Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Dog house again

Sebastian's POV

As if my day shit week couldn't get worst now this shit happens. Since uncle Cody and his men came we've been working our asses off to find Philip. I've discovered that his thing is head games. He did it to the girls and he's now doing it to me.

A few days ago I stood back later then the rest and as I was leaving the warehouse there was a Manila envelope. There were pictures in side of the girls both naked and drugged up, men surrounded them with their hands all over them. I've been having nightmares of her being taken again and fuck is it screwing with me.

Last night when I came home when I was passing the 2nd floor Melissa called my name. I tried to ignore her but the bitch is annoying. I walked over to see what she wanted. She began to touch me and kept telling me how bad she wanted to fuck me. I pulled my knife on her and told her she was walking on thin ice. I'm too fucking worried about my girl to deal with this shit! This girl needs to get the fuck out of my house.

Now Dani is locked in Oliver's room and there's nothing I can do about it.

"Oliver tell me what you mean by biological parents please." I beg. He looks skeptical so I explain to him the situation with melissa and for the first time since I've got the envelope I tell him about it. I think I got through to him because he tells me about the couple who approached Dani claiming to be her real parents.

She's supposed to have dinner with them tomorrow. She will probably try to avoid me and go alone so I form a plan for that so she isn't stressed the whole day. "Hey would you mind offering to go with her? I know she's going to stress if she thinks she's in this alone or just offer to drive and wait for her?"

"I don't think we should let her go at all I don't trust this. If they are her parents how did she end up with that woman. And I seen pictures the other woman looks a lot like Dani so none of this makes sense."

"Which is why she's going to want to go. She will want answers she won't be alone just please."

"Fine!" He pokes his head in his room letting out a sigh he turns to face me. "She's a sleep I can take the couch if you want to lay with her."

"Um you can have my old room for the night if you'd like." He nods his head and goes to walk away. "Hey Ollie! Thanks for being there for her and sash!" He smiles and walks away. I got in to his room to see Dani on her side sleeping. I strip and get in behind her. Here's to another sleepless night.


Dani's POV

When I woke up this morning I was alone in Oliver's room. He was downstairs talking with Kaden and a few of the guys. Cassie has been a little too clingy today. She told me I don't have to go to that dinner, but I have to. I need to know what the hell happened and how I ended up with my mom if she isn't my 'mom'.

Right now I'm getting ready for the dinner my belly is more pudgy then it was a few weeks ago. I'd rather keep that information from them right now. Oliver offered to come with me but I rather go alone not knowing what I'm walking in to. I have my knives that Cassie had gifted me for my birthday in my purse. I throw on a gray short sleeve flowing dress to cover my bump. I put on a pair of black booties and leave my hair down.

I want to stall hell I want to just climb in bed and never come out but I know I have to do this. I feel my stomach turn so I rush to the bathroom and empty my stomach. I rinse my mouth and try to clear my mind of all the drama and think of my baby in hopes that it will calm my nerves.

When I get downstairs I see Oliver waiting with Cassies keys in his hands. "You don't have to do this Dani. You know that you have us you don't need them." Cassie says with tears welling in her eyes.

"I know mama I'm only going to talk. It's not like they can kidnap me tracker remember?" She lets out a chuckle but the tears still fall. I pull her for a hug and head out.


When we arrived to Kelly and Daniels house it's basically a mansion. When I get to their door another car pulls up but I don't bother look back as I ring the doorbell. Just as the door is opening someone walks up behind me grabbing my hand. I go to react but see Nova standing there with a navy button down and dress pants. The door swings open and Kelly has a bright smile when she sees me, but when she looks at Sebby her smile falters but she recovers and invites us in.

Dinners still cooking so we all sit in the living room. We waste no time getting straight to business. They tell me that mo- I mean Marisol is my moms twin sister which explains the resemblance. She told me that Marisol was obsessed with Daniel but he never gave her the time of day. They said that when I was 5 they put me to bed and the next morning when I didn't run in their bedroom like usual they knew something was wrong.

Apparently Marisol has been threatening them that she was going to take them for me and make them pay. I don't tell them everything that has happened but I did tell them about where I ended up. I tell them about the jones and how they took me in. The door bell rings and Kelly goes to answer it when she comes back she's with a guy. He's good looking he's as tall as Sebby, has brown hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. He's wearing a black sweater with slacks and dress shoes.

"Dani this is Grayson. Growing up you and him were inseparable. He was so upset when you were taken." I smile and get up shaking his hand. I introduce Sebby but he of course threw in he's my boyfriend and I don't miss the disgust that passes my "parents" faces as he says this.

We all head in to the dining room to eat and talk more. Sebby keeps trying to touch me or hold me in some way but I'm still very much angry with him. With everything going on this is all too much so I excuse myself to the back porch to catch a breather. Sebastian try's to follow me but I tell him no. I sit at a swing set they have outside and try to regulate my breathing.

