Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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The witch is finally dead

Dani's POV

I begin to walk to the cell eager to get my hands on this son of a bitch but Sebastian grabs me preventing me from moving. I growl at him but then I noticed 4 guys walking in. They go in to the cell and rough him up before setting him on a chair and binding him. "What's wrong? The little slut afraid of me?" He coo's in a sick way. I don't even think as I let my fist connect with his jaw. He spit out blood in my direction and I smirk.


"What do I have to work with?" I ask Sebastian. Looking back at him, he's sitting on a chair leaned back with his hands behind his head.

There's a huge storage closet next to him that he points to. I make my way over and I am like a kid in a candy store looking at all the goodies in here. "Pull his pants down." I yell at the men. They do as asked and I grab the meat tenderizer.

I bite my bottom lip in excitement. Looking at all the other tools I see a small cactus that is hella spikey, I grab that and set it on a table next to Sebastians other side. I grab a bat and the whip with the razors. Once his pants are down I look at the guys and gesture for them to open his legs. When they do I can't help the laugh that escapes my lips.

"No wonder you were aggressive with me. I'd be pissed if I had a baby dick too."I say sickly sweet.

I grab the cactus and meat tenderizer. I have the guys lift him, spread his cheeks, then sit him down on the cactus. He screams a bunch of profanities at me but I eat it up. When he's fully sat on the cactus they hold his legs open leaving is baby dick and balls flat on the chair. I lift my arms over my head and bring the meat tenderizer down on his dick.

Holy shit that felt amazing. His shrilling screams is my kinda music. Blood shoots out of his pee hole like tooth paste and it's fucking fascinating I repeat the action going back and forth between his nuts and dick until it's so beat it's practically off his body. Blood is splattered all over and as sick as it is I'm relishing in the fact that I'm making this piece of shit bleed. I walk back over to the table chancing a look at Sebastian he's looking at me with a smirk playing on his lips.

I grab the bat and walk back up to him. He's screaming like a bitch begging for me to stop. Too bad his pleas are falling on deaf ears. I'm am fueled by pure rage. Flashes of when he and his men beat me and I bring the bat down on his knees. The cracking sounds of his bones sends a delicious chill down my body. I bring my arm back and bring it down again. I repeat this as I think of every thing he put me through. When I finally snap to I drop the bat letting it clank on the floor.

⚠️End of trigger warning ⚠️

My breaths coming up in short pants, but I'm not done. I'm still pissed I still need more blood. I walk over to grab the whip but Sebastian stops me. "Are you good? I think you should sit"

"I'm fine!" I growl. I take the whip and stand behind him. I bring the whip down on him and scream. I'm so tired of always fighting. "You beat me nearly every fucking day,YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD BREAK ME." I yell between whips tears streaming down my face. "All IVE EVER KNOWN IN LIFE WAS PAIN! NOTHING YOU OR ANYONE! NOT THAT FUCKING WHORE, NO FUCKING BODY WILL WATCH ME BREAK." I drop the whip and grabbed one of the guys knives. I walk back over to him and look him in his eyes. "I don't need anyone to have my back! I have my own back! I would have gotten you NO MATTER WHAT."

I take the knife and jam it in my tormentors head. I turn so I could leave the cellars feeling sick to my stomach. Once I'm on the main floor I rush to a trash can and hurl. I feel my back being rubbed. "Shit I'm sorry Dani I shouldn't have let you do that."

"Don't I'm fine" I tell him pushing him away. If he thinks he's off the hook he's fucking stupid. I go to his moms old office and grab the blankets out I'm not going back to that hell tonight. I lay on her couch and instantly fall asleep. When I wake up the next day I feel like I'm laying on a bumpy rock then feel a sudden movement from behind me. Sebastian. I don't say anything as I get up and go to the bathroom and do my business when I'm done Sebastian is already up.

I don't speak as I grab my stuff I walk out the club to his car and get in without waiting.


Sebastian's POV

I just keep fucking up and it's fucking pissing me off. Seeing Dani break seeing how bad and stressful this is. I get the guy to clean up and tell them to be at my house in a few hours for another. Feeling like she's had enough space, I head to the car. I see her with her seat leant back in the passenger side of the car. Her clothes are a bloody mess, her hair is matte to her face . Her eyes are closed her lashes fanning her pale cheeks.

I'm done doing this to her I'm going to kill this bitch and then I'm taking my girl away for a while. When I get to the house I go to carry Dani's still sleeping form, but she wakes up and shoves me off of her. With a groan I let her go. When we walk in to the house Melissa is sitting in the kitchen.

