Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Sebastian's POV

After the girls left Cali my mom beat our asses for the stunt we pulled. Even if Beth lied that lie just caused us all dearly. We couldn't even go after them because my dad sent us to New York so we could get our shit squared away. It was supposed to take about two months but my dad got a call recently from my sister.

For starters he said when he spoke to Sasha, she sounded all over the place and she didn't sound like herself. Then she said she needs him to come to Texas because Danica's stepdad/brother have been making frequent visits and she's worried about her. My parents plan on making the trip out there for thanksgiving. The twins and Rylee too. Even uncle Arlo and aunty Kat.

Because of all of this my dad did the one thing he didn't want to. He threw money at the school to allow us to finish our shit on line. All of our shit is packed and ready to go. Jameson is going to mail us the rest. We are in a rental on our way to Sasha and Danica's place. This should be fun. It's been 3 and a half weeks since everything's happened and none of them are willing to speak to us.

When we make it up stairs as Ryder is unlocking the door the neighbor comes out. He's about our age looks like a preppy frat boy clean cut gray eyes and I just want to punch him. "Hey! Do you know Sasha and Dani?" He ask giving us a questionable look.

"It's none of your fucking concern now is it." I bite out.

"You're definitely one of Dani's. I don't know why that poor girl goes for assholes like you that just beat her ass and hurts her during sex. But aye I'll just prep for Sasha. Thank you really because when y'all around it's the only time she's willing to spend the night." What the fuck. Ryder takes a menacing step towards this dumb fuck, but I put my hand out to stop him.

"How the fuck do you know Sasha and why the fuck would she sleep over with you?"

"She's my special girl." I practically have to lock my self to my spot and use all my strength to stop these two idiots from killing this dude.

"Well she's my fucking sister and I am a fucking asshole but I don't fucking hurt woman. Also you better enjoy your fucking hand for a while because she ain't having any sleep overs any time soon."

"Oh trust me I'll be seeing her sooner then you think. Those girls can't go long without me." He says cockily. My blood boils at what that could possibly mean. Just knowing that Dani's going through this. We stop responding to the dimwit and go in to the apartment. When you first walk in it's a hall but there's a door to the right, it's a laundry room. The hall then leads to the living room it's small but it's homey there's 2 long couches side by side. An entertainment center that holds an Xbox and a wii. There a 55' screen mounted to the wall. Nice! Ryder tells us his room is last door down the hall, Sasha next to his then Dani's and the bathroom and across from sash room is the guest room. We hear chirping and meows coming from Sashas room she's so petty she took the damn cat too.

I tell Cain to take the spare room I'm gonna sleep with my girl. We all settle in and unpack suddenly we hear the door open. I open Danis room door as I see the other two poke their heads out. We here keys dropping on a table and a loud sigh. We all walk out the room and as I'm about to turn the corner I hear a gun go off and the bullet missed by a hair "what the fuck Sasha?" I yell out. Her eyes widen and I swear her pupils are shot. The whites of her eyes are red and she looks out of it.

"What the fuck are you doing in my apartment? Get the fuck out I don't wanna talk to any of you." She shouts. She point the gun at us again as if to threaten us. Okay the hard way it is. I look at the boys and nod. I take slow steady steps towards her with my hands up trying to keep her focus on me and not the boys.

"Dad couldn't come and he wanted to make sure Dani's shit is handled so she's safe. So we're here to stay!"

"Whatever I'll just stay at Gils. I need a nap before work and I'm so not dealing with y'all." She puts the gun down and goes to her room for a minute, when she comes out Sylvester in on her tail with Tweety on his back. That's fucking new.


Cains POV

When Sasha walked out of her room she was in nothing but a long shirt and boy shorts underwear. I'm still pissed at the fact she's with that asshole next door. I may have went in to her bedroom and scoped shit out. I probably shouldn't have but, if I didn't, I wouldn't have discovered she was taking xanax and oxi. That would explain her blood shot dilated eyes. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she looks like she lost some weight.

That must be what that asshole meant when he said they can't go long without. "You're not fucking leaving so if you need sleep take your ass to your fucking room!" Sebastian yells at her.

"I'm not staying in a apartment with traitors. AND YOU ARE NOT DAD YOU DON'T GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO."

