Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Pushing boundaries

Danica's POV

I'm Danica Ortiz I'm a student At Texas uni. I'm happy that I was able to live on campus even though I'm a resident. My goal is to get discovered for my dancing and get far the fuck away from here.

My mom is a good for nothing junkie whore who allows her druggie boyfriend and son rape and abuse me for fun.

This has been going on since I was fourteen. That asshole took my innocence and instead of helping me and being a mom, she said I was stealing her boyfriend and I deserved everything I got.

Since I've been in college and met Sasha I've been a little more carefree. She has this light to her and like a moth I'm drawn. She is the sister I wish I had. I'm a nervous wreck because after we got Sasha from the bonfire and came to California she's been secluding herself and it seems that light has faded.

Now it's time for me to be the light in her life. We've been here for 3 days now and her family has been nothing but nice and caring. She was right when she said I'd like her brother. He was good fun. I'm glad his ego is huge and he's not clingy. After we had sex I slipped out of his room with just my leggings and my shirt I couldn't find my panties and I wasn't gonna risk looking for it and dealing with the awkward after math.

The past two days Sebastian has been harassing me for another go, but I am a one and done. I'm what would be considered damaged goods. I've been getting raped and beat by my stepdad and step brother for years. I don't believe in love and even if I did I've learned men are world best actors. They love to make woman think they love them, that they're good, but it's all an act. Once you let them in their true colors show.

Ryder told me there's a party going on tonight and he wants to get Sash out of the house. I don't get it. Sash told me growing up Cain was always her knight, protecting her and fighting with Ryder to be nice to her. But since meeting them I think Cains a bit of a bitch boy and I like Ryder. I can't picture him ever being mean to her with how gentle and sweet he's been with her. If I didn't know any better I'd think he was falling for her.

I'm sitting in the room they assigned me on Sashas floor applying the last bit of make up and tugging at my dress I need to find a new dick to ride before I get desperate enough to jump Sashas brothers bones again. Don't get me wrong he's fine as fuck and the biggest I've ever had BUT he's the last person I would make my friends with benefits.

He is the type to get you to fall for him and when you do he'll break your heart as if it was nothing. And seeing how he was so protective of Sasha with Cain. Fuck is that a turn on.

^^^^ Danis outfit

I'm wearing a pink tube dress that comes to mid thigh with white sandals. I have my hair down and light makeup. I make a it out to the car just as Sash and Ryder are getting in.

When we make it to the party Ryder ask me to stay with Sash for a minute so we found a secluded corner and began to talk. "So you and my brother huh?" She says with a small laugh.

"Yea. You were right the minute he got me alone he turned on the charm. It was funny."

When Ryder comes back he dismisses me so I go get myself a shot and a mixed drink and search the crowd. My eyes immediately find Sebastian sitting on a single couch with a brunette on his lap grinding and making out. Yup dodged a bullet there. I make it to the dance floor "Level Up" by Ciara comes on and I remember the dance Sasha showed me that her mom made to this song and I get right in to shaking my ass and dancing as if we're in dance class again. I feel someone come behind me and grab my hips.

I grind against him and I feel him harden. Fuck. Looks like I found who I'm riding to night. I spin and wrap my arms around his neck and rotate my hips still moving to the beat of some Spanish song that's playing now. He's actually hot he's got my skin tone with a nice fade. He's got dark brown eyes and a bright smile.

He puts his hand on my face leaning in to kiss me. Ohhh noo boy. I turn my head but I'm yanked away from him before his mouth makes contact. "What the fuck are you doing Jones?" The sexy beast says to Sebastian as he attempts to push my body behind his.

"Reggie Williams I see you're still here. Pick another girl to fuck this one is off limits!" The fuck I am. Did he seriously just Vag block me. I try to push from around him til the dodo speaks and pisses me off.

"Well shit if this one's taken maybe I'll go look for Sasha I heard her and your bitch boy friend finally broke up maybe now with him fucking Beth I can finally get my chance to taste the princess pussy." Oh no. I shove Sebastian before he can throw the punch and I rush up to Reggie and knee him in the nuts and when he doubled over I smash his face in to my knee. Sebastian pulls me back and jumps on him throwing punch after punch threatening to kill him if he looks at sash. Fuck that's hot. After a minute i pull him off the poor guy and drag him out of the house.

We call an Uber because Sasha took his car. We're going to his moms dance studio to pick it up. Once we switched cars I noticed Sebastian being all pissy. Finally over his aggressiveness to his poor car I speak.

"What's your deal?"

"You're here three days and acting like a slut. Fuck me 3 days ago and of all fucking people you choose the person I hate most to fuck next?"

"First off I'm single I can fuck who ever I want. Why is it okay for a dude to fuck whoever he wants? Hell he could fuck 5 different girls in one day and get props but a female does it and we're sluts?"

"What the fuck ever do what the fuck you want. If you fuck that piece of shit do it away from me and my family." I don't even respond I look out the window. When we get to the house we walk in to a whole new shit storm. We see Ryder and Cain fighting and Sasha is frozen in place.

Sebastian cusses under his breath as he goes to break up the fight and I head for Sasha pulling her up the stairs to her room. "Sasha look at me." She doesn't look instead I see tears roll down her cheek so I pull her to me and allow her to cry it out. When she calms down I go to her dresser and pull out a shirt for her. When I go to help her change I ask if it's okay and she nods her head.

