Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Last nerve

Danica's POV

It's been 2 weeks since these bitches arrived and I'm about ready to just kill this girl. She has some how found out about my personal business that only this family knows about. She knows about Dustin and Matthew, they knew about the pills and even the details of what happened with Philip. She kept poking me so I've finally snapped.

I let Sylvester loose in the bitches room and my new furry friend is as petty as me. After a bit I whistle and he leaps out of the room and casually walks away, as if he didn't scratch up all her clothes and spray her entire room up.

I go in to my bedroom and realize that none of my clothes fit. I texted Sasha and she said the same thing. She's been eating her problems away too. We may spend hours sitting on the couch watching sad movies, eating ice cream. She preferred hot wings and Cheeto hot fries.

She text Cassie so we all decide to go to the mall. I steal a pair of Sebastians sweatpants since it's the end-of winter. And one of his hoods. The moment it's on my body his scent his me and all I could do was pull it closer and inhale his masculine scent.

He came home really late last night. If it wasn't for my every 2 hour bathroom run I wouldn't have known he was home at all. He was gone before I woke up. I meet the girls in the living room, but before we can walk out the door the two bimbos ask if they can join. Fuck.

We all pile in to Kadens Suv with Cassie driving, me and Sash in the middle and the bimbos in the back. It's funny Melanie has been disappearing a lot lately and so has Ryder.


After walking around the entire mall buying cute loose outfits and even admiring the baby stores. I don't want to start shopping yet. Growing up I was taught it's bad luck to buy anything for a baby before 6 months of pregnancy. I made a huge dent in the money I was making from the studio. Cassie kept offering me novas card which he left for me but I refuse to touch.

"No more mama I'm tapped." I whine. "I'm going to break my wallet." Of course thunder cunt has to have a comeback. To further take jabs at me.

"Oh Sebastian has you use your own money? He always use to pay everything for me." She says sickly sweet. I'm so done with this bitch. I take a menacing step towards her.

I hear Cassie and sash scold me but I block them out. "See that's why you will never have him gold digging bitch. He definitely offers even fights me to spend his money, but here's the kicker 'I make my own so no I won't spend his money I don't need it'" I growl at the end. Balling my fist ready to swing

"Danica Elise Ortiz ENOUGH." Cassies voice bellows through the mall. I snap back to my senses and step back.

"Did you just say Danica Elise Ortiz?" This weird woman ask as she walks up to me looking as if she's looking at a ghost. She a little older with an olive skin tone just like me. She's standing next to a man whose hair is the same ash brown as mine and his eyes are Hazel color like mine.

"Um excuse you?" I say a bit confused.

"How old are you? When is your birthday?" They both start shootings out questions. I shake my head an start to get behind Cassie as she glares at this couple with her hand on her holster.

"It February 21 isn't it and you're 22?" The woman shouts her voice cracking towards the end. I stop dead in my tracks. "Does the name Marisol mean anything you you?" My heart drops and I back away again.

"How do you know my mom?"

"That crazy bitch is not your mother I am! Dani I am your mother!" They both begin to cry grabbing me by my arm forcing me in to a group hug. I push them off of me not sure what to think. This can't be right they can't be.

Deciding this needed to be discussed in a more private setting they invited me to dinner tomorrow at their place. I accept. I learned their names Kelly and Daniel. I don't know what to make of this. But knowing Sebastian will be by my side I know I will be okay. I have my doubts about even going out tonight after this discovery. My mom was never my mom? Why would she do that to me?


I throw on a black long sleeve flowing dress on with gladiator sandals on. I meet the girls all down stairs. I left my hair in an updo with strand flowing down here and there and skipped on makeup.

We all pile in to the Suv and head to the club. When we get there I go and hang out with Cassie Ashley who i learn is the tall mans Codys wife and Melanie is their daughter and cody is Kadens stepbrother. We're all talking back and forth laughing talking until I hear Melissa make a comment about Sebastian.

"Oh yea he was so amazing when we were together! He always took me out and flaunted me like he won the lottery."

"Oh yea? Has he ever serenaded you?" I play with my necklace with his claim on me. "Got you a necklace claiming you as his? You know I can go on for days about what he does for me but the reason he always ends up in my bed is because of the shit I do for him."

"Ew no. If you're so special why was he in my room when he came home last night? Don't believe me ask your buddy over there he saw him leaving my room late late last night." I feel like I was just punched in the gut. I look over at Oliver he looks down avoiding eye contact. Last straw I go to hit her but Cassie beats me to it slapping her face. I see from my peripheral Sebastian storming up to us.

"Mom what the fuck?" He hiss at Cassie. Is he really defending her right now. How could he come in to my room and sleep next to me after being with her? I'm so lost in my thoughts. Feeling like I'm being pulled underwater, no longer fighting to stay afloat. I feel my arm being tugged as Sebastian try's to pull me out of the club. I call out to joe to follow. I shoot him a text to bring his car around.

When we get outside Sebastian try's to pulls me towards his car. I yank my hand out of arms and look him right it his eyes. "You were with her last night and now you're defending her? Was it you? Did you tell her about Matthew and Dustin? Did you tell her about rehab and my addiction?" I fire all my questions at him.

His eyes widen as he stares at me he opens his mouth to talk but Jose honks as he gets next to us. "Danica don't you fucking get in that car with him" he warns. I climb in anyway and have Joe take off. When I get home I skip going to my room and go to Ollies. I get in his room just as he walks in behind me. I finally allow my self to cry as I ask him the question I don't want to know the answer to.

"Is it true was he in her room?"

"Technically babe, they were in front of her door so I don't know. It didn't look good but somethings aren't always as it seems."

"How how can this be happening to me today of all days." He walks up to me and pulls me in to his arms and I cry my eyes out. I tell him what happened in the mall today and about the couple who claimed to be my parents. I got so bad he had to call dr Sullivan to do a phone session for me. When I hang up with her there's a loud bang on Ollies door.

"I know she's in there Ollie please please just open the door I need to talk to her." Ollie Walk's to the door and slips out. I can hear them even if they're talking in hushed tones.

"You need to go Sebastian give her space."

"I'm not giving her fucking space you can either move and let me in or I'll move your ass and get in regardless."

"Sebastian you're the one who fucked up. You say you don't want her fighting Lisa because of the baby! But do you understand the stress this bitch is causing her isn't good for the baby either."

"What stress as long as she ig-"

"How can she ignore someone who is making it her mission to upset her at every turn. She's been throwing rehab in not just her face but Sasha too. And then you spend the night w-"

"You can't actually believe that bullshit."

"If I didn't see y'all so cozy by her door maybe I wouldn't but it didn't look good from where I stood."

"Oliver I would never. Fuck please let me talk-"

"After the hell shes been through today this is the last thing she need."

"What bullshit I doubt things with Melissa got that-"

"Not Melissa. Her supposed bio-parents."

"Bio what? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Hmmm forget it Sebastian just let her be tonight please."

I don't have it in me to keep listening. Baking a bun is draining. I close my eyes and let sleep pull me in.


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