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Chapter 2

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Hope you liked the first chapter and hope you like this one too. Please feel free to give your opinions cuz I am very new at this so I would love to get as much support as I can get.

After training ended me and Steve decided on taking a walk to my house. Dad just got called for some work so it was just me and Steve left. He suggested that we take the route via the forest.

Everything was just beautiful.
Frozen silence of a winter’s dawn, matted brown pine needles peaking out of a powdery white carpet, frosted trees sagging from the weight of last night’s snowfall.

I could stay in this forest for my whole life. Steve and I used to hang out here all the time. We used to build a snowman every winter. The memories automatically brought a smile to my face.

"What are you thinking about ?" Steve's voice brought me out of my trance.

"Ohh... sorry I was just lost in my own world. I was thinking about the snowman that we used to make when we were small."

"How about we make one again ?" he said with so much excitement that I couldn't say no to him.

It felt like being children again. We lay there on the ground for what felt like hours. Finally when it started getting dark we decided on going back to the pack house.

When we were near the pack house it was very silent. More than usual. Something was wrong. The pack house was never this quite. All the lights were off, everything quite, not a soul to be seen.

Confused I quickly made my way towards the door. It opened with a creek sound. All the lights were out. Her confusion suddenly turned into panic.

"Mom.... Dad.... Where is everyone...."

Suddenly all the light in the room were turned on revealing all the pack members standing in the backyard. The whole house was decorated. Everyone was here to celebrate my birthday.

I never really liked a fancy birthday celebration. I always celebrated it with mom, dad, some close relatives and friends. But I guess it's mom's idea. Both my mom and dad came up to me to wish me.

"Happy Birthday Emily !!"

"Thanks mom and dad. What's up with this party? You know that I don't like this. I hate being the center of attention."

"We know honey but it's your eighteenth birthday. You may as well find your mate here." mom grinned.

"And yes. All the alphas of our ally packs are coming too. I would like to introduce you to everyone, after all you are the future alpha of this pack."

That was right, some or the other day I have to meet everyone. I was there only daughter so Dad has always trained me for being an alpha. No matter how much I avoided it I have to meet them eventually.

"Now come on lets get you ready."

"Mom... I am not going to wear any of those fancy dresses. Ok?"

"You have promised to listen to me. Remember?" she said with a smirk.

"Ok. Fine, but just for this one time...."

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