Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Leader for a day

Dani's POV

Sebastian tries to pull me on top of him but I don't move, I lean over his lap and pull the lever to push the seat back. I unzip his pants and pull his hard cock out and licked my lips I wrap my mouth around him taking him down deep thanking whatever god for blessing me without a gag reflex. He throws his head back groaning as I start to bob my head adding suction before letting him pop out. I then look at him as I roll my tongue on his tip. I see his eyes change to green. He roughly grabs my head bringing my face to his. "STRIP" he demands. Si papi. I yank off my bloodied dress and panties swinging my leg over him.

I grab his length and rub it up and down my slit. When it gets to my entrance he thrust up. "Yes" I moan out he grabs my hair forcing my head back I start winding my hips as he latches on to my pebbled nipple then switching to the other nipple while his hand punches and fondles the other. Fuck I'm in sensory overload.

He grabs my face. "This fuckboy will never love you, or fuck you better then me!" The sad part is nobody could love me like him!

"Just you nova fuucckkk." I moan out before whining. He pulls out of me pushing me to go to the backseat. He climbs back and pulls off his shirt. I run my hand over his bare torso he spreads my legs and slams back in me while he hiss out.

"You feel so damn good baby." He moans in to my ear. He starts sucking on my neck as he quickens his pace. I feel myself get close. I clench around him. I thrust my hips up and he grabs me by my hair kissing me hard as this thrust are at a punishing pace slamming in to me as I scratch his back.

"I'm coming fuucckkk!"

"Fucckkk I love you" he rasped out, breathlessly. His body Collapsing on mine as I just wrap my legs around him and play with his hair.

"Do you still miss her?" I find myself saying. Feeling my insecurities coming to the surface. Reminding me about what Ryder said about melissa.

He lifts his head and looks at me confused.

"Miss who?"

"Melissa!" I say looking in to his eyes.

"What? Why would you bring her up?"

"It's just Ryder said something earlier-"

"Was that when you were dancing and flirting with Jose trying to start a fight so you can flirt with him some more?" Is he fucking serious? I shove him off me and tell him to take me home. He climbs to the drivers side and takes off as I stay in the backseat. When we pull up to the house I don't wait for him. I jump out and head straight inside and to my room. As I get in I see him rushing to me so slam the door and lock it before he could get to me.

I slide down the door as the tears begin to flow. He begins to bang on my door. "Dani open the door NOW." I ignore him and go to my bed. I nearly have a mini panic attack when I feel movement by my foot. Sylvester begins to meow and get comfortable again going back to sleep.

Following suit I cry myself to sleep. I wake up to a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach I look at the time it's 630 pm Sasha. I can feel it something bad is gonna happen I walk out of my room in search of Cassie I find her in the kitchen. As I head for her I see Sebastian talking to her already. He seems distressed too.

"Um Cassie can I talk to you it's important. Something not right." She walks up to me concerned and Sebastian too.

"What's wrong are you okay did something happen?" He starts shooting off questions as he looks me over. I ignore him and tell Cassie I have a strong gut feeling that somethings wrong. Just then Kaden runs downstairs. The alarm system at the dance studio went off. We get the rest of the guys and pile in to Kadens Suv. He calls more men to meet us there as we speed off.

I grabbed my knives and a gun when we left the house we all came prepared. We make it to the studio in half the time and all rush out. When we get close we see the glass to the door shattered. We all rush in and don't even get a chance to scope out the scene. There's too many men they charge at us and I take on 3 of them. I manage to duck and dodge their hits getting a few good ones in myself. I got one down and two to go.

One of them grab my hair and the other back hands me in the face I throw my head back head butting the moron behind me. Next thing I see is a bullet go through the head the the guy in front of me I look over to see Sasha wink at me. I grab one of my knives and jam it in to the asshole behind me. I go to help Sebastian and Cain as they are over powered.

Once we get all this woman's men down there's a gun shot that rings out. We all turn to see Cassie with her hand on her side as blood pours out. The woman from the restaurant is standing above her ready to shoot but her gun is shot out of her hand. Sasha shoots her and gets on top of her and starts beating her, Cain try's to pull her off but she hits him and gets back on top of the woman.

"Tink don't you dare die on me. I have faith I you baby. Please please open your eyes CASSIE OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES." Kaden shouts at her as he holds her with his hand over her wound. A bunch of doctors rush in and push Kaden to the side. I can feel myself getting dizzy I run to Sasha as she screams and wraps my arms around her. I begin to cry as I realize I may loose the woman that I've come to love as a mother figure.

An ambulance shows up and they throw Cassie in the back, Kaden riding with them. I get up from my spot and let Sebastian and Sasha have a moment while I go to the guys. I tell them to get who they usually get to clean up these kinds of messes to come handle it. I get the keys to the suv and have our main group get in while the others take care of the mess. I drive us to the hospital and everyone immediately hops out of the car rushing inside but Sebastian. He's in the passenger seat tears streaming down his face.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him in to me as he begins to sob clenching in to my shirt. "Why are you comforting me when you're mad at me?"

