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Chapter 5

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Dad asked me to stay there with all the guests. He, Steve, Jax and few alphas and there trusted people rushed to take care of the matter. He didn’t want to have any problem when there were so many people here for the celebration especially when the problem itself was the Blood Alpha.

Even tough he asked me to stop and handle the situation here I couldn’t help but be worried about him. From what I have heard about the Blood Alpha, it just made me more worried about dad.

What if something happens to him? or anybody else?

No, I wouldn’t let that happen. I wouldn’t let anyone harm the people I love. I decided to go and help with this situation. I quickly explained the situation to mom and made my way towards the forest where everyone else was headed to.

Our pack was surrounded by forest on all sides. No one knew the route through the forest to enter our pack borders. The security at the pack borders was tripled for the celebration.

I quickly made my way towards where dad went. I spotted them talking to the security head of the pack. I went upto him. As soon he saw me a worried marked his face

“What the hell are you doing here?” dad freaked out.

“Dad I can’t let you handle this alone!” I tried to explain.

“I am not alone here. Don’t you see. All of us can handle this. You have to go back honey. It’s to dangerous here. I can’t afford you getting hurt” he pleaded.

“Dad from the time when I was small you have trained me to be an alpha. Haven’t you? Now is the time. I can’t just sit back and enjoy my birthday when you are facing the most dreadful alpha in the whole world”

“But-” he tried reasoning with me but I cut him off.

“No dad. It’s final. No matter what is happening I am not leaving this place. I’ll be staying with you here.” Till the time we finished our conversation I noticed that everyone was staring at me.

“Fine. But you have to stay close to us. Ok?” Dad said.

“Yes dad”

Right then a wolf came running in our direction and whispered something in dad’s ear.

“They have entered the forest. We can’t let them reach the pack border. Everyone get ready. Gather all the wolves and move all the guests, women and children to our safe house.” dad announced in his alpha tone. Everyone was ordered to stay together.

Suddenly a musky smell filled the air, something that seemed to cleanse my fears away. I wanted to draw myself closer, but held back. The smell seemed tsweet, comforting but unwelcoming. Similar to a trap, once you’re in, you can’t get out. It seemed to be a spell, a spell that led to symptoms of lust, attraction, and envy.

I had chills down my spine, the rustling of leaves echoed in the night. My feet guided slowly across the forest floor, toward the source of that smell. I swiftly turned around, my thick brown hair swaying in breeze, my green eyes scanning the forest line for a threat. That's when I realised that I have moved far away from the others.



My head snapped in the direction from where the noise came from. My eyes instantly met with the most stunning man I have ever seen. A very tall, well built man with, ink black hair, perfectly scanned skin, and his deep brown eyes were nearly glowing due to the moonlight when the gazed into mine. A small scar ran through his left eyebrow. Anyone else with that scar might have not been appealing to look at, but him? It only added to his hotness.

"Mate" Selene, my wolf said. She was jumping around doing flips in my head.


Me and Xander waited in the shadows. That's when I realized that not only the alpha of the blue moon pack but also many other alphas were there.

But what they did not know was that I was enough to kill all of them. My army of wolves were waiting outside the forest. It will only take one signal from me to get the whole army here and destroy this pack. But there is no fun in that.

After the man who I assumed was the alpha said something they started moving together. Just when we thought that we have the clearance one of them stopped. It was a women.

She started moving in my direction as if she could see me. As she got closer and closer her smell got stronger. It was a very strong, fruity, soothing smell. She smelled like lavenders. Soon she was close enough for me to see her face.

She was the most beautiful girl I might have seen in my whole life. She was wearing a black gown showing a bit of a chevage Long brown hair hanging in loose curls, sharp pointed nose. Red full lips. A thought crossed my mind of how will these lips feel if I kissed her.

What the fuck is wrong with me.

My wolf, Dominic, started getting all excited at that thought. This was the first time I felt something like that. Before no women caught my attention like this one. She was just perfect.

Suddenly the leaves under Xander's feet crunched. Her head snapped in our direction. That's when our eyes met. The world stopped, leaving just me and her. Her hair blew with the wind, matching her olive skin.

My wolf immediately knew she was ours, and instinctively wanted to claim her.

"Mine" Dominic growled in my mind.

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