When I take her dress of my eyes immediately goes to her neck. "Don't tell me you forgave that trash after who ever Beth is?"

"It was Ryder." She says so low I almost missed it. Yasssss. I oddly like Ryder for her. #Sayder. I hum in response and as I slip the t-shirt over her head Ryder walks in. His face is a little roughed up but makes him hotter.

He storms up to her and rips the shirt off of her taking off his own and putting it on her. What the fuck. "What was that for?" I hiss.

"It's Cains and she doesn't need to be wearing his shit." He walks to to her bed and feels around. Why is her shit all wet. He grabs her hand and drags her out of her room presumably to go to his.

I use this opportunity and head to the room I'm staying in. Tomorrow mrs and mr Jones will be coming home with the baby. These people are over the top with this house and these rooms. I was lucky if I got enough blankets to make a bed AND cover myself at my moms.

I walk in to the room and the door automatically shuts. I spin on my heal confused as fuck but I see Sebastian standing there in sweat pants and no shirt. Yumm. Wait no he called me a slut.

"Get the fuck out! The whore house is closed." I grit out pissed that he came out his mouth with that.

"Okay I'm sorry I called you that, it was out of line. I just hate that prick. He and Beth have targeted my sister and I our whole school years. Beth being a cunt and him trying to get in her pants to piss me and the guys off. Butttttt I was thinking you fucked up my lay for the night and I did the same to you. Even though I did do you a favor. So I figured."

He bites his lip and pulls something out of his pocket as he smirks at me and leans in to my ear "We're both horny, I can fuck you and be on my way! Just sex?" Suddenly I feel a blade against my back as I hear a loud rip my dress falls to the floor. What the fuck.

I spin on my heel ready to give him a piece of my mind because now I'm here topless and in a barely there thong, but he smashes his lips against mine. Panic rises in me I don't do anything oral related because it's too intimate for my liking. Also that's the one thing those assholes haven't taken from me, my first kiss and oral sex. Granted it's only because I bite.

I try to push him but he grabs my thighs hoisting me up causing me to let out a gasp. He uses this and slides his tongue in. I try to use my tongue to shove his out but he's not budging. Is this what it's like to make out? His lips are soft and his tongue is fucking amazing. He taste like jack and coke. Deciding to stop fighting against it I kiss him back letting my tongue dance with his. Not like it's happening again.

When he finally pulls away he brings his mouth to my neck and lays me down on the bed. He pulls my panties off and looks up at me as if he wants to ask something but is scared. "I know u said you don't do foreplay but can I please taste you." I don't know what to do. No ones ever done that to me. "If you don't like it I'll stop. I promise."

I nod my head and suddenly feel his warm wet tongue slide up my slit and my back arches. Fuck I've been missing out. I feel his tongue dancing on my clit before he sucks it in to his mouth. I start calling out his name and rolling my hips against his mouth moaning like a maniac. He works His tongue expertly causing my pussy to clench. "Fuck! You taste so damn good. Cum for me." As if he has control over my body I have my second orgasm ever in my life.

Fuck. He climbs up and kisses me again. I can taste myself on him and now I'm curious. "Can I umm do that to you?" I ask his eyes widen in shock but he nods his head. We flip positions and I'm now over him. I pull his pants down his monster springs free. I wrap my hand around him and pump before I slide my tongue from the underside of his cock to the top.

I take him in my mouth and take him as deep as I can. I hear him hiss then grunt and fuck that was sexy. I start bobbing my head adding extra suction the louder his grunts get it encourages me to keep going. I look up through my lashes . "I suggest to stop or I'm coming down your throat." He moans out. I use this to take him farther down my throat and I can feel him shoot down my throat. Not as bad as I thought it would be. A little salty but not bad.

He pulls me by my hair pulling me up to him flopping us so he's on top of me. He holds my wrist above my head like he did last time and I begin to panic trying to get him off. I don't like missionary or being held down.

He slams in to me with out warning and I throw my head back. But still struggle against him. "STOP" I shout. He immediately stops and looks at me. "I I don't like being held down or missionary." I tell him. I expect him not to give a fuck and continue but he lets go of my hands and looks in to my eyes with his beautiful greens.

"I'm sorry. How bout we try this but I won't hold you down? And if you're not comfortable we can switch?" I nod my head as he begins to start thrusting again. His speed picks up and pulls out and flips me around. He brings his mouth to my ear asking me if this was ok. It's usually not but I guess this is breaking all my boundaries day.

He's so much like Sasha that it doesn't scare me with him like it does with other men. I nod my head and he thrust in to me again he pulls my hips further up getting deeper I cry out in pleasure as he pounds in to me. Feeling his thick length fill me I feel that familiar tingling. I can't believe I've been missing out the whole time.

I can feel myself clench around him causing him to call out my name. I cry out his name as I cum around his huge cock. I feel him pull out and spill his seed on my back. He didn't wrap his shit. I'm glad I have the implant in my arm but still.

End of mature content

He gets up and goes to my dresser and grabs my towel he brings it back and wipes my back off then leaving the room thank god. One night. ONE FUCKING NIGHT AND THIS ASSHOLE BROKE EVERY RULE. I need to keep away from him. New goals, find new guys that he doesn't know so he can't interfere.


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