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Chapter 9

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“I’ll go with you.”

Without another word, I stormed to the pack house ignoring everyone else. I slammed every door in the pack house that I needed to in order to reach my bedroom.

“Emily,” Mom said following after me. I just walked faster. Hoping that she will stop trying to talk to me. Deep inside I knew that I can’t break at this point. I threw my door open and stormed into the room. I opened my closet door, threw my suitcase on the bed, and angrily opened it.

This was stupid. So damn stupid. I must be out of my mind.

The door opened, and mom walked into the room. “Honey,” she said softly. “Mom. Please....” Tears filled the brim of my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.

Her voice broke. “You don’t have to do this, Baby. NO. You’re not going. I wouldn’t hand you over to that monster.” She struggled to take all the clothes out of the bag. Moon Goddess. Why me...?

"Sacrifices have to be made for the pack's survival. Don't make me feel bad for this decision, mom. I wouldn't have agreed to it, if I thought Adriano will hurt me. Even if he is the most ruthless alpha, he wouldn't hurt his own mate. Will he?"

I pleaded to her, tears in my eyes. "Please mom." I said.

She pressed her lips together and started crying in my arms. After talking to her for a long time I convinced her to leave me alone. Dad also came in between, trying to convince me to stop. But I have always been a stubborn child. Guess I got it for my father.

The door opened but I didn't bother turning around because I knew who it was. "Why are you doing this Emy?" he said. I turned around to find Steve near the door with tears in his eyes.

"You know me Steve. I am doing this for our own good." I said.

"Don't go," that's when the tears started falling. Taking long strides I pulled him into a hug and couldn't help but cry with him. This was the first time I have seen him soo..... broken. He has always been the tough guy. Never cried. But today ?

"I can't leave without you Emy. Please don't go. I'm begging you. I will do anything it takes to stop that bastard." I broke our hug to look straight into his eyes. But before I could say anything he said something that broke me.

"I love you Emy. I have always loved you and i will love you forever. From the time we first met. You are the ray of sunshine that brought happiness to me. I never had the courage to say this to you. I didn't wanna destroy our perfect friendship."

"Steve..." I couldn't stop myself from crying. Before I could complete my sentence he pressed his lips to mine.

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