Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Rabbit test

Dani's POV

Being on the boat and away from everything was probably the most amazing time ever. We didn't go anywhere in specific. We just stood in the open ocean. We barely left the bedroom in it but we did make it a point to watch the the sunrise and sunset each day.

Since my little 'you don't even know me' speech he's made sure we spent this time learn each other better. I was hard talking about certain topics but he would hold me every time we talked about growing up with Marisol and those evil pricks. We spoke about my love of dance and how I got that stupid scar Grayson mentioned.

I learned he was a football player in school, so were the guys and Reggie. It's where his rival with Reggie all started. He told me how Melissa was the cause of their rivalry getting worst. She knew Reggie likes to use her to get Sebastian mad but she didn't care she enjoyed it. I learned he started singing when he was 5. Cassie would always sing and him and Sash would join in.

We stood on the boat for a week and a half. After that he took me to Paris, it was so amazing and cool. The food was amazing I may have put on a lot of extra weight on. Okay I went up 10 lbs #noregrets. He took me to the lock gate and we put a lock with our initials. We stood their for two weeks. He wanted to do the Eiffel Tower but I don't do heights. I told him he could go but he refused to go with out me.

We danced in the streets saw most of the city and I was in love. He brought a bunch of stuff for Sky and is having it shipped home. He told me when we get back he has another huge surprise for me. I hate that he's spending so much to do all of this but he puts me in place when I complain if you know what I mean.

Today we're finally back home and I'm a bit anxious. Now he will be working more with the gang so he won't be around too often. I offered to help but he threatened to lock me in the house with no escape. He makes me wear the damn blind fold again as we make our way home. When the car stops he helps me out and holds on to me as we walk through grass I think. I don't hear any voices, all I hear is the birds chirping and our footsteps.

It's weird walking pretty much blind with him leading. We finally stop and he comes up behind me pulling me in to his hard chest. I feel his breath fam my neck as he leans in to me. "Take it off" he says in a husky voice. I take the blindfold off bringing my hand to my mouth. In front of me is a perfect two story, blue, house with white shutters, a wrap around porch, and a porch swing. I look around to see the mansion not to far away. I look at Sebastian to see the worry in his eyes. I throw my arms around him and jump wrapping my legs around him.

"I love it!" I cry.

"Oh my god thank god! I wanted it to be perfect, and the mansion is walking distance annnnnddddd." He lifts me in his arms bridal style and runs around the house. There's a nice pool and a pool house. The pool house is small white and the door opens with Sasha running out in to my arms. We hug each other for dear life. "Sasha lives in the pool house." He says with a huge smile. I mouth 'I love you' to him over her shoulder. "Okay can I get my woman back? I want to show her the inside."

I promise her once's he's done we can hang out but she give me the yea okay look. Sebastian lifts me again running to the house. He manages to open the front door with only a little bit of a struggle. When we walk in its an open space huge living room. It has a huge sectional gray suede couch, a huge ass flat screen mounted to the wall with surround sound, a few gaming consoles a black coffee table. The floor is gray linoleum and the walls white they is a stair case to the left and a door way.

He pulls me to the door way that leads in to a kitchen. It's pretty decent sized theres has all stainless steal appliances. The counters are black and white marble. There's a siding glass door that leads to the back yard. He doesn't give me a chance to admire because he grabs my hand and pulls me back out and up the stairs. I nearly trip over my feet a few times. When we get upstairs there is 3 doors to the left and two on the right. He pulls me right and there's a door on either side. He open the door on the right first and cue the water works.

It's Sky's nursery. The walls are professionally pained in a sky theme the base is the red pink orange hues like the sunrise. There are clouds all over and fairy lights on the ceiling. Her crib is white and padded on the outside. Inside the bedding is pinkish red and her mobile is stars and the moon. There's a rocking chair with a foot rest next to her crib. There's a white changing table stocked with diapers and wipes even her closet has some clothes. In her crib is the bear Sebastian made for me. And there's a tall white dresser next to to the changing table.

Sebastian walks in with his arms spread as he spins. "You like?" Do I like? Is he really asking me this. Sasha was right I'm not letting his ass leave the bedroom this deserves head on the spot. However this is our baby's room so it'll have to wait.

"It's fucking perfect papi! Thank you so much" I say as more tears fall. He walks up to me and wraps his arms around me, kissing the top of my head.

"Anything for you and our baby." He slips his hand in to mine lacing our fingers and pulling me out of her room and across the hall. He opens the door and I'm greeted by black and red. Walls are a deep red and the furniture is all black. There's a king sized four poster bed, a black double dresser in one corner of the room and on the other side is a vanity with a cushioned stool. I don't bother looking around anymore.

I turn to Sebastian and with out words undo his belt in a hurry and drop his pants and boxers. His stiff member hitting his belly as he looks down at me with lust in his eyes. I wrap my small hand around his massive hardness and slide my tongue over the tip licking the beads of pre-cum.

I wrap my mouth around him and take him down my throat. He lets out a hiss and throws his head back as he lets his hand dig in to my hair. I bop my head adding extra suction. His moans get louder and louder so I grab his sack and give it a little squeeze. "Fuck baby yes! Fuck Dani!" He shouts my name as I feel him coating my throat in his cum. I let him go with a pop and get to my feet. He immediately yanks my clothes off and gently tosses me on the bed.

"Ready to put our bed to the rabbit test?" He says with a smirk. I grab him and pull him to me and kiss him with everything I got. When we pull apart he looks down and puts his hand on my belly. "You know how sexy you are with my baby inside you? I can wait till the next one!"

"Um how bout let us get used to this one before talking more babies yea?" I flip us so I'm on top of him. I grab his manhood and slide down. I let out a moan and he lets out a hiss. I slowly wind my hips going back and forth between winding and bouncing. He lift and wraps his mouth around my nipple biting and sucking. I pick up my pace as he switches nipples.

He begins thrusting his hips up violently causing me to scream in pleasure. I feel myself get close screaming his name. "That's it baby you fucking take it like a good girl." He growls I throw my head back as I ride out my orgasm. He flips us over and hovers over me as he slams in to me filling me in the most delicious way. My walls clench as he begins his assault. My body jerks with every powerful thrust.

"THATS IT PAPI YES! YES! YES!" I scream he starts jackhammering in to me and I am in so much pain and pleasure. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs as I feel the tightening in my stomach. He wraps his hand around my throat.

"Fuck that's it my dirty slut grip my fucking cock. I fucking love this pussy. Minnnneeeee!" He growls eliciting my second orgasm. I cry out his name as he shoots his load in to me.

End of mature content

He rests his forehead against mine holding his body up woth is arms. We both pant as we try to catch our breath our body's covered in sweat. He lifts me up and take me in to our en-suite. There's a spa tub in the corner surrounded by with two window side by side with a view of the yard. And there's a stand up shower next to it. He pulls me to the tub and helps me in. When I'm settled he gets in next to me. "I guess the bed passed?" I say with a giggle.

"I love you Dani!"

"I love you too papi."


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