Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Give in to me

Sebastian POV.

Today is Sasha's birthday. I've been talking to nurse Denise and Dr Sullivan. I put in a request that would make Dani's special day well, special. Her friend Ollie has privileges but has nobody to use them on. So I suggested they let him out with supervision for her birthday.

They all agree that him being there would make her transition a little more comfortable. They're just friends. I chant like a mantra this entire process. They seemed super close when I went to visit. It's been three months, that's enough time for something to start between them.

Just fucking FRIENDS!!!! So Ms Sullivan is going to escort him. I got some work at the warehouse so I'm going to be late.



Dani's outfit. Sasha's^^ Cassies ^€

Danica's POV

Today's the big day! Im in yoga pants and a t-shirt, that Cassie dropped off yesterday. I'm going home. I say goodbye to all my favorite orderlies. I give Ms Sullivan one last hug and walk out to Sash and Cass. They stand right outside the building in front of a beautiful blue convertible.

When I get to them they pull me in to the tightest hug ever. We all cry of course. I have a family. We all get in the car and head home. When we get to the house I noticed it's empty. "Where is everyone?"

"Well best friend we are having a party to celebrate your freedom and you making it through." Sash says with a smirk. If there's one thing I learned from this family, it's that smirks usually meant nothing good is to come.

"Do you think that's really a good idea with our track record?"

"Noooo it's at the club. It's a closed party only family and people from the gang. Com on you are here you're free and you're with us. That's a lot to celebrate." Right I never told her today's my birthday. I nod my head caving in fuck it. "There's an outfit on your bed go shower and beautified."

Doing as told I go to my room and look at the outfit. This girl is something else. The walking in to my en suite I take a long hot relaxing bath. When I get out I blow out my hair and do minimal make up. When I look at my reflection I begin to tear up. I've gain a little bit of healthy weight, the circles under my eyes are gone and for once I look .... Normal.

I walk in to my room and put on the denim bodysuit Sash picked out for me the front zipper comes to a few inches below my sternum leaving my breast to practically spill out and I ain't got much but the way the outfit is, it pushes them up making them look bigger. I pair it with with black strappy heels and head down to meet the girls.

When I get to the kitchen Cassie and Sasha both have on denim bodysuits. Sasha's is sleeveless but has a strap that goes around her neck and her boobs are covered. Cassies has an open back but and string that crisscross, her breast are covered too what the hell?

"I knew that outfit would be killer on you. I have good taste. Even if it will get cut off." She says with a smirk. Well okay then. We all hop in the car and head to the club.


When we get inside the place the music is so loud and all I want to do is dance Kaden and the group see us and rush up to us pulling me into a group hug. Sebastian isn't here. I wish I could say I didn't care but I've missed him more then I would've liked to. Pushing the disappointment out of my mind I smile at everyone. They introduced me to our new guards Tyler and Jose. Tyler has blondish brown hair tattoos from his skull down masculine build. He's wearing jeans and a button down as most of the guys are. Jose only has tattoos on his arms, he has brown hair with natural highlights thats shaved on the sides and pushed back in to a pompadour, he has brown eyes. He's really hot.

Tyler and Jose joke with us for a bit before Sasha pulls me and covers my eyes. She stops my and I can't help but to laugh. "We have a surprise for you. I'm going to count to 3 and then you can open. One. Two. Three." I open my eyes to see Ollie and Ms Sullivan standing in front of me. Ollie. I can feel my tears fall as I run in to his arms.

"Wow babe! It's only been a few hours. How are you gonna survive without." He teases.

"I won't have to. You're gonna get better and we're gonna be roommates." I say back. I drag him over to my Family and introduce him. He seems to fit in well, him and Kaden instantly clicked. Sasha grabs me and leads me to the dance floor but I hear commotion going on behind me. When I look back I see Sebastian walking up to the guys. He looks sexy as usual in a white button down with the sleeve rolled up, and black jeans. I see a half naked blonde go up to him and starts flirting and rubbing up on him. I'm not ready for this.

I focus on the music and let it carry me away as Ollie, Cassie, and few other guys join us.


Sebastian POV

When I arrive at the club I'm exhausted and just want to see Dani. The blonde stripper that's been eyeing me runs to me when I walk in and starts to get too touchy. "I suggest you get the fuck off of me before I put a hole in your head. And I don't mean a piercing." Her eyes widen as she walks away.

I walk to the bar where the guys are and order a shot. I look at where Dani is and what the fuck is she wearing. She is in a denim bodysuit shit where here breast are spilling out from. She looks effortlessly beautiful. Seeing the smile on her face warms my heart. She's dancing with my mom and sister. They are all dressed similar. Wait why does her breast have to be out but mom and sash covered? This reeks of my mom. Real Funny mom.

"She's fucking hot." -Jose

"Bet you're not mad about all those store trips any more." - Tyler

"I'd tap that."- Jose

I hear the new guys say from behind me. I feel my anger build and snap. "The only thing getting tapped is you by my gun if you even look in her direction." I threaten.

My mom walks up to the mic and she calls Dani and Sash up. She starts singing This Is Me from the greatest showman and the girls join in. I prep for what I'm about to do and take two more shots. When the girls are done I walk to the stage.


Dani's POV

Sebastian takes the stage when the girls and I step down and all I can think is, what the fuck is he doing. "Hey guys, as we all know this party is to welcome Dani home." Everyone claps and wolf whistles. "Dani, I am an asshole I am so sorry for how things went down when I last saw you. Can you please come up here." I feel my heart drop as he looks at me expectantly. I feel someone push me forward and when I look back a see Kaden rocking back and forth on his feet as he looks at anything but me.

