Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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First date and gang fun

Danica's POV

I have been back for a month now and I've never been this happy this free. I've been working at the studio with Sasha but I do the evening shift. I do the kids classes mostly and Sasha and I do sound on the weekends. Its a fun day for us. to joke. Sasha and I train every night after I get out of work. I'm getting pretty good. They are even training me with guns a knives.

When the first put a gun in my hand I had a panic attack. Sebastian had to take me back to his place and just worked with me just being comfortable with it. I'm a shitty shot but when they gave me the knives I had fun with them. Sasha told Cass about how much I liked the knives so she's been working with me with my throwing.

Sebastian has been amazing but he's a little annoyed that I chose to stay at his parents instead of the beach out with him. I want and need to be close to Sasha. I've been clingy with her and her me lately. Right now I just finished with my last class of the day. It's just me and Jose in the studio as Alissa one of my favorite girls just left. She's 7 but she's so determined and good at dancing.

I start to clean up and Jose put on some music and starts helping me. Once we finish up we joke around a bit challenging each other to a dance battle. Level up by Ciara plays and we both go at it. I'll admit he's pretty good. Him and I have become good friends, Tyler too. They come off ass pricks but once you give them a chance they are really cool. Neither of them have a family they both grew up in foster care together.

They joined the mafia so they can have somewhere to finally fit in. A family! But also because they enjoy danger and trouble. We begin to dance with each other laughing as the door to the studio opens and Ryder walks in. He looks a bit ticked off when he looks at me as Jose laughing our asses off.

"Are you fucking ready for training or do you need time messing with your side boy?"

"Excuse you?" What crawled up his ass?

"Does Sebastian know you're flirting with your guard..... Maybe you are just another melissa."

He did not just say that to me. I can feel my anger boiling over so I tell Jose to go so I can put this mother fucker in his place. Once he's out I let all my anger go in to this complete asshole.

"First of all don't ever compare me to any female in Sebastians past. Jose is a good guy and he's my friend."

"My friend! My friend! That all you and Sasha ever say. What I just walked in on did not look friendly it looked like flirting." I am so over him and his shitty attitude towards these two.

"Was I grinding my ass on him? NO! We're we dancing inappropriately? NO! We were messing around. You need to get your head out your ass because those boys are just looking for acceptance. They never had a real family like me. They are not after Sash and me! I don't get your beef with them but don't drag Sebastian and my relationship because you feel inferior to them! Now fuck off I'd rather Uber then ride with your salty ass." I spit as I go in to the sound room to grab my belongings. I'm in a sports bra and sweat pants. It's March and still cold as a bitch out bit I'm hot as hell.

When I walk out Ryder is still standing there waiting. "I'm taking you end of story let's go!" I roll my eyes and follow him. Instead of heading to the gym he heads to the house. When we get there he orders me to go shower and change. That my outfit was already picked out and laid out for me.

Doing as told I take a shower do my makeup and curl my hair a little to give me a nice beach waves. I get the dress that was laid out for me it's black off the shoulder with long sleeves it has ruffles but only mostly in the sleeve and the chest has a lace Chris crossing down to my sternum . I put on a pair of black stilettos and give myself one last look in the mirror before heading down stairs.

When I get down the steps I see Casanova at the bottom of the stairs in black dress pants with a grey button down and black leather jacket. I can feel my heart leap in my chest and my panties dampen. Fuck he's fine! When he sees me he smiles from ear to ear and I have to squeeze my thighs to try and relieve some of the ache.

"Here put these on. It only for the ride." He says as he hands me a sweatpants and a leather jacket. Confused, I grab it and put it over my dress and follow him outside. There is a beautiful Kawasaki ninja motorcycle and I couldn't contain my excitement if I wanted to. "Are we riding it?" I ask as I bounce on my feet. He lets out a chuckle and hands me a helmet.

He gets on and kicks up the kick stand and motions for me to get on. I step on the peg and swing my leg over careful not to let my leg hit the exhaust pipe. I wrap my arms around his midsection. He revs the bike before taking off and I let out a squeal. When we get on the highway he speeds so fast everything is a blur.