"That's on hold til we know your mom is okay." He holds on to me for dear life while he lets it all out. I fight back my tears. I can cry later when I'm alone right now I need to be strong for them. Once we compose ourselves we go inside and find the group in the waiting area. I walk over to Kaden. "Kaden is there anything I can do for you?"

He try's to tell me to take everyone home but I tell him they ain't leaving so I opt for running home to grab everyone a change of clothes. Sebastian gives me his phone so they can contact me if needed because my phone broke yesterday during our date.

Jose offers to come with me but I kindly turn him down. Sebastian is insecure about him and right now while we're in the middle of a fight because of his that wouldn't be smart. I bring Cain with me as we go to the house he helps grabs stuff but then Sebbys phone goes off. I answer it as I hear madness on the other end. "Sebastian the warehouse is under attack." Fuck.

"Fight the best you can we're on our way." I order over the phone. I call Cain and tell him what's going on I tell him to have Jose and Tyler to meet us there grab the weapon bag and let's go. He does as told as we run to the car. When we get to the warehouse the fight is still going on . We split the weapons and get out of the car.

Without thinking I run in and start shooting. Cain is right behind me covering my back as we both take down as many men as we could. More men come out and shots are ringing out all over. Cain grabs me and pulls me behind some containers.

A group of men spot us so we have no choice but to fight. We both go hand to hand with these guys. I fight to the best of my ability but they over power me and Cain and they get the upper hand. When more of our men show up a few that are kicking and punching me on the ground are pulled off of me. I see Tyler and Jose begin to start shooting so I pull out my knives and start throwing.

I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my shoulder and realize I've been shot. The men who are attacking start retreating thank god as I fall to my knees in pain. Cain, Ty, and joe all run to me and start panicking. Cain pulls out his phone to try and get a hold of Sebastian but I stop him. "They need to focus on Cassie. Call the doc have him come patch me up. You guys go change and go back to the hospital. Tell them that I needed to lay down for a minute and I'll be back at the hospital in a few hours DO NOT MENTION ANY OF THIS." They all nod and break off doing as I demanded.

I can feel myself getting woozy. An older man walking in with surgical equipment. "You must be Dani. Fuck sweetheart you're bleeding out I brought my wife with me we're gonna patch you up. I'm Jonathan. Jonathan Jones." He puts his hand out for me to shake as a woman walks in "that's my wife Melody we're Kadens parents." I nod my head as I feel I'm close to passing out. He sticks me with a needle and I'm out like a light.


Sebastians POV

I sit in this waiting room with my dad and sister waiting to hear anything about my mom. Right now I'm all over the place. I can't believe after our fight yesterday Dani put her anger aside to be here for me. She is taking care of my family the exact way mom would. I don't know why I was such an ass to her it's just Melissa is a sore subject for me.

She was the first girl to ever really break my heart. She dated me for status and for her own personal gain. She cheated on me with Reggie which is where our rivalry took it up a notch. At the time I thought I loved her but what I feel for Dani! This is love Melissa was just a chapter. I don't know why I didn't just come out and say it.

I notice Sasha start getting restless. She jumps out of her seat and starts pacing rubbing her shoulder. "Something wrong Sebastian I can feel it I can't shake it." In that moment Cain, Tyler and Jose all walk in. Where's Dani. Wait Dani felt the same thing when Sasha was in trouble. The guys all try to avoid me going to pull out clothes and stuff for us.

I storm up to Cain knowing he wouldn't lie to me. "Wears Dani?" I ask once I'm close enough. Why is he more bruised up and why is his lip busted? It wasn't like that when he left.

He scratches the back of his neck looking at anything but me. "She wasn't feeling well she said she was going to lay down and meet us here when she gets up. She said not to worry about her." He rushes out still not giving me eye contact.

"You're lying to me? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON CAIN START TALKING BEFORE IT YOU IN A HOSPITAL BED." He looks at me with wide eyes but still hasn't spoke. That Jose prick walks over and I go to tell to to fuck off but he speaks first.

"The warehouse was attacked. They called your phone because they knew your dad was busy. Dani answered and had us all meet her there. It was bad." My heart drops and rage fills me.

"Where the fuck is she then and why weren't we informed?" My dad barks out.

"She wanted y'all to focus on Cassie. She was hit in the shoulder. Your father and mother were on their way when we left her. She handled everything so we could get back here to you guys and keep y'all in the dark."

Just then my moms doctor walks out. We rush up to him and he tells us she's going to make it. She's still knocked out but she will make a full recovery. With that relieving information I leave to hospital and rush to the warehouse. Dammit Danica you had to play leader didn't you.


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