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Chapter 11

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I hurled the backpack and suitcases full of my clothes down the stairs towards Antonio's voice. As soon as I stepped on the floor he grabbed the bags from me and carried them to the car.
"I could've done that myself," I said through clinched teeth. He just ignored me and loaded the bags in the car.
Mom and Dad walked out the front door. I quickly ran toward them, enveloping them in a big hug. Dad rested his chin on my head caressing my hair. "Emy," he said softly. "We're sorry. We co-couldn't even protect our only daughter. Pl-please don't go."
I felt moisture on my face. I looked up to see dad crying. The person I considered the strongest, was crying. For me. This was the first time I saw him cry. Mom was no better. I quickly wiped there tears. "Dad I love you both, but I have to do this."
Both of them kissed me on my forehead and I tugged them closer. I expected Antonio to drag me to the car but he just stood there waiting for me. I broke the hug and started to make my way towards the car.
A voice rung inside my mind just when I was going to open the car. I swiftly turned my head to find a very familiar brown wolf standing at the edge of the forest, whom I could recognize even with my eyes closed. After all I grew up with him.
Goodbye Steve.
Without any reply he ran off into the forest as if he couldn't even stand seeing me any more. With tears in my eyes I climbed into the passenger seat and threw my bag in the backseat. After a few seconds Antonio climbed into the driver's seat and started the engine. I rolled down the windows to wave my whole pack goodbye for the last time. After crossing the pack borders I closed the window and sat up straight.
The silence continued. It was getting awkward. I don't know when I dozed off but I woke up to find myself in a king sized bed. I looked around to find myself alone. The room looked like some hotel suite. My thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the bathroom door and out came a body sculpted by some Greek god with only a towel wrapped dangerously low around his waist.
I just prayed that the towel just drops or something. I sat there ogling him shamelessly. For a few seconds we just looked each other in the eye. His eyes started trailing downwards. That's when I realized I was only wearing a black set of lace lingerie. Quickly using the quilt to hide behind I look up to see him standing at the edge of the bed. Eyes with passion and lust staring straight into mine.
Antonio POV
I stood there watching her say goodbye to here parents. She's just beautiful. But when the first tear fell it felt like needles stabbing my heart continuously. I couldn't bear to see her cry. After all the talking she started coming towards the car. Completely ignoring me.
Just when she was about to get inside she hurriedly turned around. I followed the direction she was looking at to find a brown wolf standing there. She stood there staring at it for a few seconds. I think I know exactly who he is. After a few seconds she climbed into the car and I started the engine.
The ride was a very silent one. Neither one of us were willing to talk. After and hour or so I looked at her to find her sleeping peacefully. Her eyes were so different when she slept, they fascinated me. She fascinated me. I inspected every inch of her body, taking in all her beauty.
Her pink, glossy lips were parted a little, reminding me how they tasted. I let her rest and continued driving towards my territory, taking a few glances of her in between. It was getting dark so I decided to stay at a hotel for the night. I mind linked Xander that we are staying for the night.
When we reached the hotel, I looked at Emily to hind her sleeping peacefully. I decided to not wake her up. I made my way towards the door to her seat, unbuckled her seatbelt and picked her up. The moment our skin came in contact tingles shot through my body. She snuggled into my chest, making herself comfortable.
I carried her to our suite and laid her on the bed. Then I helped her take off her dress. The moment my eyes went on the black lace lingerie beneath, my dick reacted. All the thoughts of how I am going to fuck her crossed through my mind, making me soo hard that it hurts. I decide on taking a cold shower instead. I quickly covered her with a quilt and went inside the bathroom.
Turning the water at the lowest temperature possible I stood under it with my cock in my hands. I imagined her beneath me all sweaty, screaming out my name as I bring her close to her release. Me cuming deep inside her tight little pussy. I found my release just imagining her. After finding my release, I cleaned up myself and wrapping a towel on my waist and made my way outside.
The moment I stepped outside the first thing I saw was Emily sitting on the bed wearing only the lingerie. I gulped loudly seeing her sitting there. Even a cold shower didn't do much and this was definitely not helping.
I think that's when she realized that she is basically sitting half naked in front of me. She quickly covered herself with the quilt, but that only tempted me more. I started making my way towards her and stood at the edge of the bed.

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