Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Blue balls

Sebastians POV

After I talked to my dad I realize I'm a fucking dumbass. Why do I keep digging my damn grave with this girl. If there's anything about girls they love food and if there's something about pregnant woman they love chocolate.

I stop at the Chinese spot and get her general tso chicken with fried rice, and my self the teriyaki chicken. I stop at a convenient store and grab a bunch of snicker bars and her favorite raspberry iced tea. I go Back to the warehouse and see Dani dress and moving around, but with a little wobble.

Here let me get you some pain killers at least before you go?" Buela says to her.

"GO? WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? Get your ass back on that gurney and rest Dani." I spit angrily

"You ain't my daddy you can't tell me what to do." I shoots her a warning glare as i storms up to her face.

"No I'm not but" I put my hand on her stomach . "I'm this little bumpkins daddy and since it's in you, you do as I say." I retort

"There won't be a 'bumpkin' for long I'm not cut out to be a mom and you're not even over your ex. We don't need any added factors to this dysfunctional shit we got going on. We both know Im just a place holder until your precious Melissa comes back."

"What the fuck! YOU'RE NOT KILLING OUR BABY." I snarl. This girl is testing me.

"You don't own me! And don't act like you want this baby. You couldn't run out of here any faster after your grandpa told you." She scoff. "Fuck this and fuck you! We're done." She shouts as she takes off her necklace and shoves it in my chest. She goes to walk away but she loose balance and I grab her waist stabling her a bit.

I scoff and shake my head stubborn fucking girl. I lift her bridal style and she try's to fight but her attempts are futile. She so weak but she still try's to keep going. Little engine that could I swear. "Come on little engine, you're going to bed." I whisper in her ear.

"She still had a large half of a bag of the blood left, and she should take these pain meds they won't harm the baby."

"She's sleeping lets get her in the car and you can reline her, but she's a recovering addict she won't take the pills." I get her in the passenger side and let buela do her thing.

"Then at least get her to take Tylenol."

Once done I drive her back to the mansion. I carry her up to her bed room and lay her down on her bed. I pull out my knife and cut her clothes off of her not wanting to hurt her arm. I go down stairs to put the food away for when she wakes up. I called uncle Arlo. He is at the warehouse questioning the men who weren't killed.

It seems we have a problem on our hands. This is Philips doing he wants us to know he's not done with us. I go back to Dani's room and sit in the seats in front of her bed as I send out a message to the guys that were moving back in the mansion for now.


Danica's POV

I try to move but it's too painful. My eyes slowly peel open where am I. I try to sit myself up trying to get my eyes to adjust to the dark room. I suddenly feel a set of hands try to steady me. "Easy little engine. We're at the mansion we're in your room."

"Get out Sebastian!"

"I'm not getting out Dani I'm not leaving you."

Yet the only reason he won't leave is probably because his father is making him do the right thing.

"Please Sebastian I just want to be alone." I can't even stop the tears from falling as a sob escapes my lips. He doesn't leave though, instead he pulls me on to him as he holds me tight but too not tight where it hurts and I want to relish in his touch I want it to comfort me but it just hurts my heart so I try to push him. I try to get him away from me but he doesn't budge.

"I know I'm an idiot Dani and I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you. No I'm not in love with Melissa I despise the bitch. I love you. I want you. Yes I did freak about about you being pregnant. But I want this Dani I want you and our baby."

"You're lying you're only doing this because your dad is making you. Just give me my phone and go please."

"Got dammit DANICA I SAID IM NOT FUCKING LEAVING. MY DAD AIN'T MAKING ME DO SHIT. I MEAN EVERYTHING THAT IS COMING OUT OF MY FUCKING MOUTH. Fuck Dani please." He Caresses my cheek in his rough hands as tears slide down his face. I can't stand to see him like this so I peck his lips. But he's not completely off the hook.

"Fine but you're in the dog house! No sex for two weeks! And you can't be near me for two weeks! Now go." I try to shove him off of me again but still he doesn't budge.

"That's going to be a bit of a problem baby girl. We are all moving back, I'll abide to the no sex but as far as being away from you for that long ain't happening. Now lay down I'm going to heat up your food."


Sebastian POV

It's been a week and today we have our first doctors appointment with buela. Dani has been torturing the fuck out of me. She walks around the room completely naked her silky tan skin glistening from her favorite coconut lotion, her round ass juggling with each step she takes. Her usually small breast a size bigger and nipples deliciously erected begging for my mouth to be wrapped around it. I adjust my pants again as my cock twitches painfully behind my zipper. 7 damn days. 7 painful days of this. My balls are so blue I fear they will fall off.

She finally gets dress and is ready. Now we're sitting in my buela office, Dani is on the bed thingy with the machine next to her. She had to get naked again. God just shoot me. Grandma comes in and she starts asking questions and putting them in to the computer. "Okay since you're still pretty early in your pregnancy we have to do the internal ultra sound. So I have to take this wand and put it-"

"Enough lita" I shout covering my ears. My grandma is about to violate my woman how the fuck did my dad do this? She gets the device in her and she project the image to the screen on the wall and I swear my whole world stopped.

"It seems you're about 8 weeks along, so far everything looks good" it looks like a little kidney bean and you can see the little heart flutter but suddenly the whole room is filled with its heart beat. Fuck I can't help crying because we made that. Me and this amazing girl are going to be parents.

Grandma prints out pictures and gets us set up with blood work and our next appointment. We haven't told any one yet about her being pregnant other then my dad. We wanted to wait for mom.

When we get home Dani goes straight for the shower and locks the door. I begin to strip, Rylee is down for a nap so that gives as a bit of a break. Dani has been taking care of her so tio could handle the gang. Titi Kat has been helping too.

I shoot titi Kat a text to take over so Dani can rest today. I suddenly hear moaning from the bathroom and it has a direct line to my already painfully erected cock. Her moans are getting louder and louder I can't take it. I've been having to put up with her doing this everyday this week and I'm done. She walks around naked, she pleasures herself and makes sure I'm aware. I barge in to the bathroom to see her with the shower head between her legs her head thrown back as she moans out. I snatch the shower head out of her hand just as she is about to cum. She looks at me her usual blue eyes pitch black, pupils completely blow. She growls at me, well too bad.

"You want to cum it'll be on my tongue or on my cock as I fuck you." I growl out.


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