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Chapter 12


Emily POV
His golden eyes racked down my body, and he smirked. "Come here, Angel."
My heart pounded in my chest. Moon Goddess, save me.
"Don't make me repeat myself," a growl left his throat.
"What if I don't?" I blurted. Fuck!! I am gonna regret saying this.
He gave me an evil smirk and chuckled lowly. "You have got some guts." Water dripped from his ink black hair, to his chiseled abs, down to his.... Stop it! Don't look! All I wanted were his fingers inside my pussy and his lips devouring mine. My mind told me to stop but my body had a brain of its own. Wetness pooled between my legs.
I need to stay away from him. Quickly picking up my dress lying on the floor I started advancing towards the bathroom. Suddenly his hands snaked around my neck, and he pulled me toward him.
"Not what I said," He looped a finger in by bra cup, tugging on it "Take it off..."
With shaking hands I unclipped it from behind. Tearing it away he groped my breasts in his hands. He lightly tucked on my nipples and I clinched.
He plugged a hand between my legs, rubbing my clit through my panties. "You're so fucking wet."
You know what? Screw it!!
Biting my bottom lip, I started rubbing my ass against his towel covered hard-on, "Please....." I pleaded. His taste was like a drug. Never enough for you. "Take off your panties and hand them to me." He said while rubbing me harder.
I slowly stepped out of my underwear and handed it to him. He brought it to his nose, inhaling deeply. Making me more and more wet. A growl left his throat. My pussy was pulsing. The only thing I can think of is his huge monster cock inside my tiny pussy. Thrusting in and out of me, over and over until I am begging him to stop.
"What do you want?" He inserted one of his finger partially inside my core, teasing me. "Tell me how much you want my tongue on your sweet little cunt, my fingers inside you. Tell me how much you want to cum inside my mouth. Tell me."
I bit my bottom lip to suppress the moan that was about to leave my mouth only hearing him talk like this. "Pleaseeee, Ahh." He pinched my nipples hard making me scream.
He growled lowly, picking me up and thrown me on the bed like I weighed nothing. Almost instantly he spread my legs and his breath was on my pussy. He inhaled my arousal. "Fuck, I missed this." He pushed a finger inside me and pressed his lips against my swollen throbbing clit. I moaned and tried lifting my hips to rub myself against his tongue, but he held me down. Thrusting a hand into his hair I brought his face closer.
He kept on sucking my cunt till my breath came in rags and my legs were trembling for the amount of pleasure coursing through my body.
When I was very close to my orgasm he increased his speed. Tugging my clit between his teeth occasionally, making me scream his name out. I was on the verge of probably the best orgasm of my life. Not that I had many. Then he.....
"What the fuck??" I screamed. But this time in disappointment.
He chuckled, "Not soo easily. Beg."
"Why the hell do you think that I will beg??" That very moment he started pulling away.
"Nooo. Don't stop." I was almost about to beg. ALMOST. But I have too much of self respect to ask, sorry beg, someone for an orgasm, even if he is my mate. An utter stranger for me.
Without another word he pulled away and plopped up on the bed beside me. Just then I realised that he is naked.
How the fuck does he always end up naked when we are close.
I scrambled out of the bed, tripping on my own legs. I somehow stopped myself from turning back to see his ten inch cock standing straight in his full glory. I made it to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.
Now that I think about it, I do need some kind of release. There's no way I will be able to survive a night in the same room with him without pouncing on him.
I quickly turned the shower to the coldest temperature possible and stood there in the freezing water. I couldn't get the image of his hands on my body out of my mind. After about fifteen mins I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I forgot to bring my clothes with me so I think I have to walk out with only a towel wrapped around me.
Just I stepped out of the bathroom I heard Antonio speaking on the phone with someone.
"....I know. I love you too."
That very second something broke inside me.
Who is he talking to???
I found him standing at the window. As if he could sense my presence, his head snapped towards me with wide eyes.
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