"IS THAT SO MAYBE I SHOULD CALL DAD AND TELL HIM YOU'RE ON FUCKING DRUGS!" Her eyes widen at his comment and her face contorts in to something I've never seen on her. Hate. She charges at Sebastian and starts swinging her fist. She gets him twice in his jaw but he manages to trip her and he gets on top of her holding her hands on each side of her head as she thrash's around. "Stop Sasha. Stop this right now!"

"Why don't you all just go back to fucking Beth and leave me alone." She shouts tears streaming down her face.

"None of us did in the first place. I mean Ryder did but that was back before he left for college. Sash this isn't you this isn't my sister. I know I did this but I swear to you I did it as a stupid drunken decision. To make Dani jealous. I'm sorry for not thinking about you in all of this." She begin to cry and he pulls her in to his chest. When she isn't breathing hard he pulls away to see she's sleeping.

He lifts her up and takes her to her room. Once she in bed he comes out to talk to Ryder and I. I tell them about her stash in her bed side table. When we're done the other two go to their room and I head in to Sashas. She's curled in to a ball with the blanket over her head. I get to where her head is and remove the blanket to reveal her beautiful face. I plant a kiss on her head and go to walk out. When I open her door the cat and the bird scurry in to her room and get in the bed.

I go to my room and decide on a nap.


^^^ Sashas outfit.

Ryders POV

When we came to Texas the last thing I expected to find was Sasha this broken. To say that my heart broke would be an understatement. Right now everyone is napping but I can't sleep. I can't erase the emptiness behind her beautiful blue/green eyes. I hear shuffling around her room so I press my ear to the door and listen. After a few minutes I hear her bedroom door open and shut I crack my door so I can see what she's doing.

I see her hair is put up in pig tails, she's wearing a trench coat and heels with stockings. Where the fuck does she think she going. When she leaves the house I follow behind her. When she gets in her car I hop in the rental and follow her. When we stop I can feel my self get pissed. A fucking strip club. I wait for her to go inside before getting out of the car and go in.

The place isn't too big and doesn't look too busy right now. I find dark corner in the back and grab a seat. One of the waitresses comes to take my order and I just go with a bud light. After thirty minutes I see Sasha. I was mad before but now I'm furious and ready to drag her ass out. She's in a sexy school girl outfit. The short sleeve button up come up to her neck but at the tits there's a huge opening. The dress is a plaid red and black and barely cover her ass. The knee high stockings and heels that make her ass look fantastic. I'm hard as shit but fuck I need to get her out of here.

I ask for a VIP room and request her as my server. I go to the room behind the satin red curtains and sit on the rounded red leather couch. When she walks in she has two beers in her hand. When she spots me her eyes go wide. She drops the beers and spins around ready to run but I slam the curtain shut as she tried to open it.

I flip her around and press her back against the wall and run my finger over her voluptuous breast. "You are fucking your neighbor, who is selling you pills and you work at a strip club?"

She looks in to my eyes hers glazed over. She bites her bottom lip while her eye goes to mines. She pushes herself up on her tip toes and kisses me. I kiss her back. I lift her and lay her on the couch. I kiss her neck as she grinds against me I let my hand roam and explore every exposed part of her body I can.

I bring my hand over her core and rub her over her through her thong . She's soaking through. I slide it over and rub her clit. She lets out a moan and I have to cover her mouth so no one hears. I insert a finger and she arch's her back. She bring her hand to my jeans button and masterfully undoes then she pushes them down and wraps her small hand around my length and begins to to pump. I pull my fingers out of her and she begins to whine.

She takes my dick and rubs against her wet pussy making me bury my head in her neck. She pull me closer and I'm about to give in. "Sash if you don't fucking stop right now" She lets me put on a condom and she slide me in side of her and I bite down on her neck. Fuck she's tight. She lets out a wince but starts wiggling her hips. I start my thrust long and gentle wanting her to feel wanted feel loved.

I lift her thigh a little to gain better access. "You feel so damn good Sasha." She moans out and I pick up the pace rocking against her. "Fuck baby I'm coming." Moan out as I spill in to the condom.

End of mature content

Laying all my weight on her. Once we get our breathing under control I pull her of the couch and and she try to fight me but gives up when she realized this is the end of her working here.


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