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Chapter 4

"Finally you are here, Alpha Jack" father sighed. They gave each other a brotherly hug. I instantly recognized him. He was the alpha of our neighboring pack, The Crescent moon pack, and dad's best friend. He turned to look at me.
"And you must be the birthday girl....Happy Birthday dear."
"Thank you so much. I have heard a lot about you from dad."
His mate, Luna Christina, from what I have heard gave me a hug and then she and mom started talking. I decided to go find Steve. I spot him talking to Gamma Jax and his mate Abby. When his eyes found mine his lips parted and he looked me up and down which made heat rush to my cheeks. I went upto them.
"Wake up dream boy.." Jax nudged him which brought him out of the trance. "S-Sorry I-I...." Steve blushed.
Suddenly both Steve and Jax went rigid, meaning they were mind linking. I stared at then in confusion. As soon as they came back to normal "What's the matter?" I questioned.
"Umm... it's nothing. You enjoy the party, we have to talk to alpha Rodrick about something" Steve assured me, but I knew him well enough to know that something was wrong. Both of them quickly rushed to find dad.
"What do you think might have happened ?" I turned to face Abby with a concerned look on her face.
"Don't worry Abby. They'll be alright. I'll go try to find out what's going on. Ok?" I rushed in the direction in which both of them rushed. I spotted them talking to dad, alpha Jack, and a few more people. I approached them.
".....he's here." As soon as they saw me everyone stopped talking.
"Who's here dad ?" I asked curiously. He didn't say anything which just added more fuel to my curiosity. There was no way I was going back without answers.
"Who. Is. Here?" I asked again putting stress on each and every word. From the look on everyone's face whatever was happening was serious. I could see the terror in there eyes. My dad, the alpha of the Blue Moon pack, was afraid of something. I had never seen that look on his face. It only made me more eager to know who they were talking about.
"It's the Blood Alpha" Just hearing the name made me shudder.
"W-Why is he here ?" I couldn't help but stutter.
"We don't know that. Yet."
The Blood alpha was the alpha of the Blood Moon pack. It was the largest pack in history. No one has seen him yet and those who did, did not live long to tell anybody. He was known to be the most ruthless alpha that might have ever existed on this planet. Just his name alone would leave a person whimpering.
It was said that he was so cruel that he would kill a person without even blinking his eyes. That he had a heart made of stone.
I don't know why but instead of fear and terror, sympathy and pity took it's place. I thought that maybe, just maybe, he is not the person everyone portraits him as. There was a tiny bit of hope for him in my heart. After all, sometimes some things happen in our life that turn us into the monster we are not.
I must have gone crazy to think about such a person like that but I couldn't help it. I hope that whatever everyone has heard about him are just rumors.

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