Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Almost fuck up

1 year 6 months after the girls left

Sebastian POV

This past year has been pure fucking hell for me. I've been miserable, spending all my time training and working. So far I've traveled to Mexico and got a small time sex ring shut down after we killed Dani's family. They were just starting out. I did a bigger one in New York after seeing Dani in the institution. Then about 6 months after that I did the one here. It was slightly bigger and slightly more immune to us.

My parents are pissed and forced me back home. I've been pushing too hard and they're not happy they want me to stop. They put me on paper work at the club. Me and the boys been stuck here for 4 months. It hasn't been too bad but it doesn't block out how much I miss Dani or that I wish we knew something about her.

Sasha's finally back home she was released after a year and 4 months of her being gone she was sent home. She's been home 2 months and so far so good. When she got home she told us Philip was in there. He made his way in to the facility and factored in to push back the girls progress. My parents sent a few guards to keep watch to make sure Dani is safe.

Uncle Arlo is always spiting some wise advice. Hoping that it will stick. It was up to me and Jameson to lead the mafia but he had other plans for life. They think it's all going to fall on me, but honestly I think Sasha will wants to be the next mom. I can see the fire in her eyes when we talk. She's passionate about saving girls that are in that situation. Still it doesn't deter me from locking in all his wisdom because he got where he is for a reason.

Today was a usual day but when I was done with my work for today I walk out I see the guys all at the bar. So I walk up to them and they hand me a shot. Fuck it. I haven't drunk, haven't smoked, haven't had fucking sex. Well Gilbert, if it makes you feel better my hands my best friends these days too.

One of the dancers is eyeing me from across the club she's a blonde. She ain't my type but then again, no bitch is these days. I don't even know how I can sit here and wait for a girl who won't even accept my letters. Fuck it! Its been a fucking year and a half, I need a relief. I down two more doubles and I start walking up to the girl when my phone rings. Its a number I don't recognize.


1 year and 5 months

1 months after Sasha leaves

Dani's POV

It's been a month since Sasha left. She would always give me updates about Sebastian and the family. She told me Rylee is walking already when she was still here. She would always tell me how she couldn't wait to go home. I'm happy for her. I wonder if she would even remember me now that she's home?

I miss everyone so much! They were the family I always wished for. The food fights, the bonding. I miss Cassies hugs and Jameson's goofy personality. I miss talking to Sasha about random shit. I miss dancing and being around people.

I miss my Casanova. I know he said he would wait for me but it's been a year and a half practically. How long did I really think he would last before falling in to the first set of spread legs he could find?

It's time for routine rounds. They come in and ask if I want to come to therapy. Feeling like fuck it I say yes. She looks at me in pure shock. "Let's go darling." She says as she leads me to the one on one office session. The Latina lady in front of me introduce herself to me her name is Dr. Sullivan . She starts by introducing her self we start talk about normal things like how long have I been here? What have I been doing with the time?

I started off small only picking and choosing what to respond to and what not to. After a few days of talking to her.


Little by little I grow more comfortable and talk more. After a two weeks I gave in to trying the group therapy thing. Where it's all patience no doctors no psychiatrist. There are a few of the girls who understood what I went through who went through it to.After I got done the orderly asked me if there was anyone I would like to call. I don't know what makes me do it but I ask if I'm allowed visitors. The orderly looks about ready to cry but nods her head. When she takes me to the phone she hands me my cell phone I pick the person I want to call and let it ring.

"Who is this and why do you have Danica's cell phone." Comes her threatening tone.

"I-it's m-me I....."

"Dani are you okay? Is something wrong?"

"I I'm sorry I shouldn't hav-"

"Don't you even think of finishing that sentence. Dani baby I told you, you are as much mine as Sasha and Sebastian. I love you sweet heart. Now tell me what's going on."

"I am allowed visitors because I. Um. Ive participating in one on one therapy and today I joined for group therapy. I um just wanted to let you know. Umm just in case you um wanted to come see me." I feel like an idiot. I'm not her kid why would she want to subject herself to.

"Oh honey." She lets out a sob. "I've been waiting for this moment. I will be there. I'll get the family well all come and it-"

" Um can we just do you for now? Work out way up to the rest."

"Yes sweetheart that's fine. Would you like Kaden there too or no?"

"Yes Kaden is fine. But um can you please not tell anyone about this?"

"Of course."


It's been a few weeks since I spoke to Cassie.

and today her and Kaden are supposed to visit. I've been doing a lot better and as the days pass by I can feel like the weight that been on my chest my whole life is finally lightening. The orderly come in my room to get me. When I get to the Recreation room Cassie and Kaden rush to me and embrace me in the tightest hug as Cassie cries causing my tears to fall. Once we separate we sit on one of the couches and start talking.

We talk about my progress and I've apologized profusely for all the stress I've caused. They just reassured me that they aren't mad at me and they know I had a lot to deal with. Kaden brings up Sebastian and asked if I've thought about giving him a call but I told him I didn't think that was a good idea. Cassie tells he's been getting in a lot of trouble since I've been gone and she thinks me calling would calm him. My heart clenches as I'm torn. I love him.

I've been fighting it but since he weaseled his way in my pants, he managed to creep his way in to my heart. I miss him. However a lot can change in a year and a half I remind myself he told you he loved you. But that was when he thought I was dying it was probably his fear talking.

We talk for a bit more and they have me a goal of 3 more months. They expect me home with them in 3 months. They told me they have faith in me. Cassie hugged me and left. Kaden hugged me but when he let go he left me a his wise dad advice.

"Sebastian is my son. He's going to do stupid things because it's just how we're wired. We're dumb asses. But I know my son loves you. Pushing him away isn't going to stop him. And if he's anything like me you'll be his soon. But remember when we love we love hard. We fuck up but it doesn't change our heart. This maybe hard to believe but he's lashing out and fucking up because he misses you. Please give him a call." I nod my head and say bye.

Once they're gone I ask the orderly if I could call him. She take me to the office and hands me the facility phone. I dial his number. It rings for a while before I'm about to give up.


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