Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Sebastian POV

I just feel empty. Here on my knees wishing this was all a dream. Tears streaming. My everything is gone. Sash, mom, Rylee, My Dani, and my baby. "THEY'RE ALIVE." Tyler yells out. We all snap our heads up to see mom carrying Rylee, and Sash has a barely conscious Dani. She isn't wearing a top at all. I storm up to them til a shot rings out. We all stop dead in our tracks.

We see Philip and Sasha have a stare off as she drop Dani to the ground and stands in front of her. Everything happens so fast. I feel as if I've been hit, I look down to see I'm fine I see Dani on the ground and next to her. Sasha. Sasha was hit, then Ryder shot Philip in the head. Ryder, and Cain run to her lifting her and rushing her to a car.

I run to them and lift Dani's head. She lets out a whine but doesn't open her eyes. Rylee fights against my mom causing mom to drop her. The second her feet hit the ground she stands in front of me and Dani. I look to see a huge ass dude walking to us. He's all bloodied and has cuts all over.

"NO HURT NiNi" she chants. This asshole hurt my baby. I whistle gaining everyone's attention. They all see and and immediately jump in to actions.

"BEAT HIM BUT DON'T KILL HIM! He's mine." I growl out. They obey, beating him and roughing him up, then drugging him and getting him in the car.

"Don't touch her back! It's bad" my mom calls out. I lift her the best I can with out touching her back and carry her to the car. She's fine, she's alive. Grandpa is waiting for us at the E.R entrance. He leads us straight to the back in to a private room.

I lay her gently on her side and sit in front of her so he can assess her wounds. Through the mirror across from her I see the slash marks all over her back. They look bad and infected. "I need to start and IV and get antibiotics going as soon as possible. I'm going to have grandma come up and Che-" grandpa says but I cut him off.

I'm sorry, I'm am so sorry Dani. You were damn right, I'm selfish! "Grandpa I appreciate it but I want to make sure she's fine first we can worry about that after!" My grandpa doesn't hold any judgement in his eyes.

"I understand my grandson!" He does all he needs to do starting her IV and antibiotics. "Sebby I need you to hold her. This part will be painful." I nod grabbing on to her. Gramps grabs a liquid and pours it on her back. She lets out a strangled scream. Clenching to me not letting go.

"It's okay Dani it's me, it's nova I got you. You got this my little engine that could." When he's done he puts ointment and gauze it up.

"Let me know when you want grandma to come okay?"

"Thank you grandpa." I tell him as he walks out of the room. I get in the chair by her and grab her hand and finally study her. Her beautiful face has fading bruises all over, her face and arms. She does look like she's lost weight. My poor baby.

I'm woken to a shaking in my hand. When I look up I see Dani try to let my hand go. I jump out of my seat and pull her in to my arms. She wince trying to pull back, realizing her back, I let go. Her chest is moving rapidly. Panic attack. I lower her bed and put her head on my lap and sing to her. She, thankfully calms down.

"You did it! Ya no es una muñeca cristal."

*you're not a glass doll!"

"How's the-"

"No! Don't! I want you to myself for a bit before they check it."


"I'm sorry I didn't catch that?"

"Casanova! your baby is a girl!" She states matter factly. I let out a laugh running my fingers through her hair. "Please Sebastian call them in. I need to know if she's okay she hasn't moved since the explosion." She felt her move? I press the button and my grandpa comes in.

"Grandpa can you get grams?" He smiles and nods. I take in having her back in my arms and pray, I pray and thank god because she's okay. After a bit grams walks in with a Machine.

"Hey my baby!" She says as she sets up next to the side Dani is leaning on. Dani is still topless.

"Hey grams"

"Let's check in on my great grand baby." She squeezes the blue jelly on Dani's belly not moving her and just leaving her on her side. She puts the wand on Danis belly and the picture shows the perfect angle to the one thing I didn't want to see. Dani is right three lines indicating we're having a girl. I'm fucked.

We see her hands, her feet. She's sleeping sucking her thumb, my vision gets blurry I feel Dani's hand come up to my cheek caressing it. It's then I realize I'm fucking crying. A fucking girl. Grams then plays her heart beat and it's steady and perfect. I lean down and kiss her lips then her cheeks.

"I fucking love you babe" I tell her. She looks down and nods her head.

"I love you too nova" she says in a whisper.

"Everything looks okay on here her heart beat is strong. She's a little under weight. But now you're home we can get you eat more." Grams tells her. She doesn't say anything just nods her head. Grams kisses Dani's forehead prints out the pictures and hands them to us and leaves.


Dani's POV

We sit in complete silence for a bit. My whole body hurts. Knowing my baby is okay is enough to make me feel a little better. It seems Sebastian is about to say something when there's a scream and I sit up on instinct! Rylee! "NiNi NiNi NiNi NiNi!" There's a Knock on my door.

Sebastian calls out for them to enter. When they do poor Rylee is screaming bloody murder. "Ry ry" i call out she starts wiggling and pushing off of Cassie. She looks hurt as she sets Rylee down. Ry runs to my bed side reaching up, Sebastian lifts her and she curls in to me. And I feel this weird relief. She's safe. She curls to my good side her hand On my belly. I curl myself around her like I did at Philips and rest my heavy lids.

Sebastian plays with my hair as he tells his parents about the baby. He talks with so much heart.

"How did you do it? When you found out about Sasha being a girl?" Sebastian says, hands still rubbing my scalp. I feel myself slowly drifting but I fight against it.

"I freaked. I cried. I Made a vow to protect her at all cost!"

"But she still got hurt! I don't think I can handle my daughter going through what sash is!"

"You can't lock her in a bubble, Sebastian."

"The fuck I can't." He chuckles at Sebastian's response. They want to go see Sash so mom try's to grab Ry but she won't let go of me. Sebby tell them we'll keep her until they leave. They walk out the room and he try's to move, but I whine.

"Don't leave!" I practically cry.

"I'm not. I was just getting comfortable!"

"You can fit on the bed with us!" I try. He smiles at me and kisses my lips.

He takes everything out of his pockets and climbs in bed with us. "I love you Dani! So fucking much." He rasp out before falling asleep. I love you too nova.

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