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Chapter 10

***Mature content***

When his lips made contact with mine everything went blank. He kissed me hard as if he was starving and this was his last meal. I just stood their frozen. The person who I considered my best friend was here KISSING ME !!
Of all the thoughts running through my mind the one which was bugging me the most was that I felt like I was cheating on Antonio.
I tried pushing him away with all the force I had. Just then he was ripped from me and thrown against the wall. He hit the wall with a thud. Antonio stood in front of me, back muscles rippling against his shirt, glaring at the man in front of him.
He scooped Steve by his throat, thrusting him against the wall and held him there. Claws pierced his skin, and blood ran down Steve's neck staining his white shirt. I quickly ran up to them trying to pull them both apart but Antonio didn't even budge. If this goes on Steve will die. I couldn't think of anything else. Seeing his glowing eyes I could tell that his wolf was out of control. I put myself in between them forcing him to look at me.
"I said leave him." The moment I touched him his muscles relaxed a bit. He dropped Steve on the floor. "Don't you fucking touch my mate," he said growling.
"Steve!! Go."
"I won't let this piece of shit get away with this." He tried pouncing on Antonio.
"I said go. Go before he kills you. Please!!" Steve somehow shuffled out of the room. "Get you stuff. We are leaving in ten." He said turning his back, but I grabbed his arm.
"You said that you won't hurt anyone in my pack." He growled lowly, baring his canines. "If he didn't came into your room and take what's MINE I won't have." He stepped closer towering over me.
"You were fucking out of control!" He snatched my jaw and softly caressed my bottom lip. "I promise you one thing. You don't wanna see me out of control. If I was out of control you would have been on your knees gagging on my cock." His fingers trailed down my throat at a torturous pace.
Just the thought made me clinch. "Y-You asshole !! How dare..."
He squeezed my throat lightly, lips grazing against mine. His hardness pressed against my stomach making wetness pool between my legs. "Get on your knees." I just stood there frozen, not being able to speak.
"Knees!" His eyes turned golden. Before I could even process the what was going on he pushed me down on my knees. My face just centimeters away from his cock.
"Unzip my pants."
I just sat there not knowing what to do anymore except for the fact that my nipples are hard and my pussy is pulsing. I slowly unzipped his jeans slowly. His cock was...... huge. Will that fit inside me?
Wait.. what? Shut drooling over his fucking dick. I could see a drop of precum on the tip. I had this instant urge to taste it. I don't know why I did what I did the next second. I grabbed his cock and flicked my tongue over the tip of it. He tasted......divine. I cursed myself for doing that.
His hands found a fistful of my hair, pulling me towards him. He pushed himself harshly in one go making me gag. "Deep inside you." he said. He took my hand and placed it on my throat, making me feel him inside me. A wave of pleasure ran through my body making me moan. I pushed a hand between my legs. He seemed more turned on. At first slowly pulling it out and then pushing it make in, he hit the back of my throat with a groan.
He continued fucking my mouth till it was sore. If his cock can do wonders in my mouth, what will it fell like deep inside my throbbing pussy. Suddenly he went still. I felt something salty and creamy inside my mouth. Did he just cum inside me??
"Swallow it." he commanded through clinched teeth. Well, two can play this game. I swallowed it all and started cleaning up his messy cock with my tongue. I couldn't miss such an opportunity. "You just don't wanna stop, do you?"
"Antonio." someone called from outside the door. He just ignored him and stood there staring at me. I fucking hate him. Soo much. "Wait for me downstairs." He pulled out of me and started zipping up his pants. "Pack your bags. We leave in five." I just sat there on my knees. Spit dripping down my chin and turned on.
Did he just leave? Just like that?
Why did I even like it?
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