Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Worst then Harlee Quinn

4 months later

Danica's POV

It's been 4 months since I've given birth to my Sky. She's such a diva. She has mommy's attitude. I adore everything about her from Sebastians eyes and my complexion. Because of my complexion, my eyes, and my hair people mistake me as mixed but I'm Hispanic.

I'm in our house rocking the princess as she nurses. Sylvester in his usual spot on the carpet by her crib. I sing to her, her favorite lullaby.

'La Nanita nana' 'Cheetah girls"

"A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella

Mi niña tiene sueño, bendito sea, bendito sea

A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella

Mi niña tiene sueño, bendito sea, bendito sea

Fuentecita, que corre clara y sonadora

Ruiseñor que en la selva cantando llora

Calla mientras la cuna se balancea

A la nanita nana, nanita ella

A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella

Mi niña tiene sueño bendito sea, bendito sea"

She closes her eyes her dark lashes fanning her chunky cheek. I admire every flutter, every smile telling me she's dreaming with daddy. My father died the night she was born. He gave his life to stall them and give sky time.

It broke my heart because I loved him so much but I never told him. I thought he faked his concern for me. I thought he was playing me. I was afraid to trust him but he was someone important to me. I just felt a certain comfort that I haven't felt in a while when I was with him. When we had our lunch dates it felt like I finally had a parent who cared and just like that he was taken. There's a knock on the the front door so I go down stairs to open the door with sky sleeping on my chest.

"I know you call her princess but must you carry here all day?" Cassie says walking in.

"If I put her down she gets upset!"

"Well at least we know who is in control of this house hold. Give me my baby." She says reaching her arms out. I hand her Sky, enjoying having my arms free for the first time in forever.

"I need you to go pack a baby bag and give me the breast milk you have stored. Nani is taking her baby for a few nights." She must see the panic in my eyes. "Relax you need a break you haven't been sleeping and barely put her down this is non-negotiable." Doing as she said I pack a bag and kiss sky before Cassie takes her for the weekend. I take advantage and go take a midday nap since it's only 2 in the afternoon.


I feel something jump on my bed and I shoot up ready to punch someone. Freaking out I look at the time what day is it. When I see the time I sigh in relief as I glare at Sasha and Dee as they burst out laughing. It's 6 pm damn I haven't slept that good since, well, since before pregnancy.

"You're babyfree and so am I come smoke with us." She says as Dee laughs at us. "Come on Ollie is coming out too." Rolling my eyes I get out of bed and follow them to the yard. When we get out we all line up chairs as Dee lights up one blunt and Ollie lights up the other.

"Okay no offense but I need to know Ollie what way do you swing?" See says leaning forward with her arms resting on her knees.

"I'll put it this way if I didn't love these bitches I would've been tapped Cain, Sebastian, and Kaden." We all hoot out loud laughing. "But I've had my eye on this newbie. They have him as security at the club and damn would I let him bend me any way he wants."

"Yassss gay bar here we come." See shouts clapping. "Now I can wing man for someone. Cain was my wing man but when I tried to wing man for him he backed out." She slammed her had over her mouth as all our heads snapped to sash to see her reaction. Her eyes were wide and it look like the sides of her mouth were about to curve up but she fixed her face and changed the subject.

We are now on our third blunt as we all talk about the meaning of life. The shrill ringing of my cell causes us to paused the conversation. "Hey papi!" I say in a What was supposed to be sexy tone but my laughing ruined it.

"Hey baby doll. I left the file for the shipment for sin memosa in my office at the house do you think you can bring it?" I tell him yes and hang up.

"Ooohhh let us make you look hot! I bet since Sky was born you forgot what his cock looks like." Ollie says. Both girls sitting up clapping their hands together. Guess I'm getting a mommy make over.

I take a shower and put my hair in a high ponytail. I put on this Leopard print dress that has a string connecting an open from my thigh up my back. "Slay bitch go get you some of that daddy dick." Dee says causing Sasha to recoil in disgust.

"That's my twin you nasty." I kick them all out, grab the files he needs and have Ryder drive me. He married this girl Kira he saved in Russia during a mission. He needed to get her back and didn't want to take the chance of her not being approved for a visa. The marriage may not be real but I can tell he is falling for her.

I feel high still from our smoke session and Ryder keeps laughing because I keep asking the most random questions and laughing at the dumbest things. I must admit I was scared to try it but fuck it's better then the pills. I feel like I'm floating and I can't stop smiling.

When we get to the club I get out of the car and Ryder follows clearing his throat.

"Um here I think you should wear my jacket. I don't think Sebastian will approve of you Choice of outfit." I ignore him and walk in. The music is blaring hyping up my buzz causing me to dance as I walk through the crowded club. I look for a worker to see if they can tell me where my papi is.