"Ew you're a sick bitch! Why are you covered in blood? Sebastian how could you want to be with a sick bitch like her." Melissa whines out.

"What I did to the owner of this blood is child's play compared to what I'll do to you bitch." Dani reply's angrily. I need to defuse this because I'm taking care of this bitch and no one is taking this kill from me.

"Enough both of you! Dani you need to chill you got sick last night! Melissa keep your fuck commentary to your damn self. Dani" before I can even finish she stomping towards the stairs.

"I am so fucking over you. All you've done is cause-" I hear Sasha say with a gun in her hand pointed at Mel. Got dammit I'm trying to handle my shit and every one wants to now get in it.

"Stay the fuck out of it Sash. Don't you got your own fucking 3 way to sort out." I snap at her, instantly regretting my words.

"That's fucking low Sebastian. She's your fucking sister. Why the fuck do you keep defending a woman whose done nothing but disrespect every person in this house." Cain defends and its really just making things worst.

"Why don't all you mother fuckers worry about your damn selves. They leave tomorrow and we can go back to normal." I says exhaustedly.

"I hope Dani leaves your ass and gets with someone who will appreciate her. Sky deserves a better example on love then what you've show" Sash grits out. That's all it takes for me to snap! Dani isn't fucking leaving me and my daughter will know love. I take a menacing step towards her as Cain hides her behind him.

"Sebastian go cool the fuck down." Dad bellows.

"If it's any consolation I agree with your sister! You are not my son if you allow this shit to happen. Allowing this trash talk to dani how she does." Mom tells me.

"Dani beat her face in they are even!" Besides I'm killing her, Dani's pushes herself too hard already.

"What if Oliver wasn't there to catch Dani the day this bitch pushed her?" Mom ask. I try to talk but Mom cuts me off. "Just because she got lucky doesn't mean shit! This bitch put your unborn child at risk and you don't seem to care." I try to interrupt but she doesn't let me talk. "There is no explanation no excuse that you can give me that would justify any of it. I'd been killed her but it's not my place, but when Dani leaves and your daughter grows up with out you she'll always have us. You can go fucking look for a place to stay or you can go back to New York with that bitch I don't care but until you check yourself I don't want you around me! I may just stab your ass every time I look at you."

Having enough of this I run upstairs and kick down Dani's locked door. She's in the shower so I throw pull her out mid rinse wrap her in a towel, grab the cuffs I have stashed in her draw and carry her downstairs. She's kicking and screaming a whole lot of colorful words. My parents look at me as I sit Dani on a chair and cuff her hands behind her so she can't moves.

"Sebby you're gonna kill her for me?" Melissa says with a smile so bright. I smile at her and hear growls coming from my parents. I walk over to Melissa and grab the knife that's on the counter next to her. She looks at me and lucks her lips til I jam the knife in her hand. She lets out a shriek that would break glass. I go to the knife draw and pull out all the knives I can.

I look back to see my mom and dad watching waiting for my next move, but Dani's still got smoke coming out her ears. She is pissed. I set the knives down and jam another in her thigh. I hear a gasp and look behind me to see I have an audience. Uncle Cody, aunt Ashley Melanie and Melissa. Ignoring them I get back to this bitch. "Sebastian please, please stop! Don't do this to me." She pleas. I let out a dark laugh.

"I tried, I tried so hard to let you leave here in one piece in hopes to never see you again. But NOW YOU ARE CAUSING ME TO LOSE EVERYTHING! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A CUNT. I TRIED TO SPARE YOU BUT YOU TOOK MY KINDNESS AS SOMETHING MORE. NOW ITS YOUR LIFE OR MY FUTURE! ILL CHOSE MY FUTURE EVERY TIME." I growl out. I walk to my dad and grab his gun. I cock it and shoot Melissa in the head watching the lights go out for good and it feels like the weight is lifted.

I turn to see a struggling Dani, I walk up to her and undo the cuffs. "You try to fucking leave me and I'll burn this got damn world down looking for you." I growl out grabbing my keys and heading to the gym. Too much pent up anger and I need to get it out. I text a few of the guys for training and have the clean up crew come take care of Melissa. Ding dong the witch is finally fucking dead. I shoot one last text to Ollie and have him pack Dani's necessities. I can buy her clothes when we get there. I'm taking her on a mini cruise. Away from all this shit.


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