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Chapter 3

Mom made me sit on the couch in her bedroom and came back with a huge bag.

“What’s inside?” I asked her, looking at the black bag.

She pulled out a beautiful dress from inside. “This is your dress” she said, placing it on the bed. “Now, I need to do some fixing.” she said, dragging me towards the mirror.

She pulled out all her makeup stuff and hair tools. After an hour she asked me to change into the dress. I went to the bathroom and changed into the dress.

I came out and mom jumped in excitement.

“Moon goddess! You look so beautiful!” she screamed.

I walked to the mirror and gulped. The dress engulfed me like a glove, showing all my curves. It was a simple, black, strapless mermaid gown. It had a sweetheart neckline which showed a little bit of clevage.

My skin was glowing and there was a subtle blush on my cheeks. She applied very thin eyeliner on my almond eyes which made my green eyes pop. My lashes were thicker and longer than before. My lips were painted red. My brown hair had soft curls in them and some strands were pinned up.

“I know you love black. So I especially picked this dress for you.”

“It’s beautiful....”

“Let’s go. Rodrick just mind linked me and said that everyone has arrived.” Mom said excitedly.

“Here wear these,” she handed me a pair of black heels. I put them on and we left the room and headed towards the lawn were everyone was.

I was nervous to meet all the alphas and there mates for the first time.

When I stepped inside the lawn all eyes snapped to look at me. I could feel there gaze burning holes in my body as I confidently made my way towards my dad.

My dad was wearing a grey tuxedo, looking as handsome as always. My mom was to pressed to his side wearing a dark blue gown paired with the diamond neckless dad gifted her. My mom looked at me with tearful eyes and I could see proudness for me in my dad’s green eyes.

“Hey dad,” I said giving him a tight hug.

I looked at my mom and sighed. “Mom, please, no tears today.”

She blinked back her tears and gazed at me. “It’s just that I am so proud of you honey...” she said with a smile.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood,” someone called from behind me. I turned around to find a man wearing a black tuxedo standing with a beautiful redhead in a satin gown.

I thought that maybe you will like to see the dress so I am have given a link below

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