Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Dani's POV

I wake up the next day in an embrace so tight my back is stinging. Using my elbow I hit Sebastian. He whines but pulls back. "I'm sorry, was I hurting you?" He says. Voice so husky and thick with sleep I feel myself get wet, so I have to reprimand myself. He is not getting off that easy. I just nod.

I peak at my phone to see it's 10am. I have a text from gray but I'll check it later it's the least of my problems. "Dannniiiiii!" He whines. I need distance so I push him off me, grab my iv pole and head to the bathroom. I do my business, I brush my teeth, and wash my face. I Just stand there for a moment before turning my back to the mirror glad that the back of my gown is open.

I see my whole back covered in a bandage, from over my shoulder. I can only imagine how disgusting my back will look. For the first time in my life my scars are shown permanently on the outside! I close my eyes willing myself not to cry. I've been doing too much of that lately. I feel Sebastian next to me but I don't bother looking at him. I feel his hand automatically go to my belly then I feel his lips through the thin fabric of the hospital gown.

"Sky Leanne Jones! Can you tell your mommy that daddy is very very sorry." He says kissing her. I feel her kick right at his lips.

"Good girl Sky let him know he can't always just sweet talk his way out of things." I say rubbing my belly.

"But I sang in to a bear for you!" He says looking at me through his lashes with a pout. His eye holding his mischievous glint. I let out a loud groan turning my back to him.

"You can't just sing to me and then think it's all gonna be fine Sebastian!" And cue the water works. "I hate being this person! This insecure paranoid person Sebastian. You left me and called me clingy. I was never this person. I was fine with things being just me. Not even god himself can help you out of this one!"

"Did you just say God?" He says, looking in to my eyes through the mirror. I just arch a brow while I feel him digging in his pocket. I feel something press against my ass and I'm about ready to punch him, until I see him pull his phone to his ear! "Hey! Look I need a favor and this may be my last hope! Can you please talk to dani for me? Please please please?" He begs. The person says something so he hands me the phone. Taking it, I stare right in to his green eyes that held hope.

I arch a brow and brake the silence. "God?"

I say sarcastically. He smiles looking down shaking his head. His brown hair flowing over his face.

"I swear my son is a dumb ass.... No Dani not God, Kaden. What ever he did DO NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK THAT EASY!" He yells, laughing at the end. "See y'all in a bit. BYE SON." Click. I look at him again and shake my head. Cute real cute I'll admit that but it's not going to work.

"Dani I had to be there baby I had to. I needed to see for myself that there were no survivors left. I wanted to make sure that I will never have to worry about someone ever taking you from me again." Fuck! He leans in to my ear "That fucker that did this." He says dragging his finger down my back. "I flogged him with a special flogger that had razors attached to it. I flogged him til his back was nothing but raw meat!" I can't help but moan out. Why is that so sexy. I can't help the twitch in my lips but I school my face and go stern again.

I get it and he has a point. I don't think I would have taken anyone else's word if they told me I was safe. Sebastian saying it, however makes me feel more secure and trust it to be true. I still continue to glare at him through the mirror. He still called me clingy. His eyes go completely black as he grabs a fist full of my hair. He leans his head down and starts sucking my neck. I close my eyes and try not to moan. Why am I looking for reasons to fight with him?

He slides his free hand through the opening in my gown and brings his hand to my stomach. Teasing me by rubbing his hand up and down my sides. I let out a whine and feel him smirk in to my skin. "You want me to touch you somewhere else my baby girl?" He whispers in my ear. I bite my lip and shut my eye. Smack. My eyes snap open as a moan slipped through my parted lips. The sting in my ass feeling so damn good. Wait what?

"I asked you a question!" He growls.

I spin on my heel and look him in the eye, well as best as my short ass can. "Fuck you" I say with a smirk. He lift me up so fast and sat me on the sink. He pulls off my gown and stares at my body before he spreads my legs getting down on his knees.

"Black silk panties. Hmm. That's the kind of underwear you wear in a hospital?" He ask playing with the sides of the bands. I roll my eyes and try to hop off. He's playing with me and I don't want to be teased. Either fuck me or leave me be. His strong hands hold me down on the sink preventing me from moving.

I look back down at him to see him smirk and rip my panties off and without wasting any more time his head dives in between my legs and I feel his wet talented tongue glide from my entrance to my button and I arch my back throwing my head back in to the mirror. He works his tongue expertly gliding it over my clit with such purpose. He slips a finger in to my dripping heat and I grind myself into him calling out his name. I feel myself getting close, feeling that familiar tightening in my stomach. Just as I'm about to come he pulls away.

My eyes snap open to meet his as he stands in front of me. Shirtless, abs on display. Strong arms flexed and looking like he could break me in two "MmM" wait no I'm mad. Just as I'm about to punch him, he slides down his sweats and grabs his very erect penis and glides it over my slit teasingly.

Having enough of his games I try to grab his length but he tsk me and pulled away, but then slams in to me making me let out a cry. Fuck this feels good. Having him fill me is one of the best feelings. He begins to move but his thrust aren't easy or gentle. I'm trying to keep it down but fuck it. My moans and his grunts fill the small space of the bathroom.

