Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Mad dani angry dani

Dani's POV

He looks very pissed but fuck if this wasn't such a damn turn on. "I didn't leave you! I just left period." I hiss out.

"Why was he here? I just fucking killed a bitch for you and come meet up with him AT A HOTEL?" Wanting to push his button I stand on my tiptoes so I'm as in his face as I could be.

"I was horny and you want to act like I forced you to kill your little girl, Leaving me there after threatening me" his grip on my throat tightens, and he pulls the strings to robe.

"You were gonna fuck him!" He brings his hand to my hair and yanks my head back.

"I don't know. Was I?" I say with a smirk. His eyes are pitch black and his face is scrunched up in anger. He looks animalistic. He grabs my arm and drags me towards the bed. He yanks my robe off sits on the bed and pulls me over his lap.

He pulls my shorts and panties down my smooth legs. He rubs my ass before bringing his hand down with a smack. My body jerks as I let out a gasp. "Want to try that again?" He grits.

"I mean he seemed to want to fuck me." I say. His large hand comes down on my ass 5 times. After the second I was a moaning mess.

"Are you trying to piss me off?" He growls. I nod my head.

He brings hand between my legs and rubs his finger over my dripping wet cunt. He grabs my hair pulling my head up. "Do you like me being rough with you?" I bite my lip and look him in the eye nodding. "Why was he here? I won't fucking ask again."

"I I don't know. He text me wanting to meet up for dinner but I kindly turned him down and when I went down to get food I bumped in to him" I tell him how he found my room on his own, that I didn't even invite him in. He begins to rub my clit with the pad of his thumb as he Inserts his long thick digit causing me to arch and moan.

"Is this what you want Dani?" It feels so good but it's not enough. I need him to fuck me and I need it now. I shake my head and he stops his movements. I bring my hand to his erection and he shake his head letting out a sexy chuckle, that only leaves me even wetter between my legs. He gently lifts and rolls me over so I'm below him. Wait, What?

I try and push him off me but he shoves me back down and lifts my hands over my head grabbing his famous fucking handcuffs and cuffs me to the headboard. He lifts his t-shirt over his head and painfully slow takes his pant and boxers off. His gloriously huge cock springs free hitting his smooth abs I lick my lip and look at him.

He gets on the bed he situates between my legs his head by my soaking core. He spreads my legs and I feel his warm wet tongue sliding down my slit. My hips buck and I let out a whine. "Sebastian!!!" I rawr. He's pissing me off. I pull at my restraints. My new found adrenaline not letting the pain affect me.

His eyes flash a deathly blazing green as he instantly climbs up my body pin my arms down. I so focus on thrashing beneath him that when he slams into me I let out a cry. His hands grips my waist as he pulls himself up on his knees and starts pounding in to me. I'm moaning and pulling at my restraints needing to grab to something. My pussy clenches as his assault becomes more punishing more rough. I grind my hips but his grip on my waist stop me.

I throw my head back screaming his name. He bring his hand down and rubs my clit with his callused fingers and roughly fondles my breast with the other. I clench around him getting close to my peak. He pinched my clit tipping me over the edge. "AYE PAPI YESSSSSSSS!!" I scream out as I come. He pulls out of me and flips my body over, pulling my ass in the air. He slaps me and slams back in. I'm still sensitive and didn't finish recovering but he doesn't give me the chance to, he plows in to my pussy causing my body to jerk with each powerful thrust.

I yank on the cuff so hard it breaks the area where the cuffs were, setting me somewhat free. He grabs me by my hair pulling me up to his chest. "Naughty girl baby doll" he groans "this pussy is mine! Next time you try me like this I will fucking kill your little friend and I will punish you! MY. FUCKING. PUSSY. My fucking girl." He says with each thrust harder then the last. His sexy raspy voice causes me to clench. "You're gonna cum again for me baby? Cum for my milk me baby." He growls.

His thrust are wild and no longer calculated. He wraps his hand around my throat and pinches my left nipple making me clenches around him. The head board banging so hard against the wall I scream out as a powerful wave a pleasure hits. He calls out my name as he spills in to me.

End of mature content

He pulls out of me as we hear a creaking sound. He shoots up pulling me to him as the head board cracks and lands right where we just were. We gotta stop doing that. My breathing coming out in short pants my body covered in sweat. His release sliding down my inner thigh. He gets the key and un-cuffs me.

I make my way to the bathroom and try to refocus. I'm mad at him he has not reason to be here all pissed at me. I feel him come in behind me, he put his hand on my waist and try's to kiss me but I pull away. "Daniiiii" he whines. I grab a towel to clean the mess between my legs but he snatches it out of my hand looking at me expectantly. I walk away and try to go into the shower but he pulls me back and cages me between his glorious naked body and the wall. Sweat glistening his body his dick already hard again. MmM. No noooo! Mad Dani angry Dani. I reluctantly tear my eyes away from his perfect body.

"What do you want Dani? What do I have to do for you to stop being mad? To get you to stop pushing me away? Tell me Dani please! I'll fucking do anything just please talk to me." He begs. I begin to tear up feeling like my heart is breaking. What the fuck is wrong with me? "No no don't cry please I don't want you to cry."

"Maybe this was all just a mistake! Maybe we shouldn't even"

"Don't you fucking dare!"

"Our relationship consist of us fucking and breaking shit! You don't even really know me. And chances are once it hits you, you're going to resent me for "forcing you" to kill your lo-"

"I was gonna fucking kill her no matter what!SHE pushed me to do it not you. YOU'RE NOT FUCKING LEAVING ME DANI! I'M NOT FUCKING PLAYING I WILL CHAIN YOUR ASS TO MY BED YOU ARE MINE. AND I DO FUCKING KNOW YOU!"

I squeeze my eyes shut and shake my head.

"What color are my eye? What color?" I feel his finger hook under my chin and his lips gently pressing against mine.

"Your eyes are crystal clear blue, but when you're pissed they are a dark piercing blue. I know you're favorite movie is the greatest showman, and pitch perfect. I know that you have to sleep on your stomach at all times but because of my princess you're stuck on your side, left to be precise." He leans in to my ear and huskily whispers. "I know that you happen to love that our relationship consists of rough sex!" My eyes snap open and widen. "You talk in your sleep baby." I can feel myself flush. "I know that you're scared that I still had feelings for her. That I'm going to leave you like everyone else you've met but I'm not. I really love you Dani." I feel his lips on my neck and I let out a moan. "I also know that a kiss in certain spots like here *kiss* and here *kiss* is all I need to get you going." I pull him to me and he fucks me against the wall figuring it's the only way he can fuck me with out us breaking something.


We spent the whole night getting lost in each other. When we got up the next day he checked us out and blind folded me when we got in his car. We drove for a while but when he stopped he told me to take it off. My heart swells and excitement bubbles in the pit of my stomach. We are at a boat docking station. There is only yacht in the water and she's pretty big.

"You, me and the open ocean. I'm taking you away for a while so I can show you just how much I love you and our Sky."


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