Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Authors note.

This chapter will be in the men's POV, the girls POV will be in Between Two Soldiers

Two days after the attack

Sebastians POV


"Kaden you were just shot I need you to lay back-"

I groan opening my eyes feeling excruciating pain in my shoulder and side. When I look around I realize my dad and I are in hospital beds side by side. My chest is wrapped in gauze and so is my stomach. What the hell happened?

"WHERE IS MY FUCKING WIFE DAD I WONT ASK AGAIN?" I look to my dad and see him trying to get up but Cain and Ryder are holding him back on the bed. He has Gauze around his stomach and leg.

"Dad w-what happened?"

"You both were shot in an attack on the warehouse." Buelito says.

"Why is dad shouting? And why won't you answer him?"

"I can't tell you that! Right now I-"

"PHILIP! DAD PHILIP HAS MOM, SASH, DANI, AND RYLEE!" I yell out pushing myself up trying to get out of the bed. Ryder runs over to me and try's to push me back but I shove him off me just as I hear A loud thump and Cain groan.

"Give us clothes now or I will fuck shoot everyone of you motherfucker when I'm out!" My dad snarls. With wide eyes and shoulders slumped the guys do as told.

"We have it handled. We managed to capture a few men. Were working in interrogations." My dad jumps in the shower and come out dressed and ready. I do the same hopping out a lot faster. Grandpa hands us some pain pills knowing that getting us to stay will be pointless. Once dress my dad orders the guys to take us to the club.

My dads a little to calm right now and that scares the fuck out of me. What scares me even more is I'm just the same. Those assholes are fucked. When we make it to the club and down to the cells we see all 6 cells full some have 3 men some have 2. My dad swings open the door to the first cell he could jet his hands on. He pulls both guys out and sits them in the middle of the room giving all the prisoners a good view of what's to come.


I strip my shirt off and walk to one of the men same as my dad this is just the warning. I start punching the guy just like my dad. We have the guys each hand us brass knuckles and we both use these men to take our anger out on. I repeatedly punch the man for a few minutes. I get up off him and grab him by his hair spinning him so his face is against the cement floor. I lift my foot and stomp on his skull. My dad on the other hand is literally skinning the mother fucker with his knife.

The adrenaline coursing through my body is numbing what ever pain that I should be having from my wound. Once my dad has skinned this mother fucker he stabs him between his eyes and turns his attention back to the other men.

"Y'all can either give me what I want or end up like them." He spits out grabbing the last guy that was in the cell. I go to the next once and open pulling one of the men out. Again we sit them both down.

"Where are they?" My dad shouts. The guy spits at my dad eliciting a dark laugh from dad. I ask my guy the same thing. He looks at me in the eye licking his lips.

"Getting gang banged real good." This prick says with a cocky smile. I can't control myself when I lay a punch to his face. I walk over to my favorite closet I grab a saw and walk up to him I begin to grind it against his leg. The blood splattering on my face doesn't bother me. The assholes screams are music to my ears. I stop half way through the bone and grab the bottle of draino and pour it on his open wound. His screams are so loud the other prisoners start to scream. My dad is working a hammer on the other guys knee caps.

End of trigger content.

We do this to two more guys and get nothing. Alvin our tech guy barges in to the room. "Hey we got their phones Philip had been calling each of them nonstop."

My dad grabs the cell phone in al's hand and puts in on speaker. "I was wondering when you would answer." He lets out a humorless laugh. "You've got some beautiful girls here. They are so we'll behaved. Except for that pesty friend of Sash! She needed to be taught a few lessons." I blank out and block out the rest of the conversation as I become a path of destruction. I push the cart over grab the chair the asshole was occupying and slam it against the cell bars. I hear commotion going on behind me.

Just as I got to open the cellar door to grab another guy I feel myself get restrained and held against the wall next to my dad. Uncle Arlo and Cody have him while Cain and Ryder hold me. "You're not doing them any good acting out like this." Uncle Arlo barks out.

"THEY HAVE MY FUCKING WIFE AND DAUGHTERS AND GRANDCHILD GOD WILLING HE/SHE MAKES IT ! AND YOU'RE TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WAS KAT WITH YOUR KIDS?" My dad bellows out. But the only thing I heard was god willing the baby makes it. I shove off Cain and Ryder storming out of the building. If they won't let me hurt the prisoners I'll find someone else to hurt.


Kadens POV

Sebastian storms out and I'm ready to join him but I can't leave I get the guys off of me and make my way to Alvin work area to see what he's got so far. He shows me that he has a general location. It's not precise but it's a start me and a few different guys take different cars and start patrolling the area. I look for any lowly criminal so I can try and get some sort of lead.

After a few hours of nothing I call the guys back and only leave 1 guy to stay on patrol. I can feel the adrenaline wearing off and the pain is kicking in and it's now unbearable. I have Arlo and Cody take me home leaving Jose and Tyler to keep an eye out.


Sebastian POV

After getting drunk and starting that fight with some random asshole I feel the pain in my shoulder. Deciding it's time to go back I catch a cab back to the club. When I get there it's pretty much empty. Except for the long wavy blonde sitting at the bar in a dress so short it shouldn't even be considered clothing. She spins around and her brown eyes shine bright as she bites her bottom lip.

The front of the dress is so low cut one wrong move and her breast will spill out.

She gets up and walks over to me. "I knew you would be here." She puts her hands under my shirt touching my abs. "Are you done playing hard to get?" I smile at her as I grab her hair forcing her to look in my eyes. She bites her lip and bats her lashes like she's excited for what's to come.

I shatter her anticipation when I pull my gun out and put it to her head clicking off the safety. "I'm going to give you a choice to back the fuck up and leave or I can decorate the wall with your brains? Your choice Melissa!"

She shoves off of me and runs out. Fuck this I'm not going back to the mansion. I call my dad and let him know I'm just going to stay at the beach house.


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