I feel like I'm on cloud 9. The wind blowing mixed with the speed of the bike makes me feel like I'm flying I can't help but to laugh and scream at the top of my lungs. He stops in front of a Brazilian steakhouse.

The hostess greets us and instantly starts flirting and trying to get Sebastians attention. He doesn't even give her glance but it doesn't stop her. She as tall as him with long jet black hair. Her breast are huge and so is her ass. She looks to be Cassie and Kadens age. Creep. She leads us up some steps and towards the roof of the place. When she opens the door for us I see her try to grab on Sebastian and I snap.

"You have two seconds to get your dusty hands off my man before I show you a steak knife can be used more then to just cut steaks." I growl. She narrows her eyes at me with a smirk.

"Wow Sebastian you sure know how to make them believe you're genuine." I can see anger flash through his features. He grabs her hand that's on him and shoves her back.

"She's my fucking woman! And if you did respect her again I'll pull up a chair and enjoy her knife show." He says as he stares in to my eyes. He leans down and kisses me then leads me out to where there is a single table with candles lit and space heaters all around.

I look up at him and smile. How can he be so perfect. We enjoy our dinner as we get all kinds of different steaks and eat more then we ever have. We talk about work and how things been. He's still begging me to to move in to the beach house. I guess Ryder told him about Jose because his new argument is he doesn't like me living under the same roof as him.

Once we're done eating we head out through the side exit that leads to an alley. When we step out there is a group of 10 men in all black waiting. Sebastian goes in to protective mode and puts me behind him. This can't be good we're out numbered and I don't think he has any weapons I stealthily pull out my phone and dial Jose's number.

A woman walks out from behind all the men. It's the same girl from the restaurant. "Sebastian Jones!! How are mommy and Daddy? My boys have a message to deliver. Tell daddy the Castillo's wants their connection or we're going to war.... Boys take care of them. You can kill her but leave him alive." With that they all start charging at us so I drop my phone and start helping nova as the men start attacking.

I get my hands on two of them as I dodge and swing trying to keep the upper hand. I see Sebby struggling and I want to get to him but these two won't go down. I drop to my knees and hit one of them hard in the dick causing him to go down. I spin on my knees and punch the other guy in the stomach. When he doubles over her knee his nose and kick his nuts. I run toward Sebby but then a suv pulls out and more men come out. I can feel my blood pumping and my adrenaline is the only thing keeping me going.

Those assholes got in a few good punches on me. I can't think about this. I start grabbing some of the guys off him as the new group join in. Half of them go to and start kicking and punching Seb as he finally falls and then 5 of them come to me pulling my hair and shoving me to the ground. I see them all circle me ready to start kicking but all of them are pulled off of me. I see Kaden, and half the gang.

I get up and take off my shoes I grab one of the bad guys and jam my heel in to his eye. I see the chick getting in to SUV as well as what ever guys aren't getting their ass kicked. I won't make it to her in time. I see Kaden being over powered by 4 men so I rush to him and manage to jam my heel in one of the guys head it gets stuck when I try and pull it out. Another one of them leaves Kaden and grabs me by my hair tossing me to the floor he gets on top of me and slaps me one good time before he's pulled off me and kicked till he unconscious.

"Thanks Jose." I say as I go to find Sebastian. All of the Castillo men are down and Sebby runs to me.

"Fuck fuck are you okay?" He ask as he looks me over probably see more bruises then I'd like to admit. "I'm sorry our first date was ruined" he says sadness clear in his eyes. God I love him.

"Are you kidding me? This was fucking awesome" I say as I throw my arms around him.

"Your so fucked son! If she enjoyed this, she's going to give you a headache. Take her home while we take care of this." He nods as he ask Jose for his car keys, handing him the bike key. He has a red mark on his face and a cut on his eye brow and a busted lip. He begins to drive off once we get inside Jose's BMW. I know we just got out of a fight but fuck he looks so sexy.

I put my hand on his crotch and rub him through his pants. He looks at me with a smirk and I know those smirks meant trouble but fuck do I want it. He takes the next closest exit off the highway before finding a deserted woodsy area. "I am gonna fuck you in every fucking inch of this car. Let him know just how much you're mine."


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