Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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THIS STORY GOES WITH BETWEEN TWO SOLDIERS. Should be read together ! Sebastian Jones son of Kaden Jones. His status in his parents organization has been a blessing to him. All the girls want him. All the guys wanted to be him. He changes girls like he changes his underwear. He's now in college being separated from his twin for the the first time ever. When him and his sister get called back home for the birth of their baby sister he meets his sisters new best friend Danica Ortiz. Danica Ortiz has had a rough childhood being used by her stepfather and stepbrother. She doesn't do relationships and doesn't trust easily. She prefers the hit it and quit it method when hooking up with guys. When she goes to college her roommate Sasha Jones ends up becoming her most trusted person and becomes the sister she never had. What happens when she meets her new best friends twin brother while accompanying her to the birth of her new sister. "I told you I have nothing to offer you. We agreed on sex and nothing more." She says exhaustedly. I don't know why I'm so bothered by this. I wish every girl I fucked could be like this, but I don't like it, not from her. Seeing her making out with some random dude brought out something in me I never thought I'd feel. Jealousy. "Okay and it could stay just sex until we all head back to school but just m

Erotica / Drama
crystal rodriguez
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My twins friend is hot

This is book three in the Mafia soldier series. You should read the princess soldier before reading these because there will be mentions of characters or situations that occurred in the first book. Also this story goes together with Between Two Soldiers. They both go together.

Sebastians POV

I'm Sebastian Jones and I'm the son of Cassie and Kaden Jones. Right now I'm a student at NYU. My best friend Cain and I have an apartment in the Bronx and we take the train to classes because my parents felt New York wasn't safe for me to drive. They were fucking damn right about that. The people here drive like fucking maniacs.

I've been here for two months already. It drive me crazy because my twin sister is off in Texas. My other best friend Ryder had to leave here and go be her guard but still I hate that she's not close to me. She and I have a strong connection that I can't explain. When we were younger if she got hurt or sick I felt it. I'd get this unexplained nausea and bad vibes would wrack my body. The same with her when it comes to me.

That's why when Ryder ended things with her I beat his ass. They ended after him and that red head hooked up. He told me that he called her and they came to a mutual agreement. That boy is like a kid who discovered masturbation for the first time. That boy fucks like it's his life mission.

Right now we're back at our apartment because he got pissed while we were at a party. He wouldn't tell me what's wrong. We came home and now he's in his room breaking any and everything he could get his hands on.

At around 10 pm I start feeling sick. I run to the bathroom dry heaving and I can feel the familiar vibes through my body. I grab my phone and try to call Sasha. She doesn't answer. I try Ryder but he's not answering what the fuck. I keep calling Sash til finally Ryder answers.

"Why are you answering my sisters phone?"

"Um she's passed out why?"

"Don't fucking lie, I know something is wrong you know better then anyone, my connection to her."

"You can't tell Cain! ....... She saw a video of him with that red head. She went to her room and cried herself to sleep. I figured she'd be fine while I ran to the gym to train. When I got back she was gone. She went to a bonfire." He tells me how he found some asshole raping my sister and that he must have drugged her because she was unconscious. My blood boils and my anger spikes.

"Fuck I knew this was a bad fucking idea I should've fucking followed her she needs me. I'm calling dad I'm transfer-"

"NO! Don't fucking dare. If you come Cain comes and he's just getting a taste of freedom! what the fuck you think he's going to do when y'all get here? Hell Play the loving boyfriend for 5 seconds? and fuck her neighbor right after? THATS THE LAST FUCKING THING SHE NEEDS RIGHT NOW."

"Fuck so what? I'm supposed to let her stay there by herself and deal with this shit?"

"She has her roommate. She's been through some shit and she'll be here for her. And I'll make sure everyone knows she's off limits."

"Fine but next semester I'm transferring" Click.

Fuck this she and Cain can work their shit out how ever they want but I'm transferring. I call my dad and ask him if he would mind pulling a few strings and get me transferred but he tells me my moms having contractions and Ry is coming. I rush to my room and pack for two weeks. I throw on some black sweats and a long sleeve white shirt. I tell Cain we're going home and his mood seems to pick up.

Not to sound like a spoiled rich kid but I thank god for my parents private jet.

When we get there I beeline it for my moms suite not bothering to say hi to anyone. Once Rylee is born I go to the waiting room to bring back Cain and Ryder.

