Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Hurricane Beth

Sebastians POV

When the boys and I get to the party we go straight for the alcohol. It's so crowded and loud but at this point I don't give a fuck. I feel as if I lock myself in my room and never fucking leave and be okay with it. I scan the crowd to see if I find any bitch worth fucking but I'm coming up short.

I look over to Ryder and Cain. They both look on edge and tense. "Are y'all looking for pussy or just drinking tonight?" I ask them. They both say just drinking. I break off from them and scan the area again. I find a bottle of whiskey, a beer and somewhere to sit.


Ryders POV

This place is far too loud and is giving me a headache already. I wish I would've stayed behind so I could talk to Sasha. I hate that I've failed her yet again. She just got back and Cain is already following her like a lost puppy. I take my 4th shot of Jack and grab a beer and look for somewhere quiet.

I find myself a spot at the kitchen table where there is nobody at. "Of all the girls you could have why her?" I turn my head to see Cain standing behind me.

"You know better then I that we don't get to pick and choose who we fall in love with!" I've never though I would even like her let alone fall for her. She's just too precious. She's got a heart of gold and when she sleeps with me Fuck it's like she's where she belongs.

"She's my girl always been my girl! You could have stuck to hating her or avoid her." He says irritatedly.

"Don't you think I've tried? When I got there I still had that annoyance to her but because of the shit you were doing I felt for her. Because she would sit in our kitchen every night and try to call you. She would cry herself to sleep. So I tried to be decent to her but then I started noticing things about her. Like when she's happy she dances around the apartment singing and dancing. When she's excited her whole body shakes like she can't contain herself. She hates the smell of roses so when she smells them her nose scrunches up in the cutest way. When she sleeps she hold on to me as if she's afraid that I'll leave."

"Fuck you okay. I know I fucked up and I'm paying for it FUCK I'm paying for it okay. But this thing with you and her, you're my best fucking friend Ry. How could you sit here and tell me all the things you're just now starting to love about her, when it's the things I've always loved about her.

"Because you chose to fuck that up, because she needed someone to fix what you broke. You weren't there to see her helpless on the dirt ground naked and unconscious. You didn't have to watch that sick fuck rape her!" I growl out.

"Fuck you're right! I don't deserve her. But I am selfish and I'll be damned if I let you or any other man take her from me." - Cain

"And I'm not gonna give up on her so I hope you don't expect me to walk away." -Ryder

"No! What I'm saying is let the best man win!" - Cain


Sebastian POV

I ended up coming upstairs in to one of the vacant rooms and pretty much drank half the bottle of whiskey. I can feel amazing feeling of all my problems dissolving. God I love alcohol. After a minute Bethany walks in. God I hate this bitch! But you know who else hates her? DANICA. Maybe if she sees me fucking her it'll make her jealous enough to cave in to me.

"Well well we'll if it isn't Sebastian Jones." She says biting her lip. This bitch looks so stupid. She's wearing a skin tight very short jean skirt with a unicorn shirt. Bitch what are we 5?

"Why yes it is! And what can I do for the towns whore?" I slur out. Fuck I'm really drunk.

"That's rich coming from the towns man whore! Now tell me how do I finally get a chance with the guy whose fucked everyone but me?"

Fuck I need more alcohol for this I take a few big gulps of the whiskey and strip. "Come get it" She begins to strip down to nothing and walks over to me.

"Why aren't you even hard?"

"Aren't you a whore? Do something to make me hard." In all honesty I don't think there's shit she could do she straddles me on the bed and wraps her hand around my dick that shriveled up so much from her touch I think I'm growing a vagina.

"Why won't you get hard?" She growls. Just then my phone vibrates. It's a text from Ry.

Ryder: hey we're piss drunk Jameson and the girls are coming to get us.

Sebastian: Ok come find me when they get here. Actually let Dani come up!!

Yes just what I need! "Look you are not doing it for me. I'll just picture someone else give me a second." Danica comes to mind instantly. Her brown/blonde hair, her perfect white smile, her baby soft skin. Her melodically voice. Her sexy moans.

I can feel myself get a lil hard but Beth feels nothing like my doll so this is hard. I hear the door jiggle and I know it's her, so I do the logical thing and grab Beths hips and bounce her up and down on my noodle of a dick. Just then the door flings open and Beth and I look to see Danica there. I can see the hurt in her eyes. This is what I wanted so why do I feel so shitty. I don't have time to ponder because Dani drags Beth off of me and throws her to the ground. Damn she sexy when she's mad.

I walk up to her and pull her off Beth and pull her towards me. "Awe beating up girls I sleep with! Is someone jealous? All you-" She slaps me not letting me get another word in.


"Sebby?" We all snap our head to see

Sasha. Her clothes are outta place her hair is rough and she has a red hand print on her face. She sounds so broken. Fuck. I didn't think this through. I never once did think about how this would affect my twin. I look at her with wide eyes. I want to go to her but I'm so drunk that right now I'm using Dani as a crutch.

"Oh nice of you to join us! I've been DYING to rub this in your face. Not only did I suck off your boyfriend but I've fucked Ryder and your brother! Hope you enjoy knowing I had all your boys. And while you were gone did they tell you how they enjoy taking their turns with me! It's like you never even exsis-"

Dani cuts her off by tackling her and beating her ass again. Sasha can't believe that she can't think that we would do that to her! I try to make my way over to separate the girls but Jameson beats me to it. We try to follow him out but he told us we're not coming in his car.

We call a cab and have to wait 20 minutes. By the time he gets to us and gets us home we're all mostly sober and just want to talk to the girls. When we get to the house Jameson's car isn't in the driveway. We all rush to Sasha room to see her bed neatly made and all her stuff gone. Even the bird. I run to Dani's room to see the same. Hell even the cat is missing!

We all run downstairs to see Jameson walking in. "Where the fuck are they?"

"None of your fucking concern! Why don't you go find another one of your sisters tormentors and fuck them two. Maybe you can record it this time and send it to them! I mean it's not like they haven't been through enough!"

"Jameson I will fucking kill you! Where is my sister and my girl?"

"You don't have a girl you lost that chance when you fucked Beth."

"I DIDN'T fuck her. I DIDN'T EVEN GET HARD! I made it look like I did because I just needed her to admit her fucking feelings."

"Well congrats you got her AND YOUR TWIN to run back to Texas." No! Now how am I gonna fix the shit storm that hurricane Beth left.


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