Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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I love you

This chapter contains descriptive rape and attempt suicide

Danica's POV

The guys have been here for two weeks now and if there was any tiny bit hope that they would keep a low profile HA guess again! On my days off I have to lie and tell them I'm working, letting them think I get in "special" lessons. Really I'm going home. Dustin and Matthew have been getting worst and worst. I'm just glad that I'm able to cover up the bruises.

I've been avoiding Sebastian as well so I've been sleeping at Paulito's house. We haven't done anything since they've gotten here and I can't. I hate Sebastian fucking Jones. Today Sasha said everyone would be busy and out of the apartment. So I go there for a break. I go to my room to see all of Sebastian's stuff. He's taking over my damn room. Whatever. I go to the door next over and take a showers.

As the water hits me the makeup fades turning the water a tanned color. You can see the bruises. My tears start falling and I allow myself to process, and I start to cry I let out sob, after sob as I sit in the middle of the shower and let it go. I'm so lost in though I don't hear the shower door but I hear a gasp. No. I squeeze my eyes shut. He steps in the shower and gets down with me and wraps his arm around me pulling me to him. His skin feels electric as it touches me.

"You weren't working late all this time were you?" I shake my head that's buried in my knees as the tears continue to fall. He turns me and pulls me in to him allowing me to wrap my arms and legs around him as he soothes me. My tense body relaxing against his as I revel in the comfort that only he provides.

"You're not leaving this apartment Danica. I'm fucking serious I won't allow this to keep happening."

"You can't do that just stay out of it please Sebastian it's just going to make it worst." I begin to cry again. He kisses the side of my head, and grabs the loofa and begins to wash me. When he's done he carries me to my room. He pulls out one of his shirts and puts it on me. He gets in the bed besides me and pulls me in to him.

"The only place you're allowed to go is work and class. You will have a guard with you every time.

"No Sebastian!"

"Nonnegotiable. Ryder, Cain, and I will be sticking to you like glue." This is not good.


Thanksgiving has come and gone. The family surprised us and came to visit us. It was nice see everyone there. Sebastian was true to his word and I had the boys glued to me every where I went. Things are getting out of hand, and my anxiety is through the roof. Cain is just dropping me off back at the apartment from class then taking off. The apartment is the only place I can be without having eyes on me.

Sebastian pretty much is my roommate now. All his crap is everywhere in my room. I grab some clothes getting ready to have a shower when there's a knock on the door. I answer thinking maybe one of the guys got locked out. When I open I'm pushed inside by my stepdad and step brother. No no no nnnooo.


They shove me back and I scramble to stay on my feet. Running to the first room I could find I run in my bedroom. Matthew shoves his foot in the way shoving me back against the wall. I try to fight him off but it's not use looking at his father his eyes are wild. They've been drinking. Matthew throws me to the ground and steps on my back.

"Hey dad I know you what I've found out?"

"What my son?" My tear fall scared of what's about to come wishing I got one more pill in, because I am scare I don't want this any more.

"She's been whoring so I thought about it. We never had her at the same time." NO. "So who gets that tight ass?"

"Is that a question it's mine!" Dustin growls. He storms up as Matthew rips my clothes off. They pull their pants down. Thank heaven they use condoms. Matthew grabbed my head pulling my front to him he spit on his lubricated condom and lifts my leg so he can shove in to my now burning pussy hating the sensation I do the only thing I can.

I think of the one person who has been the only one to see me. I see the way he looks at me I think of how my heart goes crazy. Think of how he would kiss my neck as a loop hole to my no kiss rule. I feel Dustin come behind me spitting on himself I cry harder. I hold on to thoughts of Casanova. When the stinging and the unbearable pain of him shoving in to a hole that I never wanted this done too.

I beg for death to come over me I can't do this. Their thrust are punishing. They were livid, and what ever it was that pissed them off I was on the receiving end of that anger. Please please let me die. It's like a bunch of knives are plowing my pussy and ass. They keep pounding me and I don't know how long but it is it feels like it been hours and I feel myself slipping away. Not even thoughts of Casanova can numb this.

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️End of warning trigger ⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️

There's a sound at the door, and suddenly I wish that help didn't come in this form. "Don't worry Dani its just me" Sasha shouts. Nooooo. They look at each other and get off of me.

"I think it's time we teach the roommate our rules don't you?"Matthew ask Dustin.

They storm out my room and lock me in. I hear Sash scream. I hear her war cry's as I can only imagine her try to fight them off. I can't take the screams, I crawl through the room to my dresser I take my bag that Sasha just got today I pour all the pills in my hand and shove them down my throat I drink the water on my bed side and swallow.

I can feel my pulse rising my heartbeat is going bananas I fall to the ground unable to move. I'm ready I welcome it with open arms.


Sebastians POV

The day I heard her back in the apartment, I remember the relief that washed over me. The guys and I were out and we had ran in to Paul and were confused because Dani was supposed to be with him. When he told us that she never stayed longer then her normal shift I was pissed, scared and all over the place.

When I came home to her in the shower I was relieved, but when I saw the bruises all over her the deep blue and purple marks decorating her body makes me want to get my hands on these bastards already.

I finally got her track history and got her address and went by to visit them. Pretended to be old friends of Matthew. Danica's mother is a small woman with olive skin. She has red marks up and down her arms, her hair is a knotted mess on head. Her teeth are brown and has a bunch of gaps. She looks to be 60. The give away that drugs haven't been good to her.

"Oh sorry they're not here they went to visit my daughter-" My heart sinks Dani. Without thinking I grab this bitch by the back of head and shove her against the door.

"I will fucking kill you. Mark my words" I grit out throwing her to Cain. He knocks her out and carry's her out to the car when we get to the car he puts her in the truck. We rush out of there like a bat out of hell, not caring if we get pulled over. My adrenaline in through the roof my heart is in my ass. When we get to the building we all run upstairs. When we open the door we hear Sasha screaming. We rush to her room as wee see a young guy with blonde hair and blue eyes pulling her naked body to his. In front of her is an older version of his with shoulder length curly hair. A gruff beard and mustache. We all charge in the room and knock them over. Dani. I let the boy's handle the scum as I run to Dani's room.

When I try to open the door it doesn't budge so I break it down. My heart drops and I feel like My legs are about to give. She's passed

out next to the bed, a trail of blood behind her a glass of water spilled over next to her with an empty baggie. No. "CALL 911." I yell out as I run to her and lift her frail body. I pick up her head and shove my fingers down her throat to get her to throw it up. It takes a second but she finally starts gagging and throwing up, but she falls back again and closes her eyes. I lift her naked body and rush her to the shower.

I turn it on getting in with her. I rub her face trying to get her to wake up. "Come on Dani, please don't do this to me please I'm fucking sorry."

My tears stream down my face as I beg this girl not to die on me. "I love you Dani. Shit I fucking love you. I can't lose you not like this."


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