Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Condoms prevent more then STDS

Sebastians POV

When they told me the stupid fucking stunt, this hardheaded girl pulled I wanted to spank her so red she'd make the devil look pink. She knows my moms condition why would she put me under much more stress? Does she not understand that if anything happens to her I'd fucking go on a damn rampage? Then again after our argument. Fuck I need to make this right.

I pull up in front of the warehouse. I park in the hidden lots and rush out of my car to get to her. When I walk in I hear my buelito and buelita here, they're yelling back and forth they have blood bags in their hands. "Wh-what's happening."

My buela walks away from them and up to me. "Relax Sebby shes fine she just lost some blood. We had to go with the O+ stash because the results aren't in yet but when they are I'll let you know."

I nod my head and walk over to her gurney. One of the men bring me a chair to sit once my butt hits the seat I hold her hand. My dad called a bit ago to check-in about mom and to ask about Dani. She's been out for a few hours now. Now that the adrenaline is wearing off, I feel my entire body ache.

Buelo hands me two Morin. I take them and tip my head back and give in to the darkness.


I'm woke to movement in my hand I look up to see Dani begin to slowly move. She starts thrashing sobbing with her eyes screwed shut shut in pain. My buelo walks over and puts some medicine in her iv causing her to slowly fall back to sleep. My gramps pulls up a seat besides me.


"Excuse me" why would he say that.

"Condoms are a thing, they prevent more the just stds!" This old man. What is he getting at.

"I'm still not following."

"You and your father are truly one of a kind. Grandson of mine you are making me a great grandpa! Follow my drift yet?" What no. No. No. No. I can't do this I get up I feel like I'm suffocating. I can't do this. I'm not ready to be a dad. Hell I can barely make a good boy friend. I need to go. I stand up and tell them I'm going to get some air but I hop in my car and go.

When I pull up at the hospital I realize what my mind is telling me. Mom. I go in and make my way to her room I see my dad staring off in to space as the monitor beeps. "Dad" he snaps his head to me. "Can I talk to mom?" He nods his head leaning over kissing her head and walking out.

I sit in the chair and talk to her. I tell her about how Dani handled the gang as well as she does. I tell her how Dani got shot but finally I tell her about Dani being pregnant. I tell her how I'm not ready for this how I don't know what to do. Do I really see myself marrying her and really wanting this as end game? By the time I'm done I hear the door to her room slam shut and my dad is standing there looking very pissed.

"I don't know who the fuck you are but you aren't the son I fucking raised. And if this is how you feel about it maybe you should step the fuck back out of her life. There are plenty of men who wouldn't mind playing daddy to any child of hers."

I can't help the growl the emits from me but I'm tired of him always taking her side.

"Why do you always do that? You are my father you're supposed to have my back no matter what."

"Yes you are my child but I raised you better then that. Tell me son how would you feel if she decides she wants an abortion?" Wait what? Why the fuck would he even ask that? She ain't having a got damn abortion.

"Why would you even say that she's not having a fucking abortion!"

"Well you don't want to be a father and you even questioning your feelings for her so why should she have to do this alone or at all?"

"Stop fucking jinxing it! She isn't having an abortion." I growl out.

"So then man the fuck up and handle your shit or shut the fuck up and step aside so someone else can. You ask why I'm like this? When your mom was pregnant with you and your sister it was bad timing! You were triplets did you know that. Your 3rd half didn't make it. But when she lost the baby we didn't know she was still pregnant. I didn't know how much I wanted that baby till it was gone. I've fucked up a lot with your mom. And I regret it because watching her hurt because of me was the worst shit in the world. I'll be damned if I allow my son to do that to a female. Especially one I care about. Dani May not be ours but she's one of us, and I'll be damned if I let history repeat itself."

I hate that he's right. I don't want Dani to get rid of the baby. I don't want any other man so much as thinking about her let alone being with her while raising my child. I get up and hug my father. I need to get back before she wakes up. I'm glad she was knocked out and didn't get to witness my reaction. I'm already in the dog house.


Dani's POV

I am in so much pain my whole body hurts but my shoulder is what's killing me the most. I can't move can't speak I can hear everything going on around me but I am paralyzed to this bed or whatever I'm on. I heard Sebastian grandpa telling him I was pregnant. I hear him say he needed air. It feels like it's been days since he's been back. I don't know how to feel about this.

I'm not ready to be a mom. Hell I don't even know how to be one. Plus he's not going to be with me forever! He still loves his ex. There's still a possibility of her coming back in to his life. Him and I shouldn't even be together! I'm just a book mark in his life holding the pages till she comes back. Hell he doesn't even want this! He couldn't have bailed any faster. I can't take it I fight my way through this paralysis and manage to sit up.

"Woah woah woah easy there tiger, you need to rest." His grandma says. No woman what I need is to get out of here.

"I'm fine I just want to get back to the hospital to hold up appearances so they won't find out about this fiasco and head home." She laughs and shakes her head.

"You're a lot like her! I can see why my grandson is so taken with you." Is she comparing me to Melissa? She must have realized my confusion because she continues.

"Cassie! You remind me so much of her. She would take on the world head first and try to suck up all the shit she's got going on just to make sure everyone else is good." That is the best compliment I have ever received. "Sweetheart you need to take it easy. I ran some blood test and-"

"I'm pregnant, I heard your husband tell Sebastian before he ran for the hills." I bitterly reply.

"Honey give him time. He just needs to process."

"With all due respect ma'am I've learned that when people show you who they are, you have to pay attention because it saves you from a life time of heart ache. And so far he's shown me everything I need to know and right now I need to go." I say as I slip my leggings on having a bit of trouble managing with one arm. I grabs the oversized sweater laid out on the gurney and throw it on. Letting out a cry because of my shoulder.

"Here let me get you some pain killers at least before you go?"

"GO? WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? Get your ass back on that gurney and rest Dani." Come a very angry Sebastian.

"You ain't my daddy you can't tell me what to do." He shoots me a warning glare as he storms up to my face.

"No I'm not but" he puts his hand on my stomach and I feel like crying. "I'm this little bumpkins daddy and since it's in you, you do as I say." Is he fucking real right now he can't be fucking serious.

"There won't be a 'bumpkin' for long I'm not cut out to be a mom and you're not even over your ex. We don't need any added factors to this dysfunctional shit we got going on. We both know in just a place holder until your precious Melissa comes back."

"What the fuck! YOU'RE NOT KILLING OUR BABY." He snarls.

"You don't own me! And don't act like you want this baby. You couldn't run out of here any faster after your grandpa told you." I scoff. "Fuck this and fuck you! We're done." I undo my necklace and shove it at him. I need my bed and Sylvester I'm done with this day. Guess I'm making an appointment at planned parenthood.


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