"You've grown to be beautiful." I hear from behind me. I look back to see Grayson with his hands in his pockets while studying me. I say a shy thank you as he comes to stand in front of me. He begins telling me stories from when we were kids and the trouble we used to get in to. And as if his words are the key all these memories of us rush in to my mind.

"We've got a matching scar?" I question. Eyebrows furrowed as I can see the memory but it's fuzzy. He walks to me and lifts my right leg and brushes his thumb against the scar on my calf it's pretty big. He lets out a chuckle lifting his pant legs to show me his.

"You were a very determined girl and didn't like to be told you couldn't do something. There was a fence and on the other side led to the neighbors. They had this dog that you were obsessed with. You wanted to play with him so bad so you went to climb and I wasn't about to let you go alone."

"They ended up having a Rottweiler that ran towards us as we were climbing and I fell back on you."

"Yea and we landed on a huge piece of glass." We both laugh at the memory. They aren't lying.


Sebastian's POV

I've been trying to be here for Dani but she isn't making it easy. She just went out back and I want to follow especially since that asshole went after her but her parents hold me back.

"Look I appreciate all you've done for my daughter but we did a background check and your filth is not what she needs in her life." -Kelly

"Excuse you."

"When your mother told us her name we did a background check and we know about the rumors of your family. You are trash and our daughter deserves better." -Kelly

"Says the ones who lost her for years. With all due respect you know nothing about your daughter let alone my family. I'm not leaving her and she certainly ain't leaving me." They look at me with a raised brow then looking outside. I look behind me and have to plant myself to the seat before I go outside and break this assholes hand. He has her leg in his hand caressing it. And she's allowing it?

"Name your price. Well give you however much you want to leave her life." Feeling my anger take over at the fact that she has to audacity to suggest this to me I let the threat slip out.

"You try to take her away from me and I'll make sure to send you to meet your twin in hell." I spit walking away from the table and out to my woman.

"The worst part of it all you still kept trying to get to the damn puppy." The asshole jokes looking at her as if she hung the moon. I mean she did but for me NOT HIM. I clear my throat catching their attention.

"Dani it's getting late we should go." I say as calmly as I could. She turns back and scowls as me as she stands up. This asshole pulls her in to a hug and takes her phone out of her hand. When he's done we begin to walk in to the house to say our goodbyes.


Danica's POV

I reluctantly followed Sebastian in to say goodbye. As I hug Kelly and Daniel Kelly speaks. "Please don't go just yet we just got you back. How can you feel safe with him and that family of his"

What did she just say?

"They are my family of course I'm going home to them."

"We are your family Dani. They are dangerous do you really think you will be safe with them."- Kelly

"Excuse you! You have no right to judge them. They are the ones who saved me from the the torment your twin sister has unleashed on me my whole life. You can't even fathom the shit this bitch has put me through. You didn't even care to look for me so don't stand here and try to play mom and dad all of a sudden."

"We did look Dani we looked so hard."- Daniel

"Not hard enough." I instinctively grab my belly and take a menacing step to them. "If anything ever happened to my daughter i would travel to the ends of the earth leaving flames in my wake til I found her." I growl. I see Kelly's eyes go from my belly to my eyes and Daniel looks ready to cry.

"You're p-pregnant?" She ask tears brimming her eyes.

"Yes and you won't be apart of her life if you can't accept everything about her including her father and my other family." I don't give her a chance to respond as I walk out the door with Nova on my tail. We get in the car and he tries to touch me but I pull away.

"Don't you even start. You had no right to show up here! Shouldn't you be with Melissa." I hiss.

"Oh rich coming from the girl who allows some asshole she doesn't even know to be rubbing up on her legs."

"I do know him and he was showing me a scar that we both got as kids."

"S-scar h-how does he know about your scar?"

"He was with me when I got it. Now shut up and leave me alone." We spend the rest of the drive in silence and when we get back to the mansion I don't stop to talk to anyone. I'm drained and stressed enough. I just want to go to Oliver's room and sleep. As I go to head to Ollies room I'm lift in to the and carried to my room. Sebastian sits me at the edge of my bed and gets on his knees laying his head on my lap taking my hand and putting it in his hair.

He begins to tell me that he's been so stress with this whole Philip thing to the point where he keeps having nightmares of loosing me. He told me what really happened with Melissa in the hallway. He begs me not to leave him as tears stream down his face and on to my lap.

After seeing him like this I can't help but to forgive him but not with out a little pay back. I grab his chin forcing him to look at me. I press my lips to his and pull him up. I slowly undo his shirt and pants. I grab his hands and pin tie them behind his back. He looks at me with a raised brow as I shove in the chair. I seductively take my dress off to reveal my blood red bra and pantie set. I put on some music and get on him straddling his torso. I grind my core against his hardening length rolling my hips and moaning in to his ear.

He begins to struggle with his restraints wanting to touch me. When I feel like he's had enough I get off him and hop in bed. "Hope you enjoy the dog house. I love you babe! Good night."

I hear him growl and call out to me as he try's to get out but I close my eyes and allow sleepiness to pull me in.


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