Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Danica's POV

When Sebastian got out of the restraints he got his form of revenge and passed out on me the shit head. It's been a month since meeting my real parents and so far everything's been okay. Kelly seems a little unstable and controlling so I try to avoid her but Daniel has been keeping in contact. He calls and text frequently, we've even met up for food a few times. He said he doesn't mind about Sebastian or the rumors as long as I'm happy. The first time we had lunch together he cried. He hates that he missed so much of my life. He told me some story's about me from when I was a kids and it's turns out me and Kelly always had problems. She couldn't deal with the fact that I was daring and more Tom boy then girly.

Things with Melissa hasn't changed and now that she knows I'm not fat but pregnant she's been working over time. She keeps saying that Sebastian is only with me to please his family and also because 'I trapped him'. When ever Sebastian is around she's always all over him even if he try's to prevent it. It may seem childish and petty but I've been hanging out with Grayson. When I'm not having lunch with dad, gray and I hang usually at play grounds or for walks just to get out of the house.

It turns out he's taken over his dads business and as a CEO of some shit I can't remember pregnancy brain. His parents have been dying to see me since they've found me but it's just never been good timing. He's funny and goofy, he's the big brother I've always wanted. I'm grateful that he hasn't tried to make a move on me or flirt. He understands that I'm with my papi and he been nothing but awesome and distracting. Of course I'm not allowed to see him alone so Joe or Ty usually accompany me.

Sebastian has been pretty pissy about it but I just can't stay home all day with this bitch trying me. Sebastian moved us to his bedroom on the first floor because he is worried about me falling down the stairs. We had a scare a few days ago I don't know what happen but I randomly felt something on my back and missed a step. If it wasn't for Oli only god know what would've happened to me or my baby. Things between us are more of a roller coaster then an actual roller coaster.

Today thankfully Melanie got tweedle dee and tweedle dumb out the house for a few hours. Cassie took that as an opportunity for us to go to the dance studio. We are all in sweatpants but all got different shirts. Mine is pink and I leave it loose. Sasha has on a Red shirt on and Cassies got on a blue one. Rylee is coming with us she has on a white onesie that has pink glitter design on it with pink sweatpants. We all get ready and pile in to the car.


Sebastians POV

I am so ready to be done with all this Philip shit. I need to get rid of Melissa but as long as Melanie and her parents are here the other two won't leave. I loosing my ever loving mind with Danica's need to prove a point. She's been spending time with that Grayson prick and I'm ready to do a drive by. Right now me and the guys came to the beach because we all need a breather. We grab our football and try to play a bit of catch but I see Melanie walking on the beach. Of course the sluts are here.

My dad and uncle Cody are passed out on their towels old pricks. We keep tossing the ball around when I feel someone's arms wrap around me. "Damn baby your body's gotten even hotter! I know you miss me Sebby!! Your little incubator ain't here you can be hone-" I rip her hands off of me shoving her in to the sand.

"Are you deaf or just plain stupid?"

"Oh come on! If she wasn't pregnant you would've been all over me. I know she trapped you Sebby but I can help! Make it look like an accident."

"I will fucking skin you alive if you touch my girl or hurt my child." I growl at her. Her eyes widen in shock. Does she really think I won't hurt her? This bitch is dumb. Deciding I'm over the beach I collect my dad and the guys and we head to the warehouse.

The guys all take separate cars I ride with my dad and deciding I need to talk to him. I swallow my pride and speak. "Hey dad" He hums in response.

"I am at wits end! Melissa is a fucking snake that doesn't back off no matter how much I threaten her, and Danica is stressed beyond stressed because of this. She's been hanging out with a guy that she knew when she was a kid and she may trust him but I fucking don't. And melissa made a comment that leads me to believe Dani's situation with the stairs was no accident."

"Son the decision on what to do lies with you. Woman like Melissa don't just give up! Do you ever wonder why none of my ex are around? They are all ashes somewhere far the fuck from here."

"You killed them?"

"It's was them or your mom and your mom wins every time!"

"I don't think I could kill Melissa. I'm not saying Im getting back with her but at some point I did love her and I can't just kill her."

"Well son you let her live and you may as well hand Dani over to that friend of hers because I know woman like melissa she won't quit. And if she hasn't already she will cause you to loose Dani because Dani will only put up with but so much! Melissa is just warming up you just said you think she pushed Dani! What more will it take? Her succeeding in killing your unborn child? Her killing Dani?"

"She isn't capable of that dad it's just Lisa."

"That my son is why I keep saying let Dani go! Because if you truly gave a damn Melissa would've been dead long before she got to this point."

"All you ever say is let Danica go let her go Why the fuck are you so dead set against us? I thought you cared about her?"

"I love the girl as my own so I suggest you watch your mouth! I only suggest you let go because when ever it comes to her, you always choose the wrong shit to do! I'm tired of seeing my girls go through so much. And you are too much for Dani you're selfish and I think you refuse to kill Melissa because apart of you does want her. If it was me she would've been dead the moment she made that comment to Dani the day they got here but what do I know right? I'm just dad."

I hate him he never gives me the benefit of the doubt. I don't care about Melissa at all. I just can't kill her for just hitting on me that's stupid. But I also considered putting a bullet in Grayson and he hasn't even done anything wrong. Maybe my dad is right. Melissas gotta go!


Danica's POV

Being in the dance studio is sooo amazing right now me and Rylee are getting down to some bachata. She's going to be like her mama a dancer through and through. I adore her. I just hate when she grabs my belly and talks to the baby and calls it bumpkin. Melody really started something with that. Rylee always tells her bumpkin to hurry and be born. She needs friends.

She and I mess around for a bit spinning and dancing. Sasha and Cassie are dancing too cassie wanted to talk to Sasha about her condition. She thinks sash is pregnant. A friend of hers mentioned it and she's been feeling that maybe the friend is on to something.

After a bit we hear the front door open and a bunch of masked men walk in. Panic fills me as I try to hide Rylee. Mama and Sash are trying to fight the men off while I try and shove Ry in the sound room but two guys grab me so I pull Rylee to me so they can't hurt her. Then that voice that controls my night mares speaks.


Sebastians POV

When we arrive to the warehouse it's a war

Zone. Masked men surround it as they shoot. We all pull out our guns and run in. Our men are out numbered so we immediately find cover and start shooting. I get two men that are trying to run out . My dad gets a few that are standing in the open.

I run out of hiding and take on one of the men hand to hand. My dad follows suit when two try to pull me off of the guy. My dad gets shot and falls to the ground I try to get to him but I am hit in the back the sharp pain causing me to howl out. I feel another shot to my left side of my stomach. The man I was fighting walks up to us with a phone there's a picture of my mom dani sash and Rylee knocked out. Thats the last thing I see before darkness consumes me.


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