One of the dancers walk by and I stop her. She's tall and exotic looking. "Can you tell me where Sebastian is?" She looks me up and down like she's assessing me.

"If your trying to seduce boss man it ain't happening sweetness. I've tried and so have the others, go try some other -" I grab this bitch by her hair my high fueling my jealousy.

"You hit on my man again I'll slit your fucking throat while everyone watched understand me bitch." I say three clenched teeth. Her eyes widen as she nods her head and points to Cassies office. I let her go and she scurries off as I feel hot breath fanning my neck.

"That was hot baby. What's your name?" I spin on my heel and take a few steps back putting distance between me and this creep. "Don't be shy I don't bite, unless you want me to." He says with a wink. He's tall with dark skin his hair a small curly fro. He brings his finger to my shoulder trailing down the side the dress is open.

I can't help but laugh because I'm so high and this asshole is trying me. He smirks thinking I'm laughing because I'm enjoying it. "Remove yourself hand before I gladly chop it off." I threaten. Face scrunched up in to a snarl. His eyes widened but before he could remove his hand his head gets slammed in to the pillar next to me.

"Keep your fucking hands off my woman before I fucking kill you" he growls out as he repeatedly smashes the guys head. I can feel myself getting wet as I rub my thighs as I try to relieve some of the ache. His muscles bulging with every flex as he bash the idiot. I grab his arm and pull him towards me. When he lets go the guy drops with a loud thump. But I pull him towards the private room. Once we're behind the curtain he slams me against the wall with his large hand around my throat. His tee shirt clinging to his body like second skin.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" He seethes. I shove him back I keep shoving him til he falls back on the red leather couch. 'Take you down' by Chris brown blasting through the speakers. I climb the stage and start moving my hips to the beat. I lift the dress over my head swaying my naked body. I look to see Papi with his hands behind his head enjoying the show. I don't miss the tent he's pitching in his jeans.

I saunter up to him swaying my hips and straddled his lap. I bring my mouth down to his neck nipping and sucking. He lets out a hiss as he thrust his hips up eliciting a moan from me. The friction feeling so damn good. I take my mouth off of him and rips his shirt off. I lift my bottom undoing his jeans and dragging them down his legs.

His erection hitting his belly as I look up at him. He lifts me and flips us his toned body covering mine. He spread my legs and rams his length in me filling me. It's a little painful at first and he hisses in pleasure. 4 months it's been 4 months. I thought 2 months was bad but fuck. He begins to move slowly in and out of me. "Fuck, how are you this tight. Fuck baby you feel good" he moans out. I grind my hips up.

"More papi more." He picks up the pace til he's drilling in to me. I scream in pleasure as he hits my spot repeatedly. The curtain flings open as a tall half naked blonde with huge tits walks in. Sebastian stops his thrust and turns.

The woman looks at me with a fire in her eyes. "You wouldn't give any of us a shot but fuck this bitch?" She ask looking at me with disgust. Feeling my anger rise I shove Sebastian off me go in to his jean pocket grabbing his knife. I storm up to her wrapping my small slender fingers around her throat, I put the blade above my hand digging it in to her skin.

"You see that masterpiece on the couch?" She nods. Tears streaming down her face in fear. My adrenaline only heightening my high. "His huge cock, his rock hard abs, that sexy face. MINE." I growl as I lift the knife and jam it in to her thigh feeding off the sound of her shrill screams"You go let all your coworkers know bossman is taken by a bitch worst the Harley Quinn! Don't fucking try me. Next time I'll fucking kill you."

"After delivering that message empty your shit and find somewhere else to work bitch." Sebastian barks out. I watch her scurry out the room then feel my body being pushed against the wall. He pulls my ass out as he slams in to me. He grabs my ponytail and pulls my head back.

"Fuck baby that was hot." He rams in to me repeatedly thrusting in and out as I feel the tightness in my belly knowing I'm close. My moans and his grunts getting louder as we both chase our orgasm. He brings his hand back to my throat adding pressure. "Cum for me muñeca." I came hard as he let's go inside of me. He wraps his arm around my waist turning me and pulling me in to his arms.

End of mature content

"Come with me! I have some bitches to set straight."

He helps me get dressed and takes me to the strippers dressroom. All the girls sat getting ready to take the stage. He pulled his gun out and pointed at each one. "Listen up! This woman right here." He gestures to me. "Is my wife to be! And all you bitches need to back the fuck off before I shoot each and everyone of you bitches."

With that he took me home and we fucked on each and every surface of the house.


Looks like our little Bashie learned.

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