His monster cock impales me while I use my hands to hold me up on the sink his thrust are rough, hard, and so damn heavenly. "Sebastian!" I'm no longer moaning but screaming at the top of my lungs. He doesn't slow on his assault but rather drills in to me harder. The sensation in overwhelming, I'm going to loose it. I cover my mouth in a futile attempt to to prevent anyone from thinking I'm in pain or in trouble.

Sebastian yanks my hand away from my mouth. "Don't ever cover your damn mouth!" He growls out animalistic like. He yanks my head back and brings his mouth to my extremely sensitive nipples and starts biting and then switching. It sends me over the edge as I clench around his dick I feel him twitching inside me telling me he's close too I pull his head off my chest and look him in the eyes.

"Fuck nova I'm gonna cum." He kisses me roughly and starts quickening up his pace. I throw my head back screaming his name to the heavens as my orgasm rips through me.

End of mature content

My bliss is cut short when I hear a loud noise Sebastian grip on me tightens as the sink falls from the wall and shatters at our feet. Then the bathroom door flings open and a frantic Cassie and Grayson stand at my bathroom door. They stare at us wide eyes well this must be a sight. I'm naked wrapped around Sebastian who is still inside of me with a broken sink at our feet. Well shit this is just perfect.

Once Sebastian sees them he spins us so he's covering my naked body. "Get the fuck out you perv! Mommy can you step out for a minute." His tone changing from angry to innocent in 2.3 seconds. Once they walk out he sets me in the shower thingy and turns on the water for me to step in. He takes a few minutes but he finally joins me and all we could do is laugh. We legit just broke a hospital sink from fucking on it. How will we explain this one.

He helps me wash up, washes himself off and walks to the door. He calls out to his mom and she hands him a bag. He comes to me and helps me get dressed in the clothes his mom brought for me which is just leggings and undies. I put on a new gown leaving the back open, he has on his usual sweatpants and long sleeve shirt. I see he moved all the sharp pieces of the sink to the back wall.

He lifts me in his arms and walks out of the bathroom. When we get out we see a very pissed off Kaden his fist is red and swollen and next to him Cassie is laughing. "Go look in their bathroom you big baby! I bet that would temporarily erase that traumatizing image in your head." She tells him. He mumbles and yea right but when he looks in the bathroom he falls on the ground in a fit of laughter Cassie joining in.

I look a Sebastian to see him try to cover his laugh. I look by my bed a see a mortified looking Grayson. Shit I forgot about him. "That's it ya totally and rightfully have earned the nickname bunnies I relinquish my title." Cass gets out between laughs. I think this bitch is gonna die. She can't breath she's laughing so hard. I try to walk over to Grayson to apologize for what he walked in on but Sebastian pulls me back in to him.

He walks me over to my bed and gets in next to me securely keeping his arm wrapped around me. "Hey Gray!" I say trying to give him a smile. I'm sure my cheeks are beet red. This is awkward. He smiles back but it looks forced.

"How are you just pregnant with one?" He says the mortified look coming back to his handsome features. He's wearing a white button up and dark blue jeans, his hair brushed back. He could definitely be a model. I feel a pinch on my side and snap out of it. I, now realize I was checking him out. I looked to my side to see a very pissed off Sebastian staring at me.

I roll my eyes and swat Gray. "This never happened! You know nothing." I say in mock threatening voices. He lets out a laugh and we fall in to conversations as we all talk about different things.

He begins talking about Kelly my "mom" that's when all the side talk stops and everyone's attention goes straight to him.

"She been fight a lot with Daniel since you came back in to the picture. She doesn't like that he meets up with you alone for lunches and that you two are getting that father and daughter bond. It's so bad he filed for a divorce." He tells us. Why would she be mad about me and my father developing a bond. "Dani shes unhinged! She admitted to giving you to Marisol to be sold in sex trafficking. She said you weren't the child she wanted." He tells me how after I went missing she tried to get pregnant again to replace me, but my dad could never get over my disappearance. He tells the group to keep a look out for her because when she got the divorce papers she started threatening me and my child.

We stayed talking for a bit more before he heads out leaving us to just us and ma n kade. I finally really take a look at the bear he got me to see it's sky themed. "You caved didn't you?" Cassie says with amused smile. Knowing that she's referring to Sasha's comment about the baby's name I chuckled.

"Of course she did! She can't stay ma-"

"I'm talking about the babies name!"

"What no I choose the name. I figured if it wasn't for my pain in the ass twin I would've never met my bae." Sebastian teases. Cassie and I break out in to laughter.

"Yup they're twins!" She jokes. "That was Sasha's closing case in the argument."

"Her name is Sky Leanne Jones." I say rubbing my belly. I see Cass and Kadens smiles widen as the cone and give us a hug. "So now I have another crazy mom I have to endure." I whine covering my face.

"Don't worry she's light work! We got this." Sebastian whispers in to my hair. "When we get out of here you can finish off the asshole who hurt you. After that we'll search for your mom and make sure to get the message across that she better stay away!" I nod my head and he kisses me. "I love you Dani."

"I love you too."


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