When I walk up to them I see them being reprimanded by the cutest little thing ever. She has blonde brown hair she's light skinned with a petite frame. She has on a tank top with leggings and a sweater. When I snap to, I let the guys know we can go in to meet the baby. Ryder lets me know her name is Danica and she's Sashas roommate. Damn I'd love to bury myself in that.

We all get a chance to hold Rylee but I can't help but stare at Danica! Like damn my twins friend is hot. Sasha walked out a few minutes ago and Cain went after her but I suddenly see Ryder get up and tap Danica as they both head out. Damn is he fucking her?

I follow them out and I hear my sister yelling at Cain about cheating. He fucking lied to me. He will fucking pay. It's his fault she was hurt. Ryder threatens him and they get in each other's face. Since when does Ryder stick up for Sash? I decide it's time for us to get home we obviously are all running on little to no sleep.

^^^^^^^ kitchen

When we get to the house I just see Danica in the kitchen getting some water. I hop on the counter sliding across it to her. "Hi we weren't formally introduced I'm Sashas twin Sebastian." I say with a smirk.

She puts her head down shaking it with a laugh. What's so funny. "Damn Casanova you ain't gotta try that hard" she giggles. Yup I'm hard. I think about what Ryder said on the phone. What did he mean when he said she's been through shit and she can help Sasha?

I hop off and corner her between the counters and she smiles. She's fucking cute. "If that's the case your room or mine?"

At that moment I see Cain trying to sneak up stairs "Don't you dare..... She had a long day let her sleep" I say in a threatening tone. He doesn't respond, just walks to his room. Aaannnnddd back to this cutie.

"Your room big boy." She seductively whispers in my ear. I grab her hand and pull her towards my room. Once inside she begins to laugh. My room was done when I was 13 and I never cared to change it. I have my bed is hanging from the ceiling by chains. I have 2 neon green and black gamer chairs. Xbox foot stools and a small entertainment center that hold all my video game.

"What are you 12?" She starts to laugh again. I'll show her 12.

I lift her up and throw her on my bed. She lets out a gasp and a giggle. I pull her leggings and her thong off and toss them on the ground. She yanks her top off to reveal she ain't wearing a bra Fuck I like this one. She gets on her knees and crawls over to me. She pulls my pants down and wraps her hand around my rock solid cock. she bite her lip and looks up at me.

"I don't kiss on the lips and I don't do four play." She says. What. She starts pumping and goes for the draw in my nightstand. How the fuck does she know? She grabs a condom and rips it open she slides it down so fuckkkingggg damn have to think of something so I don't bust so fast.

Her grip is snug the roll of her hand is fucking magic. She pulls me on the bed and climbs on top of me. She got small boobs and a small butt, and I'm oddly loving it. She spits on the condom and rubs it up and down her slit before sliding all the way down fuck. She starts bouncing her very small ass on me and fuck it feels good.

I flip us over and she try's to shove me back but I grab her wrist and hold them above her head. I see panic flash through her eyes. I let go of her wrist, I want to kiss her but she said that's off limits so I kiss her neck.

She starts relaxing and grinding her hips up so I keep sucking at the nape of her neck as I leave a mark I start leaving open mouth kisses to her jaw. I nibble on her chin and kiss her cheek. Then I kiss the side of her mouth.

I pick up my pace as I throw her legs over my arms to get a little deeper "Harder nova fuuuucckkk haarrdeeerr." She cry's. So I start slamming in to her with all I got and this fucking girl met each of my thrust. Throwing her head back I can feel her begin to clench around me fuck her pussy is fucking tight.

I put her legs over my shoulder and she grabs a pillow throwing over her face to muffle her moans. "Sweet tits they can hear the chains to my bed rattling. They know someone is getting fucked." I grab the pillow out of her face and latch my mouth to one of her small breast. Swirling my tongue around her erect nipple and just like that she's screaming Nova and I spill in to the condom. "Nova?"

"Casanova." I get up and go to my bathroom. I hop in the shower thinking about how to go about kicking her out. When I'm done I get dressed in basketball shorts and a plain t-shirt. When I back to my room all traces of Dani are gone. Well shit this is the perfect girl. I head out my room to catch the exact person I need to lay my fist to.

Cain is walking down from my sisters floor. He looks pissed. Good. Hey Cain training room now. He follows me to the gym and in to the ring I waste no time punching him throwing my fist one after the other til I see blood.

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