Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Why me?

Danica's 9 months Sasha's 8pregnant

Danica's POV

I am 9 months/37 week pregnant and make Shamu look like a stick figure. Sebastian has been obsessed with my belly always needing to have his hand on it someway or another. My sleep is none existent due to the party animal in my stomach who thinks 2 am is party time. I'm sitting in our yard with mama and Sasha as we watch Rylee riding her motorcycle we got her for her 2nd birthday.

She likes acting like she's a racer and she's pretty aggressive with it. Mama is talking to us about the baby shower and how it's all coming along. It's happening tomorrow. Sasha and I have our bellies pressed together as our babies kick and play. I suddenly feel a sharp pain and let out a hiss.

Mama stands up and rushes over to me. "Are you okay?" She ask. I nod my head.

"I've been having Braxton Hicks here and there but I'm okay. It was just a strong one." I say as I rub Sky. She's already in position and everything looks good with her. Rylee jumps off her motorcycle and runs up to us patting both our bellies.

"Bumpkin, bumpkin" she's so excited for more babies. She is tired of us adults. She and I have a lot of sleepovers filled with movies play time and cuddles.

"You ready to be an aunty ryry?" I coo. She nods vigorously. We hang for a bit more before sash and Cass head home. Sash is limited because she just go release from the hospital a week ago. We're trying to keep her stress down as much as we can. I walk in to the house through the kitchen and Sylvester is instantly on my tail. My papi had someone meet us at the boat to pick him up and bring him here. He circles my feet rubbing his soft fur on my bare legs.

The front door opens and Sebastian walks in shirtless in black joggers and he has a bit of blood and sweat on him. He must have had a to do an interrogation. Fuck is he hot. Sex has been nonexistent since two months ago. I'm to the point where I'm just always tired uncomfortable and cranky.

"See something you like muñeca?" I bite my bottom lip and bat my lashes at him. He looks down at him self and shakes his head. To think, they all believe I'm the freak. "Come shower with me?" I run to the stairs but I feel his strong arm wrap around me. "No running!" He growls in my ear. A moan escapes me causing him to lift me as if I weight nothing and running up the stairs.

He storms in to the room and sprints into our bathroom he sets me down and strips me naked and shoving down his pants. We both get in to shower and waste no time.

He presses his lips to mine as his hands roam my naked body, mine doing the same. The kiss is heated and passionate. He pushes me against the shower wall lifting my leg and gently sliding in to me. I let out a moan loving the feeling of him filling me. He hisses out and rest his head on my shoulder. "Fuck I miss this!"

He begins to move but he's going slow and gentle. I throw my head back against the wall and he latched on to my neck. It's only been two months but when you're use to having sex multiple times a day to going to nothing for two months it's hell.

"Harder papi please." I whine.

"No you're due soon no chances." He respond. He brings his free hand down to my button and begins to rub me with his thumb. He pick up his pace a little and I can feel my body tingle. It doesn't take long for us both to climax.

End of mature content

He pulls me out of the shower and helps me get my clothes on. Anything going on below the belly gets no attention because I can't see past the basketball in my tummy. He even helps me shave because I cried one day in the tub because I couldn't reach. I don't know how he puts up with me

"I can't wait to give birth!" I huff. He kisses my forehead and chuckles when he's done helping me.

"Why my babydoll?"

"Because I want you to FUCK ME" I growl causing him to laugh harder. Quickly my mood sours and I get pissed at him hopping in bed and ignoring him for the rest of the night.


Today's the day. It's our baby shower. I'm wearing leggings and a pink shirt and Sasha has on a Blue shirt. She's in a bit of a mood because Cain, Ryder and some girl named diamond cake last month. Diamond is new to the gang, she started in New York but transferred when Cain came. Her and Cain are real close and he's alway pulling her away from Sasha so I can't even defend him on this one. I was hoping it was a misunderstanding but since they been here him and her are stuck together like glue.

It being held in the mansion because it's too cold to be outside right now. We've played several games already and even eaten. Right now I'm just roaming the living room making sure to converse with everyone and thank them for coming.

Finally overwhelmed with everything I take a seat feeling drained. Sasha comes and sits right next to me. She has a smile but even I can tell it's fake. "Are you as over this as I am?" She lets out tiredly. Her belly as big as mine.

I go to respond but the lights go out and the tv turns on. Give in to me begins to play in the background. It's our song it's the song he sang to me on my birthday. Words begin to play on the screen.

"It feels like I've been waiting my whole life for this and I'm blessed for these moments i was able to spend with you."

Pictures start to come to the screen like a cool video collage and my tears begin to fall. The first picture is of me and him the day they crashed our girls night. It was the first time I slept cuddled to a man. Next to the picture it says "The moment I knew I fell." Then it's a bunch of candid photos of us laughing holding on to each other or looking in to each other's eyes as if nothing else mattered.

When the video is done the room goes black again and when the lights turn back on Sebastian is in front of me down on one knee. He has a velvet box in his hand and he looks so damn perfect in his dress pants and white button up.

"The moment you feel asleep in my arms for the first time I knew I couldn't be without you. I know I messed up so much and if I could take it back I would. I never truly knew love until I met you. You have demolished my ego and put me in my place, you have made me want to tie and gag you"

"Aye aye keep your sex shit to yourselves." Ryder interrupts causing us all to laugh.

"I love you Danica Ortiz and I want to spend the rest of my life breaking beds and sinks with you and only you. Will you marry me?" He finishes looking up at me with bright blue with speck of green. He opens the box and in it is a green diamond ring and it looks like two lines interwinds in a circle. I've seen it before. It's Cassies ring. My heart feels as it will explode any moment now. I nod my head because I'm crying too much to talk. He gets up and pulls me too him kissing me deeply as everyone claps and whoops around us.


Everyone congratulated us and we went hone to celebrate. It was perfect! I never thought that my life could be a happy life but having this family showed me just how worthy of love I was. The Braxton Hicks have been getting worst. I really wanted ice cream so I came to the store to get some. I pay for my stuff and begin walking out I have my security out in the car waiting. When I step out of the small store a strong contraction hits causing me to drop my bag and double over.

"Oh is My Dani in labor? Don't worry your mom is waiting for that disappointment in your stomach. Once it's gone we can be happy like we were meant to be." I let out a cry as I feel a pinch in my neck and everything goes black. Why me?

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