Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Hide and seek

Dani's POV

To say that watching Sebastian Stab that wretched bitch like a pin doll was a turn on, would be an understatement. When he let me out of the restraints and left kinda pissed me off. Now I feel like he's pissed at me and feels like he was forced to do it. I didn't say shit I walked away! I could've killed her ass myself. I didn't ask him for shit. I see the clean up crew come in so I run back to my room and put on some clothes.

He wants to be an asshole and act like I did something wrong! Now, Sebastian Jones you're really gonna be pissed. I grab a bag and pack a few outfits I look for my prenatal vitamins and can't find them. I look for my makeup bag, hair iron, even my brush and can't seem to find shit. I let out a groan of frustration. Fuck it I'll buy new shit.

I go downstairs and talk to Cassie. I tell her that I'm gonna stay somewhere else for a bit. She seems hesitant at first but let's me go, as long as I kept my knives and gun on me. I also ask if there was a way to disarm this damn tracker in my thigh. Wheres Philip when you need him. Haha. Okay that was dark but he did have a transmitter blocker so. She tells me that she will go in and manually mess with it for me.

I call Sylvester down and he happily meows at my feet. This cat is my new baby. I lift him off the ground and follow Cassie out to her car. She hands me the keys and tells me to bring it back when ever I'm ready.She tells me to keep in contact and to call her if I need anything. She even gave me a credit card and threatened me if I don't use it. I give her a tight hug telling her I'll be back soon and head out.

I stop at the store to grab some food and snack and head to a hotel. It's nothing fancy just a basic holiday in. Once I get my keycard I head to my suite. I drove a good hour away not wanting him to find me after 2 seconds of looking. Im just so hungry and tired.

I look at my phone to check the time and it's already 730pm. I see I got a text from Grayson wanting to meet up for dinner. I kindly turn him down put the stuff I got away and let Sylvester free. Deciding to eat from here I head back down stairs and go to their little grill bar and order wings with fries and a milk shake.

"Dani?" Shit! What the fuck is he doing here. "I thought you said you were busy!" Gray says sounding a little angry.

"I um I am! I'm here with Sasha for a girls night." I tell him nervously. "What are you doing here?" I ask seeing as this is an hour and a half away from his home.

He begins to scratch the back of his head acting weird. "Um I um was meeting up with an old friend here." It's an obvious lie. I grab my food and tell him I have to go to Sash and head up. I can feel his eyes on me the whole time. Shaking it off I get back in to my room and eat. I throw on some booty shorts and a cami to relax in. After an hour my phone begins to ring and I see it's Sebastian. I ignore his call and get message after message saying I better call him back. I ignore the phone and put it on silent.

I begin to doze off as I watch Mr Right.

I'm woken to some one knocking on my room door. No he couldn't have found me. I look at my phone to see it's 1130 at night. I stretch grab my knife and robe then I walk to my door. When I look through the peephole I see Grayson. How the fuck does he know my room number? I grab my keycard and step out the door not wanting to be alone with him in my room. I open the door and slide out. When I look at him his eyes are red and glossy, he smells like he drowned himself in vodka and it's making my stomach turn.

"Awe no invite in to your room! Where's your hospitality?" He slurs.

"I told you! I'm here with Sasha, she's sleeping. Why are you here what do you want?" I say not trying to sound annoyed or creeped out.

"My Dani never used to lie to me! I know you're here alone." He slurs getting closer to me as I back up.

"You need to leave right now Grayson." I sternly tell him. He lets out a dark chuckle and cages me in. I grip my knife in my robe pocket

"You were suppose to be mine! You should be mine! He doesn't appreciate you." He growls nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. I pull out my knife and press it against his throat. "Oh Dani wants to play rough." He reaches to grab the knife so I punch him with my opposite hand. He recovers fast and back hands me, grabbing a fist full of my hair. But in the flash of light He's tackle off me as Sebastian pounds his face in to the ground.

I see them fight back and forth but when I see Grayson get on top of Sebastian I run up behind Grayson grab one of the knife I jam it in to his shoulder. When he falls over I pull the knife out and Sebastian looks at me with fury in his eyes. He gets on his phone to make a call. "Go in to your room now" he barks at me. Gladly. I run in to my room and curl up on my bed how the fuck did he find me?

After a bit there's a knocking on my door. Knowing it's Sebastian I ignore it. He only knocks a few time and I hope he just gives up and goes home. Rolling over I grab a bunch of pillows to create a body pillow for myself because my belly makes it hard for me to get comfortable. When I'm finally comfortable my room door slam open. I don't have time to react because I'm yanked out of bed and press to the wall with his large hand wrapped around my throat.

"Did I not fucking tell you I would find you?" He growls in my ear causing a pool of moisture between my legs.


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