Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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You make it easy

Sebastian POV

I followed the guys out to the car still beating myself over my stupid STUPID choice in words. Why must I always fuck shit up with my fucking mouth! I never say the right shit! Refocusing my attention to the mission, I prepare. We all got bulletproof vest on. We grab our guns and rush out the cars.

Everything seem like some shit you would see in a movie. We have 5 SUVs 3 sports cars and about 6 bikes filled with members and a bus for the girls we save. Once we get to the warehouse we follow Sasha's instructions. We got a seductive's to pretend to be her. We go in and have her say exactly what sash said to say word for word. "Sasha Carlyle! Here to meet my husband he's running late."

The dude opens the door, we send her to round up the innocents as we take out the sick fucks. My gun in my hand feeling like the weight of the world. If we fuck this up Dani and Sash will always live in fear. I don't ever want that for her. I want her to know I will always keep her and Sky safe.

Skylar We can name her after my sister. Kinda. Sasha's middle name is Skylar. Sky leanne Jones. Snapping back to reality I shoot the bastard in front of me straight in the head. The guy all start shooting as we lay out every bastard out, in this hall. We reload as we follow down the hall taking out any one we came across.

Once we make it up to the busy part of the ring there aren't too many men. We each split up and take out the rest of the guys we leave none alive. The rest of his men died when Sash exploded the house, so we have the seductress take the girls out and help them in the cars. We do a final sweep of the place making sure there are no survivors. She's taking them to the hospital so the police can take over. I call my connect at the police station and let him know about the girls so he can take the case.

I take one of the motorcycles and head home to change and shower real fast. I took moms car and I ran to the mall and went to build a bear! That shit was humiliating I picked out a bear that was like the sky and had clouds all over it. They made me spin a kiss the damn heart, Like I didn't just kill a bunch of sick fucks a minute ago.

I let them know I would like to put a voice thingy in the bear so the woman gets me the voice box. She tells me what I need to do to record. I had all the woman and children surround me as i embarrassingly sung Jason Aldine 'You Make it easy'. When I got done every one was clapping and one of the store clerks hit on me. I Felt bad but turned her down hurtfully. I already have the girl I want, all the others are just background noise. I get her bear boxed and ready to go.

I also got her some chocolates, some snicker ice cream, and a card. I got her flowers too I decided to be extra cheesy and buy her 11 real roses and one fake one in a glass like in beauty in the beast.

Now I'm here at the club with the son of a bitch who hurt my girl. I had Ollie work on a special weapon for me. I brought a flogger and a bunch of razor blades. I had him hot glue the blades through all the flogger strips up and down the flogger! I head down to the cellar to see the flogger set on a chair.

"Oh are you here to avenge your dirty slut?"

My head snaps to the asshole. The dude is big. He's bigger then me, and he hit my girl who is child sized compare to me. I feel all that anger begin to build again. He looks to be about 6' 4 and has muscles for days. He's as big as a bodybuilder. "Maybe if you taught your bitch to know her place we wouldn't be here!"

"If she assumed 'her place' as you say, you would've raped my 2 year old baby sister YOU SICK FUCK." Just as I start shouting at him I feel a hand pull me back.

"We got your back son" my dad says as he has a few of the guys rough macho man up again. Once he's down we have the guys tie him to the chair shirtless. Not wanting to get blood on my clothes, I strip down to my boxers. Just as I turn back to this sick fuck I see Ollie walking in.

"Nope definitely not! Ollie go back up!"

"She's my best friend I deserve to see this asshole suffer!" He bites out.

"Are you sure you want to be here?" He just nods his head.

Mild torture content

I grab the flogger and whip it against his skin. He lets out a howl before growling. "You see! You hurt MY woman, I hurt you worst." I grit out walking over to the weapon closet, I grab the alcohol and pour it on his back and flog again. I repeat this action till his back is even more shredded then Dani's. By the time I'm done with him he's barely conscious and his back is practically skinned off.

