Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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My fucking woman

Dani's POV

I know that I put Casanova in the dog house but fuck I didn't think it would be this much torture on me. My hormones are all over the place and I'm severely horny and agitated that he made me mad enough to punish us both. For this past week he has been super protective and clingy.

I almost feel bad for being a major bitch to him. I've been walking around the room naked a majority of the time. Mostly when we don't have Rylee, and ive been so horny that the shower head in my bathroom has become my boyfriend. I may also embellished my moans to punish Sebastian.

Since we came home he won't let me do much of anything on my own. My shoulder still hurts but it's getting better. He gives me massages, he runs to the store at least 5x a day to get me more chocolate and rocky road ice cream everyday. He's always telling me how much he loves me and how I'm fucked because he's never letting me go no matter what.

I've been speaking to and visiting oli as well. He's set to be released in a few day and Sebastian had a room made up for him here and is giving him a job. I'm so excited. Today we got to go to our first doctors appointment and when I saw our little peanut on the screen everything changed. I can't believe I though abortion was an option. My baby will be loved. Even if Casanova and I don't last my baby will be my priority.

We're now just getting back to the house I swear these hormones are going to kill me. When we get inside I rush to the shower needing a release. Sebastian looks so fucking sexy today in his faded blue jeans, his venom blue hood and the adoration in his face when he saw our baby. Fuck. I practically rip my clothes off as I turn on the water til I get the temperature to my liking and hop in. I've noticed that my boobs are getting a little bigger but other then that I only gained maybe a few pounds so not noticeable.

Completely aroused by thoughts of the amazing asshole on the other side of the door, I grab the shower head step one foot on the edge of the tub leaning one hand on the wall.

I palm my now barely medium size breast as I bring the shower head down to my clit and throw my head back. I can't help the moans that escaped me as I think of his head between my legs, working his expert tongue. I feel myself close to tipping over the edge but just before I get there the shower head is snatched out of my hand. I growl at Sebastian ready to kill him.

"You want to cum it'll be on my tongue or on my cock as I fuck you." He growl out, before grabbing my head and slamming his lips on mine. He lifts me out of the shower and throws me on the bed. He walks over to my dresser. Who does this boy think he is. I push myself up "You got 7 more days boy" I seethe. I'm sexually frustrated and he just stopped me as I was right there.

"The fuck I do." He snarls. He storms up to me grabbing my hands and flipping me over so I'm on my stomach as he ties my hands behind my back. I begin to wiggle trying to get me hands loose. "I'm done with the torture. I think my fucking balls are blue enough." He growls.

He pulls my hips up and I feel his hands kneading my tiny globes as his hand comes down hard on my cheek. I fight the moan ready to escape my parted lips. "Sebastian." I shudder as I feel the tip of his tongue glide over my bundle of nerves, dissolving the last bit of fight I had left in me.

He repeats his actions as I wiggle my hips in his face. I'm so wet I can feel my juiced sliding down my thigh as he continues his delicious assault on my clit. He pulls away and I begin to whine but then I feel his blunt tip at my entrance. Fucking hormones. He slams into my dripping heat I let out a moan he grabs my hair pulling me up but careful with my shoulder.

"Bet that shower head couldn't scratch that itch." He slams in to me, groaning in my ear turning me on more.

"Please papi please harder." He starts slamming his hips in to mine as he begins to pound in to me from behind.

"You missed my cock baby?"

"Yessss fuck yes papi."

"That's it take it my dirty girl. Fucckkk your pussy so fucking perfect."

He slaps my ass causing my to clench around him. I'm not going to last long. I feel myself get close.

"C-Casanova I'm- I'm gonna cum" I cry out.

"Cum for me baby fuck" he moans my name as he shoots his jets inside of me. I scream his name falling off the deep end. Cumming so hard black spots dance in my vision as I try to catch my breath. Sebastian unties my hands Kissing my shoulder and head.

End of mature content


It's been two weeks since Sebastian ended our dry spell. Oliver was released and is staying with us. He's been hanging in his room trying to get used to being out and in a new environment. Sebastian has been amazing to me. Even though a large part of me thinks it's only because I'm pregnant, I can't help but pray that he really does love me as much as he says.

We just got done eating dinner, as Cassie just came home today so we're celebrating. We filled her in on all to fun details of what she missed while she was out of commission. Rylee is stuck to Cassie like glue but can't say I blame her.

Theres a knock on the front door and we all get up as a tall man with jet black hair, light skin and blue eyes walks in with a woman and 3 girls that look to be my age. The whole room goes silent and I recognize the red head she's the one from the video with Cain. Then I hear both Sebastian and Cain say two different names but only one stuck out. Melissa.

In front of me is a slim, tall, blonde with beautiful green eyes. I watch as her eyes greedily take in Sebastian and I nearly lose it. I look over to see poor Sasha took off. "Are you fucking stupid Melanie! This is the company you bring to my house?" Cassie bites out looking at one of the younger girls she has a Tanned complexion and long pin straight black hair.

"What did I do I-I thought it would be okay. They-they said they were fr-friends with the boy." Melanie says on the verge of tears.

"Hi Sebastian miss me?" Melissa says as she bites her bottom lip trying to push her breast out of her off the shoulder white crop top.

"Yea with my car, bullet and knife." She giggles as if he's joking but his tone shows just how serious he is. He grabs my waist possessively as she comes closer toward him.

"I suggest you quit walking towards my man and start walking back." She looks at me with pure hatred.

"You ain't shit bitch! I'll have him in my bed tonight. Plus fat chicks really never been his thing." I don't even think as lift my fist and deck her in the face. I let my anger fuel me as I hit her again causing her to fall on the ground. "Sebastian get your dog off me now" she cries out. I climb on top of her and hit her a few more times before I feel myself being lift off the bitch.

I thrash in Sebastians arms as I let out various colorful words cause Sebastian to cover my mouth. "Stay the fuck away from me and my woman you got that? Next time I'll let her finish you." He spit at her. He carries my up the stairs and in to my room. He slams the door and drops me on the bed.

"What the fuck are you thinking? You are fucking pregnant."

"Oh! don't want me to hurt your baby or your precious Melissa?" I sarcastically respond.

"I can handle this shit, fuck Dani trust me enough to handle it. Don't put our child at risk because you're insecure right now." Mother fucker did not just go there. I get up off the bed and head towards the door. He grabs me by my arm and pulls me back to him. "Oh no you don't. You are not walking away from me!"

"Not like it matters your little model is her! The fuck you need me for? You just gonna sneak in her room." I retort as I try and push him back, hissing from the slight soreness from my wound. I try to walk pass him again but he lift me and slams me on the bed roughly.

"I don't want that gold digging nasty cunt. I want MY fucking woman." He growls as he plays with my chain between his fingers. He pulls my face to his. "And YOU Danica are MY fucking woman and I told you I'm not letting you go. Not again. So either stop your shit or I will fucking tie you down to this damn bed." He finishes then slamming his lips possessively to mine. "MY FUCKING WOMAN." He growls between kisses. Great being under the same roof as my boyfriends ex. This should be fun.


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