Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Torture and promises


Sebastians POV

Once we got back from dropping the girls at rehab the guys, me, and dad all go to the club where the cells are. There are 6 cells in total 3 taken up by Danis shitty excuse of a family. "Please, please, let me go. I don't know what that lying tramp told you, but she is a whore who stole my husband and fucked his son." No wonder this girl doesn't believe in love. She's never had it.

"How can a MOTHER FUCKING SAY THAT SHIT KNOWING HER CHILD WAS BEING HURT? HOW CAN A MOTHER PUT ANYTHING ABOVE HER CHILD? There are woman out there who can't have children and here you are! Blessed with an amazing daughter and let scum like that ruin her!!!" My mom shouts as she walks through the crowd. She has her knives in her hand. "Let her out." Danica's mom stares heatedly at my mom.

"That slut wanted it every time. Her kink was crying the sick bitch." This woman has a fucking death wish. My mom stands there waiting for this woman to make a move. Nothing happens so my mom turns her back and stares in my dads eyes probably mind linking like some fucking wolves. While we're all distracted this bitch runs to my mom thinking she's gonna get far she reaches for my moms head but my mom winks at my dad ducks and stabs one of her knives right in Dani's moms side. She lets out a howl as she curls over.

"You fucked with the wrong mama, bitch"

mom says with a wicked smile she grabs this woman up by her hair.

🚨🚨🚨Gruesome torture methods🚨🚨🚨

My mom spins her around and climbs on top of her. She starts laying punch after punch after punch never missing a beat. When she notices Dani's mom is falling unconscious she slaps her face to wake her back up. She walks over to the closet of tools. She grabs a scalpel some gloves and a few other surgery shit.

We all do the only thing we can, we sit back and let her do her work. She looks in to el ojos de la bruja *eyes of the witch* " were gonna operate I mean you'll never need a uterus anyways. And I can do it with you wide awake!"

"You're fucking sick in the head bitch what the fuck is wrong with you." My mom jam the scalpel in her stomach dragging it down. The woman's screams getting louder and louder. I want my taste of blood. For Dani!

I storm in to the step brother, Matthews cage as my dad goes in to Dustins. I grabbed the bottle of draino and water bottle I added draino to the water, not too much I want this to be painful I open his mouth and cover his nose as Cain walks over and pours the drink down his throat. He starts screaming and coughing up blood. I go to the cage with the rats and get a metal tin. I cover it over Matthews crotch and set it on fire. The sounds of both his and the rats screams fill my ears and I can feel my adrenaline pumping. I hear his father screaming and I see my mom in front of him with the scalpel.

I pull the rat off of him as he cries like a bitch. "Oh does it hurt." He nods his head. "Do you want me to stop?" He nods again. "Did you stop when Dani begged you?" His eyes widen as he looks at me in horror. My mom walks in and puts her mincing machine down and plugs it in to the extension cord she grabs Matthews mutilated dick and puts it in and turns it on. The blades spin and blood splatters everywhere as he screams in pain. I have to look away because I can feel the pain even though it's not me getting hurt.

When she pulls the device away she steps back and grabs the scalpel. I take it from her and start carving the son of a bitch I slice through his stomach pulling out his intestines and get a bottle of acid. I pour some on his intestines and then on his face. I think that must have been all the pain he could take because his screams stop and he's motionless. I pull out my phone and take pictures. I walk over to Danis carved up mom and take a picture of that too. I see the stepfather is still alive and my dad is covered in blood. I walk up to him and have my dad open Dustins mouth so I could pour some acid in his mouth on his groin and the rest on his face til he's as dead as his son.

🚨End of torture content 🚨

I take pictures of him as well and we all leave towards the showers. We all get cleaned up and head home. When we get there the whole house is quiet and feels so empty without the girls. Sylvester and tweety are on the couch and even they look sad. Cain calls on them and takes them to his room and I go to mine. Fuck I miss her.


6 months later

It's been 6 months the girls are now in the mental institution they been there two months and now they are finally allowed visitors. The family and I are all here to visit the girls. The nurse chick escorts us to what looks like a living room. There isn't very many people . We all sit on one of the many couches and wait as the woman goes to retrieve the girls. When she comes back Sash is with her but no Dani.

"Excuse me wheres is Danica Ortiz we're her family too." My mom says.

"I'm sorry but Ms Ortiz is denying any visitor's may I talk to you in private?" My mom motions to me to follow the elderly woman to a quiet corner. " Danica has been having some issues adjusting. She refuses to participate in group she won't talk to the therapist. It's a task to get her to leave her bed. She's already tried to harm herself and it's only been two months." My heart clenches at hearing this. She can't be that far gone can she?

"Please what ever you have to do please help my baby." Mom says on the verge of tears.

"Can I please please talk to her? I know you said she doesn't want but please just me!" The lady mulls it over before nodding her head. My mom goes back to Sasha as the lady leads me back to where the rooms are. She stops at one of the door and opens it. When I get inside I see Dani curled up in to a little ball in all white hospital attire.

"Dani theres a young man here to see you." She doesn't move doesn't budge. The woman wishes me luck and walks away.

I walk over to the bed and sit. I touch her back and begin rubbing. "Come on Babe I know this isn't what you want but we need to get you better. We all miss you." She doesn't respond. "I know you're having a hard time but they are dead! I took pictures for you so it could ease your mind seeing for yourself that they can no longer harm you." Nothing. "I'm not giving up on you. You can deny us but we will still be here for you. I want you Dani, fuck, I want you to be mine. I will wait for you to get in a better head space but the minute you are out of this hell hole I will make you mine and show you what it feels to be wanted." I promise her. I give up on speaking and lay down with her. I wrap my arm around her and she scoots back getting as close to me as she can.


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