Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Sebastian's POV

As I make my way to the blonde stripper my phone begins to ring. When I look down it's a number I don't recognize. I go to hit end call but my buzzed brain must've hit answer.

"Look what ever you're sel-"

"Cas-Sebastian" Dani. I look back up to see the girl walking towards me but I change direction and head to my office. "I um shit sorry you're probably busy I'll just-"

"Dani! It's fine, I'm not, I wasn't, Dani I'm never too busy for you...... Are you okay? Is something wrong? Did som"

"Calm down Casanova, everything is fine I promise.. I've been in contact with your parents. They came to see me today." Wait my parents haven't even mentioned anything about Dani neither has Sash. I don't know why but I can feel my anger boiling. Am I the last one to hear from her?

"It's nice to know that even my parents get a call before me. Has Jameson already got in his visit too."

"Wait what? No it's not like that." She try's to defend.

"Save it Dani what do you want?"

"First off your mom was the first and only person I've reached out to talk to so far. I called to see if you wanted to visit. I'm trying here, but I'm not going to deal with this. I'm trying to move forward not back so forget this call! It was obviously a mistake." She says before hanging up. FUCK. I grab my car keys and head straight to my car. The blonde tried to stop me but I need to speak to my mom.

I've tried to call the number back but they said she went back to her room and refused the call. Dammit. I had to let my drunk mind take over. When I get to the house I don't even park correctly. I run inside the house and see my parent talking animatedly.

"You saw Dani?" I bite out harshly.

"Sebastian. Have a seat please." My dad tells me. I sit on one the barstools and look between them. My dad drags his hand down his face.

"She called me three weeks ago. I was shocked but she asked me if I could keep our call between us. I didn't even tell Sash. She started to cooperate with the doctors, she's been doing her therapy. They said that when your sister left it became bad at first but she's trying."

"She- she called me and I was an ass to her. I just don't know what to think or how to feel. It's been a year and a half! She hasn't called, wrote, nothing. Then she calls me out of the blue thinking I'm going to be happy dandy about it?"

"You better fucking adjust your way of thinking and you better do it fast. If anyone should understand her state it's you. You are the one who found her naked bloodied and dying.... You have no idea what happened before you showed up. Hell none of us do. But what ever it was was enough to have her want to END HER LIFE. YOU DONT KNOW THE HEAD SPACE SHE WAS IN OR HAS BEEN IN. THE FACT THAT SHE ALLOWED US TO GO VISIT HER, AND IS FINALLY LETTING US IN IS A HUGE STEP. IF YOU CANT HANDLE A MEASLY FUCKING YEAR AND A HALF YOU NEED TO STEP THE FUCK BACK AND STAY AWAY FROM HER. SON OR NOT, YOU DO OR SAY ANYTHING TO SET BACK HER PROGRESS OR HURT HER I WILL FUCKING BEAT YOUR ASS."

My father snaps angrily as he slams his hands down on the table top. The fire in his green eyes making me feel like the 5 year old me after I shaved all Sasha's Barbies heads.

He shakes his head at me and leaves the room. Why is he mad at me?

"I was damaged and hard to get to, when they got me back from Dexter. But your dad stuck by me and helped me fight. Loving a broken person isn't easy. But loving someone as broke as her and as broke as I was it's damn near impossible because we fight it. She was raised thinking she wasn't worthy of love. If your gonna feed in to that notion then it's best if you do stay away." My mom says disappointment clear in her tone.


Dani's POV

It's been 2 weeks since my phone call with Sebastian. It may have caused a set back and I didn't leave my room for a few days. Ollie one of the patients here Ive become friends with came to my room on my fourth day and nearly dragged me out. He's here because he has depression and tried to kill himself by overdosing like me.

He's not buff but he's not skinny either. He has jet black hair and the prettiest blue eyes. He forced me out of myself loathing and gave me the pep talk I didn't know I needed. I did nothing wrong I have no reason to feel shitty. I had every right to go through my stuff and shut out everything and everyone. I need to work on me I needed to process. He's the one who promised to wait for me I never asked that of him.

Right now I'm in the Recreation room with Oliver as we bicker back and forth about The arrow and the flash. While I love them all, flash and the arrow are my Hollywood husbands. You all know you have them too. He likes Felicity and I agree with him because that girl is kick ass. She's an I.T genius and a fighter. He prefers her over iris and I agree iris annoyed the fuck out of me. We get in to a heated debate on captain cold when Ms Denise calls my name.

I look up at her and am stunned to my seat. Next to her looking like a fine piece of meat in his tight white T-shirt and ripped jeans, muscles bulging through his shirt, his hair neatly brushed upwards Sebastian. When I meet his blue-greens he looks pissed and his eyes are trained on Ollie.

