Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Tennis rackets

Danica's POV

Once every one leaves Sebastian takes his shirt off and for the first time I'm actually looking at him. I see he has two wounds, they're not fresh but they're not completely healed either. He turns to the door doing something on his phone soI get up and walk up. I wrap my arms around his torso to touch the gunshot wound on his chest and one on his stomach on the side.

"When did these happen?"

"Don't worry about it." He says. It doesn't come out mean or rude but it did hurt a little. I pull my hands off but he pulls me closer. "The day you were taken, me and my dad got shot! I was barely conscious when they showed us they captured y'all." He says voice cracking when he says captured. I lay my head on his back doing what I do best these days. I cry.

"Did you even give yourself time to heal?" It's obvious he didn't, another burning question did anything happen between him and Melissa whilst I was gone. It's my burning question.

"The moment I found out you were taken after I woke up I lost it. They had to hold me and my dad down. I moved back in to the beach house! I was only there to sleep. Every woke moment was spent looking for you." This boy right here. I bury my head in his back. "I have something to tell you. But before you flip out I already took care of it."

"Spit it out or I swear I'm going to beat it out of you!" I growl out, terrified of what he's about to say.

"The day you almost fell down the stairs, I think melissa pushed you." There is nothing that can calm the rage inside of me I pull my hands back but he prevents me from moving pulling me back to him.

"Sebastian this fucking girl tried to kill our child and physically harmed me in the process and she's still alive?"

"Dani she is leaving, you're home! Philip is gone she's is leaving and we will never see her again!" I can't fucking believe him right now. I pull away from him and go back to my bed. To say I'm pissed is an understatement. There is nothing this girl does that he doesn't fuck bat an eye and is allowing her to live after trying to harm our baby? For the rest of the night I completely ignore him!


Its been a damn week in that hell hole but I am finally home free! I am going straight back to my old room and Sebastian better take his ass to New York with his bitch of a love. True to his word he smothered me the whole stay, didn't leave my side for a single damn second. Thank god Kaden and Cassie are picking me up.

Sasha's not being released for another day so it's just me. When they get here Kaden helps gather all my things while Cassie pushes my wheelchair. I can walk but it's 'hospital procedures'. This crazy ass woman nearly crashed me more times then I could count. This is probably the most I've laughed in a while. We finally get settled in and head home.

When we make it to the house they send me in and told me they have to go handle a few things. When I walk in the house I hear Sebastians voice. "Remember What I said and you can leave in two days with the rest of the group." It doesn't even come out threatening.

I decide to make my presence known and Sebastians head automatically snaps to me eyes wide knowing he'd just been caught. I look at him in pure disgust. He rushes over to me and grabs my bag. "Here baby I'll take those to my-"

"No they're going to MY room." I say with attitude.

"But we agreed my room was-"

"Didn't you just threaten your side bitch to stay in her lane? Then I shouldn't have to worry about falling down the stair again right?" He just stares at me mouth wide open, shellshocked. He nods and walks away.

"Oh so he did tell you all about us? As long as I behave he will come to New York with me. You and your crack baby can go find some other man to trap." Boiling point reached I'm so over this bitch I reach in to the umbrella rack hidden behind the wall and pull out Victors tennis racket and look at her. "That baby is nothing but a mistake! He used you to replace me! He doesn't want a baby with a whore. I'm doing him a service he'll never have to see his daughter become a who-"

I smash her face with the racket and she lets out a shriek. Sebastian slowly walks down the stairs looking in my eye with fire in them. He better not be mad at me for this shit! "Sebby! Help! She's fucking crazy she just hit me with that tennis thingy." She cry's.

"Hmm! It doesn't seem she's done it hard enough." My eyes snap to his. He begins walking to a barstool and sits down. He crosses his arms across his chest and gestures for me to continue. I bring my arm back and keep swinging until the racket is practically falling apart.

"I will fucking kill you bitch." I grit out before getting off of her. Sebastian walks over to me but I threatened his dick so he backed off. I take off up the steps to my old room and try to cool off. I pace the front of my bed trying to collect myself. I decide to text my dad and see what he's up to. Maybe I can meet up with him. After shooting him a text I hop in the shower. When I'm done I dry off and go to my room to get clothes.

I see Sebastian laying in my bed his arm over his eyes. Oh no boy. I kick his leg and tell him shoo. "Are you nuts? You know Graydouche said your mom is unhinged. What were you thinking?"

"So you're going through my phone now?"

"No it just went off when I came in. His name was on the screen saying he can't see you right now."

"Okay and how about you blocking Grayson out of my phone?"

"He's a piece of shit and I don't trust him."

"Well melissa proven she can't be trusted yet she is still around." I reply bitterly. "Now go nurse your bitch and leave me alone."

He rushes up to me and wraps his large hand around my throat. "I am sorry I can't kill her but I'll be damned if I'm going to keep letting use her to push me away!"

"Use her to push you away? Sebastian you're fucking stupid! Go talk to your dad and tell me, would he ever allow any woman to pull the she shit she has been pulling with me to happen to your mom! Ask him! Because I'm pretty damn sure he would kill some one if they even wished harm on your mom." I argue. "Now fucking go!"

"You're probably right but I'm not my father-"

"You just don't give a damn about me or my safety like he does her"

"Dammit Danica thats not what the fuck I'm saying. I don't know how many more times you want me to tell you that I fucking love you!"

"Your words mean nothing when there is no action behind any of it."

"GET DRESSED NOW!" He demands letting me go and walking out of the room. Rolling my eyes I go to my dresser throw on black leggings with a white cami, lock my door, and get in bed curling up. Just as I close my eyes my door clicks. I just bury myself deeper in to my pillow. Sebastian yanks me out the bed and carries me down stairs. Melissa is sitting there crying with a bruised up face. She give us the death stare as he carries me out of the house.

He puts me in his car and takes off. He doesn't say a word to me doesn't look at me nothing. He drives us to the club they own and leads me down stairs. It's dim lighting in here and there's a bunch of cells when we get to the last cell my whole body becomes paralyzed in fear.

"Awe look at you standing on the opposite sides position! And look at that you're still scared of me." His sickening voice brings chills down my spine. I am not the prisoner and it's time to make him pay.


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