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Chapter 7

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As soon as Xander realized that she is my mate. He informed me that she is non other the alpha’s daughter. I told him to retreat. I turned to look at my mate standing there with a confused and sad expression on her face when she saw us retreating.

I can’t attack them. But don’t worry my mate I’ll come back. For you.

We went back to the place were the other pack warriors were waiting. Soon everyone started moving towards our pack. But I can’t just leave like that. I decided to go back and meet my mate first.

I can’t just leave like that. Can I?

I asked Xander to go back to the pack. I made my way towards there pack house. I waited behind the trees near her house. Soon enough all the lights went off and I guessed that everyone has head to bed. I caught a glance of her from one of the the windows .

There was a tree near her window which I used to go up. I stepped inside her room. Her room was quite simple with dark blue walls, a queen size bed with blue satin sheets. I heard the water running so I assumed she is busy in the bathroom. I took the time to explore her room.

Soon the running of water stopped. I caught a whiff of her smell as soon as she came out of the bathroom. I was behind the bathroom door so she was not able to see me. I had already covered my scent so no one will know that I am here.

She was wearing a black colour tank top with very short shorts. I could practically see her ass. Her hair was braided and I could see her slender neck were my mark will be.

Dominic growled inside my mind at the thought of marking her. The room was let only by the moonlight which only made her perfect skin glow. I couldn’t control anymore. I placed my hand on her shoulders and before she could scream placed my other hand on her mouth and pushed her to the nearest wall.

Her beautiful eyes were shut tightly. After a few seconds I saw her nose flare only to stare in the most sexy but innocent green eyes.

Once standing this close that I realize how small she was than me. She may have been around 5’7 or something while I towered over her at 6’2. I slowly leaned forward toward the crook of her neck and told her to not to scream. I slowly grazed my teeth to her ear lobe earning a shudder from her.

I could smell her arousal. All the blood rushed south directly to my dick making it hard instantly just by looking at her. I placed slow, torturous kiss down her neck where my mark will be. Soon.

She tried pushing me away as if she is not aroused. “Look at you” I smirked “my mate acting as if she hasn’t got her pussy dripping”

My hands slowly made there way towards her thighs. As soon as my hand grazed her pussy I heard a grasp. I pinned her hands above and rubbed her pussy through her pants.

She was biting her lip to stop the moan from coming out. She somehow freed her hands from my grip and pushed me hard earning a growl from Dominic. I pushed her hard against the wall and dipped my hand inside her panties rubbing her clit harshly and my two of my fingers inside her tight pussy.

Loud moans escaped her pretty little mouth. I slowly placed her on the bed and devoured her lips. With me still finger fucking her I took her nipples in my mouth biting on it lightly. All this while she saw stroking my hard as fuck cock driving me insane.

She finally reached her climax. And gave my cock a light squeeze making me chuckle. I knew exactly what she wanted.

“No” I stated sternly.

“Please” she begged for me.

I continued making her cum until she fell unconscious breathing hard and fast. Her head resting on my naked chest. All her features were illuminated by the moon light ; a defined jawline, high cheekbones, almond shaped eyes and a pointed nose.

“You can call me Emily”

After a few minutes her breathing became even. I slipped out from beneath her and made my way towards her window.

“What’s yours ?” she asked softly. I turned to her naked form.


“Antonio…” she smiled testing my name coming from her mouth. Just hearing my name rolling off her tongue made me shudder.

“Goodnight Emily”

“Goodnight Antonio”

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