Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Too late

12 days of the girls with Philip

Sebastian POV

12 days! 12 fucking days since my girl was taken and we still have nothing. I am losing my fucking mind I've already killed all Philips men we had in the cellars. I am currently in a bar yet again getting plastered. I scan the bar for whose face I could break tonight. "Hey sexy, you don't have to look to hard. Buy me a drink and I'll take you home."

I look next to me to see a Carmel skinned beauty and if I was someone else I'd definitely take her home. However my heart and dick only want one person and that person is currently being kept away from me. "Sorry sweetheart! You're barking up the wrong tree." I spot my target a few feet away from me. He's grabbed up on 3 girls already and doesn't know how to take no as an answer. He's a good 6ft tall, he's got long blonde hair and his skin tone is orange looking like he spends too much time tanning. He's wearing a polo shirt and blue jeans. He looks to have few years on me and seems some what muscular. Perfect. I down the last of my jack and coke before this bitch speaks again.

"I can change your mind if you let me." She goes to touch my arm. Got damn I thought she left.

"There's not a damn thing you can do to change my mind. My dick only responds to one woman and if you don't back off I'll deliver your dumb ass to her on a platter. She'd enjoy ripping you from the inside out." Her eyes widen as she retracts her hand and runs away. Thank fuck.

I see the man start his shit with yet another girl. She keeps trying to get away from him but he's got a firm grip on her arm. I storm up to them and rip his hand off of her and punch the guy. He stumbles back a little, when he regains his footing he swings at me but I duck and tackle him in to the bar. I lay blow after blow, the security and bar tender try to get me to stop but I don't budge. After a bit I'm pulled off of him, but unfortunately it's a police officer that pulls me off. Fuck.


Danica's POV

Sasha has been coming in here everyday talking to me and trying to keep my spirits up about us escaping. I'm honestly anxious. It's been a few days since the asshole whipped me. My back is still burning and painful. They haven't allowed me to clean up the wounds. I'm constantly worried they will figure out I'm pregnant and will hurt my baby.

Rylee is constantly holding me for dear life and I'm so scared for her. I will fight til my last breath for her even though I'm not ready to die. My bedroom door swings open and me and ry get excited thinking it's Sasha but it's that body building prick. I can't help the snarl that leaves my mouth when I see him look at Ry like a sick fuck.

"Tone it down little bitch." I place Rylee behind me as he approaches us. "Move or you will be punished again." I stay in front of her looking him square in the eye. He back hands me and begins to rough me up. I protect my belly and hold back my crys after a bit he calls his sidekicks to hold me down.

He lifts Rylee and I try to fight against his men. One of them grabs my head and shoved my face to the floor. I hear Rylees little whimpers and whines I still try to fight against them to see her but I feel the familiar sting of the bull whip on my back. "STUPID WORTHLESS BITCH. LEARN YOUR GOT DAMN PLACE. SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND DO AS I SAY." He yells at me between whips, his voice is faint as all I hear is the sounds of my screams and Rylee crying. This time he shows no mercy. He doesn't stop until I can't see straight, black dots blur my vision. The pain is unbearable and I'm fighting to stay conscious, but I lose the battle and give in to the darkness praying for it all to be over.


It's been 2 days since I've been whipped again. My whole body is sore and poor Rylee is trying to play doctor she's only barely 2 and having to see shit she should never have to. I haven't see Sasha which worries me because we're supposed to breakout tomorrow morning when Philip and most of his men will be out.

I try and get off of the bed but the pain is excruciating. I want to scream and cry but scaring Rylee is not an option. I hear the door open and a whimper escapes me. "Oh my god Dani what happened?" Comes Sasha's concerned voice. I open my eyes to see the worry in her blue/greens. She begins to cry but I remind her my pain will end soon.

She goes over the plan one more time. By this time tomorrow we will all be home.


2 weeks after the girls were taken

Sebastians POV

I've spent the entire weekend in a jail cell waiting to be arraigned. My dad walks up to me with a scowl etched on his face. "Daaaaadddddd hhhheeeyyyy." He doesn't respond he walks to the officer paying for my bail. When he's done I follow him with my head down when we get in to the car he finally unleashes his anger.

"What the fuck is your problem. We've been keeping under the radar and off the polices for a fucking reason! You know we're trying to find the girls! I got enough on my plate yet here we are, me bailing you out" he angrily bites out. He's right I'm not helping I'm just fucking up their operation.

"I'm sorry dad! I just have so much anger. I need her dad."

"You think I don't know that son? I hate being away from your mom! But I do got some good news we found them." I sit up straight and look my dad in the eyes looking for any sign that I'm hearing things. "I'm going to take you home so you can shower then we're rolling out. Today we bring our girls back."


My adrenaline is at an all time high. We're all at the warehouse loading up. Every member available is all ready, loaded and prepared. We all got on bullet proof vests. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Today's the day. We all pile in our cars and drive off.

It was a bit of a drive but we're finally here. We all gear up and make sure our weapons are loaded and ready for action. We all step out of our cars just as we all hear a loud bang the house explodes throwing us back. Noooo DANI. Once i regain my footing I fall to my knees. We were too late. The huge house in flames and I know no body would have survived that. Dani!


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