Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Sebastian's POV

I wake up feeling a weight on top of me. Lost in confusion I shove off who ever is on top of me and instantly regret it. A scream escapes her parted lips as a tear streams down her beautiful face. Fuck. "I'm sorry Dani I thought you were someone else!" Her eyes widen as she chokes back on air. "Shit not like that damn. I momentarily forgot where I was and who I was. I felt something on top of me and I panicked." I say pulling her back to me.

She has been clingy all day when I get up to use the bathroom you would think I'm leaving and never coming back. My mom came and dropped Rylee off a few hours ago. Sash is awake so they went to go check on her. I know I've been a shit brother but I did stop by last night when Dani was a sleep. She was still unconscious but I got to see that she was okay and safe.

I finally gave Dani back her phone. Her dad has been blowing her up, so has that prick Grayson. Well fuck you Grayson! I may have deleted his contact information from her phone. She'll get over it.

Mom, dad, and Cain all walk in to Dani's room and we all begin talking about Philip and his sex trafficking rings. Sasha managed to get the locations but were working on borrowed time. It's only a matter of time before they move shop and a new leader takes over. We need to strike before then. My dad says he's taking the guys with him and told me to stay with Dani.

"No I'm not sitting this out, I'm fucking coming and after I'm going to handle the sick fuck who whipped Dani." I snarl. I feel my arm being pulled back and I look in to Dani's teary eyes.

"Please don't leave!" She whispers. My dad and mom look at us and decide to give us privacy to discuss the matter. Mom takes a fussy Rylee leaving me and Dani alone.

"Don't Dani! I need to be there with them! I'm going to be leader one day, I can't have my dad and the guys do this with out me."

"But I don't want you to leave please! Your dad said you could sta-"

"I'm fucking going Dani you need to quit the clingy shit and let me do my fucking job!" I snap before realizing what I just fucking said. I see her eyes get watery as she pulls her arms back off me. I try to grab her again but she turns herself the opposite direction. Shit. I have all this anger and the need to make these fuckers pay that I forget she needs me too. I try to touch her but she pulls away.

"Dani I'm sorry I didn't mean it."

"Leave! GET OUT AND DON'T COME BACK." She yells. Feeling defeated I go to sit on the bed and decide to stay. As I try to lay back she uses her ass to push me off. "I said leave, before I have your dad come and remove you!" She growls out. I can hear the hurt in her voice. I walk out of her room and go talk to my dad. He of course slaps me upside my head and tells me have fun fixing this one!

They just got done talking to sash but now that they're all out I head in to talk to her. "Wow supergirl lives on!" I tease as she smiles up at me.

"Sebby!" She squeals reaching out for me. I pull her in to a hug and tell her how happy I am that she's safe. We talk about a few idle things before I cave and ask her for a favor.

"I hear that when we leave they're taking you to see Dani?" She nods her head and raises her brow. She knows me all too well. "She's upset because she doesn't want me to go, but I need to do this and she wouldn't stop fighting me on it so I may have called her clingy." Her face turn red as she grabs her tv remote and beats me with it.

"She's been through a lot she just needs reassurance right now! You're an asshole and No I won't back you up on this!"

"I'm not asking for you to back me up just please keep her company so she isn't alone. With you and mom here with her she should be okay."

"You're a fucking dumbass." She breaths out. I know sister trust me I know. When don't I mess up with this girl? She nods and I leave to head out with the guys. Time for payback.


Danica's POV

When Sebastian called me clingy it hit me hard. I never wanted to be one of those girls who are too attached to a man that she feels empty when he's gone, yet here I am. Ive been crying for a while when my phone chimes.

Daniel: dammit Dani why aren't you responding.

It's been 2 weeks I thought things were good with us.

Please Dani I just got you back sweetheart.

The messages go on so I decide to call him.

"Dani oh god are you okay? Why haven't you been answering me?" He fires away.

"I'm fine I promise."

"What's that beeping sound is that? Are you in a hospital?"