"Is that?" Ollie ask and I nod. "Sorry this is a no prick zone." Ollie hisses at Sebastian.

"Oliver do you want your privileges revoked?" Ms Denise ask. He shakes his head so she motions for him to leave.

Once they are both gone me and Sebastian just stare at each other and I'm taken back to the phone call and how hurtful he was towards me. I can feel the tears burn the back of my eyes but I don't let them fall. "Hi!" He says weakly looking down. I can feel my hurt being replaced by anger and rage.

"Hi? Really hi? Go home Sebastian." I say as I roll my eyes. Getting up I go to walk away when I feel spark shooting up my hand and arm as Sebastian grabs my hand. I pull my hand away shaking it as I look up at him. I see the dark circles under his eyes and the anguish behind those bright blue/greens. I can't do this with him.

He has all the power to crush me and to ruin how far I've come. If only a phone call set me back then his presence could possibly do worst. So far I'm set to be released on my birthday in two and a half months. I look down and go to walk away.

"Dani I'm sorry please just... stay. I was wrong to lash out, can we please talk." Signing in defeat I know it has to be done. When I get out we will be living under the same roof. I nod my head and lead him back to my room.

When we get there I climb on my bed leaning against the wall with my knees pulled to my chest, watching Sebastian as he takes in my room. "What happened last week that hindered you privileges? I mean I remember you telling me on the phone you were allowed visitors. But when I came they said it had to wait because they were temporarily revoked?" He says sounding concerned. I let out a humorous laugh and shake my head.

"What do you want Sebastian? Why did you come?"

"I came because I was wrong for what I said over the phone. I had no right to be mad at you, because you're entitled to fall apart and you're entitled to all the time you need to piece yourself back together. I was selfish and only thinking about you not reaching out to me then if you're actually taking the time you need to heal."

I nod my head looking at my hand that are on my knees, but don't respond, because there is none to that. "Come on Dani please? Just say something."

I look up at him and shrug. I can feel the tears pricking the back of my eyes wanting to fall.

"What do you want me to say? It took a lot to make that call. It took a hell of a lot for me to ask you to come visit me. All to get rejected. My privileges were revoked because that call set me back. And that guy I was with out there had to drag me out of this bed and made me start participating again." I say beginning to sob as the tears begin to fall.

He rushes over to me and try's to wrap his arms around me, but I push him back shaking my head. "I have been through shit I don't even want you to imagine. I didn't want to be here anymore. You took that choice from me when you brought me back. You told me you loved me and you would wait for me. I didn't ask for it, you said it all on your own. I guess my mistake was I believed you. It was my mistake because I allowed myself to believe that it was okay to trust you. To fall for you. I was foolish. I know we're gonna be under the same roof for a while, but I'll try to make myself as invisible as possible til I can get on my feet okay. Please go."

"I meant it I fucking meant everything I said to you. You think you're the only one that suffered. I know you went through shit, hell I was the one who found you. But after I came here and you allowed me to hold you in your sleep I thought it meant we were moving forward. It took a year of me not hearing from you not knowing fuck all. You've been pushing me away from the beginning. How the hell was I supposed to know you felt anything for me? I thought I was wasting my time."

"So you're telling me that if I don't feel the same and if I don't want something serious and only want you as a friend you're wasting your time?"

"What wait no that's not what I'm saying."

"That's funny because it sounded like thats exactly what your saying."

"Dammit Dani! This is what I'm talking about it's always push and fucking pull with you."

"Get out Sebastian leave NOW."

"No I'm not leaving. I've let you push me away enough Dani I'm not doing this again. If I leave I'm done. I'm not gonna keep chasing someone who is unattainable." He grits out.

"Danica are you okay?" Ollie ask as he walks in to my room.

"Mind your damn business we're talking" Sebastian growls at him.

"Everything is fine Ollie. Sebastian I didn't ask you to, I don't want shit from you. Now leave." I say as I can feel my heart break. I get up and walk around Sebastian pulling Ollie so we can both get away from there. We head to Ollies room and when we get there the pipelines break and the tears don't stop falling. Ollie lays my head on his lap as he plays with my hair while I cry.

"He loves you. You just have to love yourself to understand why he does. You will push through this. You will get out of here and you will have that boy on his knees worshiping you."

"You're the best you know that?"

"No shit why you think they won't let me out?"

He leans in to my ear and whispers "they are keeping all my awesomeness to themselves greedy fucks." Ollie is proof that a female can have a male best friend.


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