End of trigger content

"You're not going to kill him?" My dad ask with a raised brow.

"He was Dani's tormentor, he is her kill she needs that power back and I won't take that from her." I walk off to shower and head back to the hospital. It's 1:30am I know it's late but fuck I hope she's up so I could fix this. When I get to the hospital one of her usual nurses eyes widen as she runs to me.

"Um Sebastian I think maybe you should come back tomorrow!" She rushes out looking between me and Dani's door.

"Look I know she's mad at me and probably told you to kick me out but she's my woman and not you, not any body in here will keep me from that room!" I replied harshly.

"That's not the problem Sebastian, please she doesn't need stress just come-" tired of this woman I walk around her to Dani's room. "She has a visitor!"

The nurse shouts stopping me in my tracks.

"Who?" I growl knowing it's no one from the family because everyone is home.

"His name is Gra-" she doesn't get to finish because I leave the bag with the stuff I got Dani at the nurse station, and I storm in to her room with purpose.

" Why the hell are you here?" I hiss at Grayson, as I think of all the ways I could kill him.

"Get out" She growls.

"See she wants you out now lea-"

"I'm talking to you Sebastian! Get the fuck out!" She scream. I looks at her my face burning from anger. Im about to beat this fuckers ass. She pays me no mind as She look at her phone for something. This asshole grabs her hand.

"It's getting late and you need rest. I'll stop by tomorrow?" He ask. She nods her head and he kisses her forehead. My patience finally snaps and I rush up to him and pin him against the wall by his throat.

"Stay the fuck away from my woman! And keep your fucking lips off her." I threaten. I lift my fist about to punch, but Dani's cry and hand on my fist stop me.

"I said go Sebastian!" She says. My eyes fall on her and soften.

"Fine" I bite out grabbing Grayson by the collar of his shirt and pulling him out the door. "I suggest you back off my girl and find some other bitch to drool over." I snap at him.

"Hmmm insecurity! It's a nasty bitch and it's shows your obviously lacking in something! Well I'm her friend and don't plan on going anywhere. But that's not to say if she gave me the time of day I'd say no. Because if she did I'd show her how she SHOULD be treated." He says before bumping my shoulder and leaves. Im gonna put a bullet in that mother fucker.

I go to the nurse station and grab the bag with the stuff I got for her. I go back to her room to see her with her head leaned back and her eyes closed.

"I said go." She hisses out.

"I did and now I'm back." I say playfully.

"I don't want you here at all! Wouldn't want to be clingy and hold you back from anything else you got going on." She snaps at me. I don't respond as i walk up to her. She turns over giving me her back. I sit on the bed and touch her arm.

"I didn't mean it Dani! I'm sorry I said it. I am an asshole, I just wanted to make them pay for what they did to you." I say feeling my heart falling to my stomach. She doesn't respond she doesn't move. I go in to the bag and pull out the bear, I squeeze it and set it in front of her.

"You make it easy

Lovin' up on you

Make it easy

With every little thing you do

You're my sunshine in the darkest days

My better half, my saving grace

You make me who I wanna be

You make it easy

You took on my rough around the edges

Never let it ruffle up your feathers, angel

Yeah I'm down for life, you got me wrapped around your finger

And I like it just in case you can't tell"

I hear her sniffle so I lay behind her and pull her back to me carefully so I wouldn't hurt her wounds. "I know what I said was a low blow Dani but I swear I don't see you as clingy! Okay maybe I do but I love it because it shows me how much I mean to you! That I bring you comfort! Dani I'm gonna fuck up! I know I am because I always do, not saying I do it on purpose but I love you! So fucking much! If there's anything I want you to know it's that you are my everything!" She doesn't respond but I can still feel the small trembles going through her as she cry's. I pull her close to me a kiss the back of her head.

From this point on she's going to wish this fight never happened. I'm gonna suffocate her with so much love and affection she's going to hire someone to take me out of her hair.

"When you get out of here I have one more surprise for you." I whisper before closing my eyes and letting sleep carry me away.


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