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Chapter 13


Did I just hear it right??
My bood started boiing at the thought of him being with someone else. It hasn't even been fifteen minutes before when he had his face buried between my legs and he as the nerve of saying I love you to someone else. That to when I am in the same room.

He stood in that very same place frozen. In a moment I stood in front of him. I couldn't stop Selene from snarling at him.

"Who the fuck are you talking to?" If he did love someone else, why bother bring me with him?

"Hey, calm down. It's not what it looks like."
"The fuck do you mean by its not what it looks like. Who the hell were you talking to?"
Till this point I was seeing red. I was just one step away from letting Selene out. As if sensing my anger he pulled me towards him. Just a simple touch calmed me down a little. We remained like that for a few seconds.

" It was my sister. You'll meet her soon." That seemed to cool down my mind.
After a few moments of being there in his embrace did I realise that I was only wearing a towel. I was instantly aware of his hard body pressed against mine. Thank goddess he had his boxers on.

I felt him pressing light feathery kisses on my neck and shoulder. He reached a spot behind my ear which made my knees go weak. The only thing support me was his arm around my waist that I was more than aware off.
His scent was driving me crazy.
I couldn't stop myself and a moan left my mouth. That seems to drive him nuts. Before I know it, the towel was snatched away from me and his lips found mine in a heated, rough kiss.

Both ours tongues started battling for dominance, eventually he won. I jumped and wrapped my legs around him as he held on to my ass. My pussy was directly on the dent inhis pants. Soon I started grinding on him to get some kind of friction.

Slowly placing me on the bed he climbed on top of me. I tried pulling his boxers down without breaking the kiss. Finally I got hold of his cock which was already rock hard with precum leaking.
Breaking the kiss I brought my thumb covered in his precum to my lips. Without breaking eye contact all this while.

"Fuck, no way am I leaving you this time." he almost growled.
"Then fuck me" That was the last tread.

In a second I had two of his fingers deep in my pussy. My back arched as he continued fucking me with his fingers ruthlessly. Soon i was cumming all over his fingers.

He started rubbing his cock up and down my slit making me squirm. Slowly he started pushing inside my entrance and stopped when only the head had entered me.
" Fucccckkk. Relax yourself. At this rate I'll cum instantly."
Pulling out a little bit he slammed right into me with full force. He started moving inside me. I couldn't stop moaning. Antonio started lapping at my nipples and started strumming my clit making me scream.

I came, like a gush of waterfall. But he didn't stop. In fact his trusts started getting harder. "Yes, fuck. Squeeze my cock just like that."
I haven't even recovered from the previous orgasm, and here I am begging for another.

My slick cunt milked Antonio's cock once again, and the sensation set his orgasm off. With a final thrust he spewed shots of cum deep inside my pussy.
He pressed himself on me, both of us panting, trying to catch our breaths. He tried pulling away, but I stopped him.

"Don't move. Fuck, you feel soo good. I could stay like this forever."

Hey guys
I'm sooooooo sorry for the delay. Its been a very long time. I was all busy with exams and stuff. Then the pandemic came along.

I hope all of you are safe and well.

Remember to wear a mask :)
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