet at the same time, it was as if I knew she would always be here.

“You!” Sophia and I gasped at the same time, our eyes connecting with a snap, helpless to look anywhere but at each other. The air crackled around us, as my mother had warned me would happen.

“I’m sorry,” Sophia cried, looking down at the floor and breaking the gaze that had been causing a storm to brew around us. The air settled down, the electricity that had been running through it mere moments ago disappearing completely. “I reject you!” She blurted out before I was able to stop her.

“That’s not how it works, Sophia,” I reminded her, approaching her slowly. Cautiously. “You need to speak to the Goddess. You need to say my name.”

Fuck, if she said my name right now, I would lose it.

“Mate. Now.” My wolf warned, thrashing against the barriers that kept him locked in my mind in an effort to take control.

“Don’t come any closer!” Sophia snapped, tears openly spilling from her eyes.

“Sophia…” I whispered, my hand reaching out for her. She allowed me to softly hold her fingers without pulling away.

Encouraged by that small action, I linked my fingers around hers completely, holding her hand tightly in mine. “Don’t reject me because you’re scared of what this could mean. Deep down, you knew it was always going to be me. Just as I knew it was going to be you. There’s a reason we’ve been drawn together all these years. We can stop fighting it.” As I spoke, I brought my free hand up to her chin and lifted her face until she was looking me in the eyes.

“I can’t—”

“You can. We’ll be perfect together.” I lowered my head, knowing that if I could just kiss her, just get her to taste the chemistry that burned between us, the one that made the air hard to breathe, she would understand.

I was inches away. I could feel her warm breath on my lips. Her eyes half-closed as she swayed in front of me.

I let go of her hand and gently grabbed her hip, applying slight pressure to bring her closer to me.


She snatched herself away from me, shoving at my chest to put some distance between us. “No! I reject you, Eros! I reject you, I reject you, I reject you!” She shouted, spinning on the balls of her feet, and ran off into the night.

I heard a howl ring out from her direction. A growl that sounded nothing like her wolf. A growl that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

What the fuck was my mate hiding from me?

Oh, Sophia, there would be no more hiding, not anymore. I would have my mate, no matter what it took.

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