Giving up I hesitantly walk towards Sebastian. When I get to him music starts to play in the background.

Give in to me Garrett Hedlund

"I'm gonna wear you down

I'm gonna make you see

I'm gonna get to you

You're gonna give into me

I'm gonna start a fire

You're gonna feel the heat

I'm gonna burn for you

You're gonna melt for me"

He sings in the most sexiest voices and I can feel my tears begin to fall. I didn't know he could sing like that. I shock him when I take over the next verse.

"You're gonna take my hand

Whisper the sweetest words

And if you're ever sad

I'll make you laugh

I'll chase the hurt

My heart is set on you

I don't want no one else

And if you don't want me

I guess I'll be all by myself"

By the time we're done his hand is on my hip with the other on my face as we stare in to each other eyes lost in a world of our own. But our moment is ruined when we hear everyone start singing the birthday song as Sasha walks out with a huge cake and makes her way towards me.

My tears begin to fall like a water fall as I watch this group of people who haven't even known me long sing happy birthday to me. Sash pulls me away from Sebastian in to a hug as I sob happy tears in to her shoulder. Cassie, Kaden, Ryder and Cain all join as Sebastian stands backs looking down. I see Ollie go up to him and say something followed by a bro hug.

It was him that got Ollie to be here. My emotions are becoming too much so I blow my candles and thank everyone before excusing myself to the bathroom. When I get there I walk to the sinks and grip it squeezing my eyes shut trying to catch my breaths. I hear the bathroom door and I turn my head so who ever it is won't see my mini breakdown but I feel arms wrap around me and I'm pulled in to a strong embrace and the woodsy and mint smell invades my nostrils as I grab his shirt trying to pull him closer.

"I am sorry for being selfish. I love you Dani. Please, please, give in to me let me prove it to you." He pleads in to the top of my head as he places a kiss. I lift my head and bring my lips to his catching him off guard. When I pull away from him I give him a nod and that's all he needs before throwing me over his shoulder and walking to the back of the club and out of an emergency exit.

I laugh as he tosses me in the passenger side of his car and he runs to the drivers side and takes off. He pulls out his phone and throws it to me. "Text my mom and Sash let them know we took off." I do as asked with a little bit of a laugh.

"You got Ollie to the party for me?"

"He's your best friend. It felt right. Also when he's out of the facility I offered him a job at the club and a room at the beach house with me and the guys."

"Thank you." I tell him sincerely.

We pull up to a huge beach house and all the windows are floor to ceiling it's amazing. Sebastian gets out of his car and walks to my side opening my door and throwing me over his shoulder.

^^^^^ Kitchen

When we get inside he goes straight to the kitchen. It's huge the cabinets are white and there's marble top counters. In the middle is an island with dark wood cabinets and marble top. He sets me down on the island and grabs himself a water bottle offering me one. I decline and just take in the beauty of this place.

I don't get to look long because he walks between my legs and pulls my head to his as he kisses me hard and rough. He licks along the seam of my lips asking for entrance which I happily grant. I can feel his harden clothed length against my now wet core as I moan in to the kiss.

I feel something go around my neck and I feel his hands behind me. When he pulls away I look down to see a gold necklace around me it says Sebby's girl. I look at him to see his panty dropping smile and fuck do I want him. I look in to his eyes as I finally let the 4 word slip out of my mouth. "I love you Nova." He brings his hand to the top of my jumpsuit and rips it apart. I want to be mad but I want him so bad that I don't care. That's what Cassie meant.

I pull my arms out of the outfit and let him pull it down my body along with my panties. I grab his shirt and rip it open sending the buttons flying. I latch my mouth to his neck as I fumble with his pants button. Once I get it he drags his pants down and lifts me back on the island.

He brings his mouth to one of my aching breast and swirl his tongue around my nipple causing me to arch my back and let out a moan. He bite down on my nipple causing my dripping heat to clench. He moves the the other breast doing the same and I can't take it. I need more. I need him.

He pulls way from my breast and starts a trail of kisses from my breast down my sternum to my belly. "Sebastian please." I whine. He spreads my legs and kisses my inner thigh before I feel his tongue slowly slide down my slit. "Novaaa" I moan out as he moves his tongue faster expertly over my clit.

I grind my wet pussy against his mouth as I feel the familiar tightening in my stomach. I chant his nickname as he inserts a finger and begins pumping. I dig my fingers through his hair and I feel myself tip over the edge. I don't have time to catch my breath after the tidal wave of pleaser hits because he grabs my hips pulling my lower half off the counter and slams in to me. I grip the island to help hold my self up as he starts pounding in to me like a wild animal.

"Dammit Dani I fucking missed you." I bring my lips to his as I grind my hips to every punishing thrust as we both moan and grunt in to each other's mouths. He grabs my hair pulling my head back and latches on to my neck sucking and biting making my pussy grip his hard dick inside me.

"Fuck yes, that's it baby grip me with that tight pussy." He rasps out his voice breathless and husky.

He moves his mouth to my breast sucking and biting my nipple and I clench him again. "N-Nova I'm im gonna cum" I warn as his hips start to get even more violent.

"Don't you dare. Wait for me baby I'm close fuck I'm so close. You feel so good baby." I try to hold off but the pleasure is too good to hold back. "Fuck baby! Now cum with me." Like he has completely control of my body, it obeys and I cum so hard I claw at his back needing something to ground me.

End of mature content

He allows his body to stay pressed against mine while he pants and I try to catch my breath. When he pulls back I lean my head against his chest closing my eyes. "Oh no you don't. I'm not done with you yet." He whispers. I giggle and look at him through my lashes. He cups my face and looks me deep in my eyes. "I love you Dani and I promise to prove this to you from now on."

"I love you too"


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