"She's in a hospital what happened?" I hear Gray in the background. There's a bit of a scuffle before my dad whisper yells at him to let go of the phone.

"Is it just you two there or is-"

"No, no your mother is out doing god knows what it's just us." I tell him I'm in the hospital but I'm okay. I don't tell them about the kidnapping only letting him know it's been a tough two weeks. After I'm done I hear shuffling and then Graysons voice comes over the line.

"Did you block my number?"

"What no I haven't even-"

"Every time I call or text it says your number isn't available." Sebastian. I intentionally groan. I'm going to kill this boy.

"Sorry Rylees been hanging to my phone a lot recently she must have messed with it. I'm sorry."

"What hospital are you at? Do you mind if I come visit?" This is not good if he sees me he'll know I'm lying.

"I don't think that's- "

"Please I just want to make sure you're okay I promise it will be a short visit." Caving in I give him the information but made him promise to come alone. After we hang up Sasha and Cassie enter my room. I hop out of bed and drag my iv bag so I can give her a hug.

We talk about how happy we are to finally be free and talk about how happy we are to be home. Cassie helps me and so I can take a shower and wash up without hurting my back. Sasha goes after me and when she's done Cassie excuses herself. She's going home to try and get rest. She has a therapist meeting with Rylee to try and help after all the shit she had to see.

When she leaves Sasha gets serious. She tells me that she is pregnant and scared. I try to calm her nerves letting her know that I'm always here for her. I am a bit excited we'll be moms together. After a bit more she heads to her room to get some rest.

It's mid evening when there's a knock on my door. I tell the person to come in and when they do I see it's Grayson and he brought flowers and Chinese food. I don't even hold back the moan at the sight of food. Grayson lets out a chuckle as he makes his way to me and hands me my food.

He thankfully can't see my back so he has no reason to doubt my reason for being here! I tell him about the baby being a girl and we talk about the past 2 weeks and how he's been. Some call it deflecting, I call it getting to know him better. We joke around and talk about any and everything. We talked and joked so much that I lost track of time. It isn't til my room door swings open and in comes an angry Sebastian.

"Why the hell are you here?" He hisses at Grayson. Oh no you don't buddy. I feel my anger boil over as I remember how he talked to me earlier.

"Get out" I growl.

"See she wants you out now lea-"

"I'm talking to you Sebastian! Get the fuck out!" I scream. He looks at me his face contorting in to a very angry looks. His eyes go black and he looks like he's ready to attack. I pay him no mind as I look on the time on my phone. It's 2am oh my fuck. Grayson grabs my hand to get my attention.

"It's getting late and you need rest. I'll stop by tomorrow?" He ask. I nod my head and he kisses my forehead. Before I even know what's happening Sebastian has Gray pinned to the wall by his neck.

"Stay the fuck away from my woman! And keep your fucking lips off her." He growls. He lifts his fist about to punch. I need to defuse this situation so I jump out of the bed and grab Sebastians hand letting out a hiss in pain.

"I said go Sebastian!" When his eyes snap to me they go back to blue and soften.

"Fine" he bites out grabbing Grayson by the collar of his shirt and pulling him out the door. Letting out a sigh in relief I get back in bed lean my head back and close my eyes. After a few minutes I hear my door open again and when I look up I see Sebastian making his way back in.

"I said go." I hiss out.

"I did and now I'm back." He says playfully. Does he not realize that I'm serious? That what he said earlier hurt like a bitch? Why does he think he can treat me any way and I'm supposed to just allow it.

"I don't want you here at all! Wouldn't want to be clingy and hold you back from anything else you got going on!" I snap at him. He doesn't respond as he walks up to me and it's now that I realize he had a gift bag in his hands. I don't even bother trying to see what it could be, I turn over and give him my back as I start to cry again. Dammit princess stop making mommy a weak bitch. I mentally scold the baby inside me.

"I didn't mean it Dani! I'm sorry I said it. I am an asshole, I just wanted to make them pay for what they did to you." I don't bother responding I just close my eyes and fall asleep. His smooth words won't get him out of this one.


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