Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Shes a screamer

Sebastians POV

I was at talking to my dad him, passing on some old wisdom about the joy of marriage. He also told me that I better make sure to stick close to the girls for the bachelorette/bachelor party. If they go to the Bahamas us guys need to go. Right now we're in his office at the warehouse, me behind his desk, him in front of me as if he's my client.

"But dad we're gonna have our own shit going on."

"Okay well I mean when we did ours we did a month. You mom was pregnant with you and your sister. We followed them to bora bora. You will never guess what was on their agenda." He says having my ass hanging on every word. Who knew my parents had such crazy lives together.

"Dime diós miò" * Tell me my god*

"Calmatè" he chuckles. This viejo don't start talking. "Your mom had a male stripper between her legs on his knees ready to put his head"

"SSSSTTTTTOOOOPPPPP PLEASE, PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP." Ew times a thousand. "That's my fucking mom dude." He laughs again.

"That's not even the worst part she was camand"

"LALALLALALLALALLALALLALALAALLa." Anger building in me at the thought of any fucking man touching my girl. "Message received loud and clear. I will spank Dani's until her ass redder then the devils-" I'm cut off by the shrill ring of my phone.

"What is it Ollie?"

"It's Dani!" I loose feelings in my legs dropping to the ground. "She wanted time get ice cream, she told the guard to stay in the car. Well he received a call and when he looked down he saw Cassies name. He answered, but when he looked up he saw her being thrown in the back of a truck. He didn't get the chance to tail them."

I grab the desk and flip it. I'm gonna fucking kill them I roar. My dad storms to me trying to calm me but I'm to enraged. I feel anger, fear and even worst doubt.


Danny's POV (Danica's biological dad)

I've been studying Kelly and Grayson. Ever since Dani contacted me. He stared acting weird. He kept trying to listen to every word we said. Then without my permission took it and asked to see her knowing it's a bad idea. I kept an eye on him watched what he did even after seeing her. I followed him as he walked the dark streets sneaking off in to a hidden ally way.

I saw a door open and behind it my soon to be ex-wife. Since then I've been keeping tabs, I knew this was coming I didn't expect her to go in to labor. Kelly wants her baby as a do-over baby. In her demented mind she thinks Dani's baby is Dani's Payment for the child she robbed her of.

I shoot Sebastian a text only able to give names and the fact that Dani is in labor. I'm standing by the store where Dani is and as she comes out she lets out a cry grabbing her stomach that's when I knew. I saw the gray run up to her and needed to hide but he grabbed her.

I'm on their tail in my car. Pressing the gas to the ground, fighting to keep up with them. She hurt my daughter she won't hurt my granddaughter. I follow them to some outside town beach house. It's small real small. I follow in behind them.


Sebastian POV

I received a text not two minutes later from Dani's dad. "IM GONNA KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH" I roar. Pulling up her tracker I see she's not to far. I call for back up and doc.

"How do you know they didn't cut the tracker out." That diamond chick ask.

"They are idiots not gangsters. Let get my fucking girl."


Dani's POV

I'm awoken by a sharp pain my stomach. My whole body hurts but this cramping is pms times 1000. After a minute the pain dies down and realized my arms are restrained. I look to see I'm cuffed to a dingy bed. I'm in a huge stuffy room I think it's a basement. "Oh she's finally awake. Good we can get this out of the way."

"Why are you doing this?" I cry out.

"You just had to comeback in to my life and ruin everything. Now I'm gonna take what you owe me and then your new husband can take you and do whatever." New husband. Just then I feel a hand on my face.

"Once we get rid of that thing we can be happy and have babies of our own Dani."

"Sebastian and the Jones are going to find me AND THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU."I yell. Another contraction hits and I double over letting out a scream. Kelly walks toward me opening my legs it's now that I realize I have no pants. She sticks this long skinny stick like thing up my vagina and I hear a pop sound followed by a gush of water. My fear spread across my body like wild fire.

I see something from the side of my eye and before I know it Kelly is tackled away from me. Dad. He slaps her a few times causing Grayson to go to her aid. I've been kidnapped by gangsters and got out. They are nothing I need to protect Sky. I use all my strength to break the handcuffs off the bars. I'm filled with excitement as the bars break setting me free. My victory is cut short when another powerful contraction hits.

Suddenly a gun shot rings through and I hear Kelly yelling at dad. When I'm able to look up I see my dad on the ground with blood around him and my blood turns to ice. She shot him. She point the gun at me and I freeze. Please God please get me out of this. When she realizes I'm free she storms up to me and presses the gun to my head.

"I will not hesitate to kill you bitch." She grits out. I let out a ear-splitting scream as another contraction hits. "Shit it's time come help hold her thigh." She shouts. Gray comes up to me and lifting my thigh. I let out another scream and she yells to push. I lift myself and scream as I push, after a minute I fall back and try to catch my breath. The sounds of footsteps rushing down the stairs steals their attention, but another contraction hits forcing me to pull myself up and push again.

I'm in so much pain. Tears streaming down my face. I feel relieved when I see the gang coming down. Kelly and Grayson go to fight them off but they are both thrown to the ground by diamond and Ryder.


Sebastians POV

I ended up just bringing dad, Cain, Ryder and Diamond with me. Grandma and my mom are meeting us here. We park the car outside of a small beach house. I see two cars so I motion for them to head in. We enter the room and hear Dani scream. Hearing my baby wail like that makes me throw all my training out the window rushing down the stairs to save her. Diamond and Ryder rush in front of me taking down Kelly and gray. I see Danny motionless in a pool of his blood.

Anger takes over me as I pull out my gun ready to snap on them, but Dani's screaming has me change direction. I storm up to her and see she has no bottoms on, her legs are spread, she on a bed and tears streaming down her face. My dad rushes up to me as I hear mom and grandma. Dani pulls herself up screaming and pushing. "Fuck she's in labor" grandma yells.

Grandma barks orders as she gets in front of Dani directing her on what to do. I get next to dani and grab her hand. "It's okay baby I'm here you can do this." I coo.

"What took you so long? Get this demon out of me." She says in a murderous tone that has all of us take a step back.

"Okay Dani shes crowning I need you to give me a push." She pulls up and lets out a cry as she pushes. I whisper encouraging word to her still running off of adrenaline. My whole body tense and I feel my nerves rise. This is it we're going to meet our baby girl. Dani falls back breathing hard tears rolling down her face.

Mom moves Dani's hair away from her face holding her other hand with dad standing next to her. "You got this honey we're here with you."

"Push Dani push" Nana hells. Dani pushes again and the room is suddenly filled with loud crying. "Well we now know she's a screamer!" Nana jokes as she pulls a towel and a few other things out of her bag. Dani falls back and she looks so drained. Her body covered in sweat her wrist cut up from the cuffs. Nana lets me cut the umbilical cord and places my princess in my arms. Just like that my world is completely. I can feel my own tears begin to fall as I look at this tiny thing we created she has a full head of dark hair, tan/blood complexion.

Her eyes open and that's it I'm wrapped around her finger. I have a baby girl. I walk her over to Dani and once I set her down on Dani's chest she move her head and begins crying. Mom comes over and helps Dani settle Sky on her breast. I sit next to Dani as I watch her breastfeeding our baby. Slipping my phone out I snap a bunch of pictures.

"You did it baby. You brought our baby in to this world." I kiss her. "I love you so much muñeca."

"I love you too papi."


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