Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Different plans??

Danica's POV

Today has been pretty hectic. We did a double first birthday party for Sky and Abel. They are growing way too fast. We had a bouncy house and cake but only had family over. The twins Victor and Vincent are always so good with the kids. None of us expected it. They are our little baby sitters. Rylee and the little ones are alway together.

Right now the babies are asleep up stairs in Sky's room. Right now I have my group over so we can talk about our bachelorette party. Sebastian and the guys are of course here too they are up stairs. I'm excited but said. I don't know how I will Survive two weeks without my papi and baby girl.

"Vegas bitches I'm telling you that's where it's at." Dee says. It's Sasha, Dee, Kira,Ollie, Nevaeh and Cassie . Up stairs is Sebastian, Cain, Ryder, Jordan And Kaden. They are phone conference with Jameson, Tyler and Jose.

"Yasss you better let loose. Dani you deserve it! You been working the studio with Sasha the kids in the classes doing amazing! LET LOOSE DAMMIT you and Sebastian deserve some alone time and friend time!" Cassie yells. I wish she would come but she and Nevaeh are staying with the munchkins. Wait Sebastian?

"The guys are making their own plans." I tell her with my brows knitted in confusion. She begins to laugh so hard she's gasping for air the the floor.

"So young so naïve" she begins to roll but then stops and looks at me with a serious expression. "Get married with out me there and I will kill you." I visibly gulp and look at her wide eyes.

"B-But w-were going to separate p-places"

I managed to get out. She shakes her head. This time Nevaeh laughs but then mean mugs Sasha who only raises a brow. I notice the wink she sends to Dee and Ollie who smirk. They hiding some shit.

"Gay bars aye!" Dee says dancing in her seat. Fuck it 2 weeks Vegas girls trip.

"AYE VEGAS BITCHES" I yell! Cassie and Nevaeh point upwards and as if I'm cue we hear.

"Vegas fuckers"


Sebastians POV

Me and the guys were upstairs talking about the bachelor party. My dad and his best friend Jordan just shook their heads. "I told you! Where the girls go you go."

"But dad their probably going to go to some fucking spa or some lame shit like that. We want action fun." They just looked at me, at each other and fell down laughing.

"How about we make this interesting? I bet you take the twins and Rylee over to your place for a whole weekend, if the girls go some where wild."

Dad wagers.

"If they choose some stuffy spa retreat you can't fuck mom for a Month!" He looks at me and scoffs.

"Too Easy! Boy am I gonna gonna enjoy making her scream."

"Daddddd" what the fuck! He and Jordan start heading for the door. We listen for the babies but they're still asleep. We quietly make our way down the stairs. We hear Dee mention Vegas. They say a bunch of shit but I hear Jose and Tyler yell about Vegas and strip clubs. All I hear is mom tell dani to let loose. What the fuck mom whose team are you on?

I hear Dani shout she's in. The words are out before I can stop them. "Vegas fuckers!" The girls snap their heads to us.

"Tink I get you to my-fucking-self for a whole fucking weekend. EMPTY MANSION" He yells.

"What the fuck dad! Seriously?" Sasha and I say in unison while everyone laughs. Dani snaps her eyes to me they are bbllllaaaaacccccckkkkkk. I do what any sane person in my position would do I run behind my mom.

"What was that Dani? Different plan's? Separate parties?" Dani looks around my mother right at me with pure rage. Sasha's eyes are wide as she stares at the wall, Cains eyes trained on her. After a bit the tension dies down a bit we all get some beers and sit in the back yard talking about Christmas that's in 2 weeks . December is busy with it being Sky and Abels birthdays then Christmas and New Year's Eve.

I don't miss Dani's pissy attitude throughout the night. Everyone stood til about 2 in the morning. We had Sash leave Abel here Over night. It beat waking him and having a fussy baby plus him and Sky are pretty attached at the hip.


Danica's POV

I watch him check on the kids kissing them and petting Sylvester good night. I can still feel my anger simmering. He can't just crash our party. I won't allow it. Girls only. "You're not crashing our party."

"No we're just having our party in the same place as you."

"Sebastian!" I whine like an insolent child.

"I'm not letting you go to Vegas without me." He says walking past me and to our bedroom. I follow on his heel getting angry again. "Dammit Dani a lot can happen in Vegas especially with Dee helping out with the planning."

"You're not going. Tell your band of horn dog to go to Cancun or something but you're not coming to Vegas." I grit out. He storms up to me and wraps his large hand around my slender throat, his eyes a deep shade of green. Anger swirls in his orbs as he try's to get me to back down. "You are not fucking going!" I growl. His eyes flash with pure rage as he gets in my face and kisses me roughly.

He brings his hand to my cami ripping it clean off my body, he rips my bra from the middle.

He brings his mouth down to my erect nipple swirling his tongue then biting down sending a jolt of pain and pleasure down south. My pussy clenches and I feel myself get wet. Something about angry Sebastian that is such a turn-on, he moves to my next breast and roughly removes my leggings and panties.

He lifts my naked body and slams me on the bed causing me to bounce. He stands in front of me looking in to my eyes he strips and I bring my hand to between my legs. I run my finger up and down my slit as he slowly pulls his shirt over his head revealing his defined abs. I bite my bottom lip and begin to rub circles on my clit and holding back my moans.

Papi storms up to me and removes my hand from between my legs. "No matter how sexy that is you're not allow to make yourself cum! You cum around my cock, on my tongue, or on my fucking fingers." His voice thick with lust. He situates his large frame between my legs as he brings his talented tongue to my aching core. My back arches off the bed as I grind my hips against his mouth calling out his name. I dig my short nails in to his scalp and try to bring his face closer as if it's possible. I feel myself closing in to my orgasm but he pulls away lay a powerful slap to my lower lips.

"Argue with me about this again and I'll make sure you never make it out of the hotel room." He barks.

"You're not coming!" I snap he slams in to me without warning and begins his thrust. It's like he's trying to prove a point. His thrust are hard and punishing. It hurts in the most delicious way. I squeeze my inner muscles causing papi to hiss.

"Don't do that or I'll be cumming inside of you." He threatens causing me to clench again. "I'm warning you baby doll I'll fucking fill you like a donut I have no problem with you being pregnant again." He growls out. He starts jack hammering in to me thirst short and hard. I feel myself nearing the edge. Sebastian notices and slows his thrust. He slide himself all the way out and sticking just his tip in and out. He's teasing me and I can't take it.

"Please papi please." I cry out.

"Say were coming with y'all!" He says through clenched teeth. He latches his mouth to my neck and I moan loudly. Saying fuck it I agree to his demands just so he can get me off.

"Yes fine you can come." I whine. He picks his pace back up bringing his hand between us. I feel the tightening in my lower belly, he pinches my clit and I feel myself dive off the edge screaming his name. He pulls out wrapping his hand around his large shaft and cums on my belly.

End of mature content

"Still not coming!" I say in a sing song voice as I make my way to the shower. He says something under his breath which I ignore.


3 months later

The day is finally here. The girls and I are backed and at the private jet ready to head off to our two week vacation. The guys took Arlo's Jet and are going to Cancun. I made sure to stand my ground. Sebastian put up a hell of a fight but I'm the boss and he's finally realizing it.

We took longer then necessary saying bye to the babies. I think that was the hardest part for me and Sash. Dee said to enjoy the plane ride because it's the most sober we'll be this whole vacation.

The ride was only an hour and a half long. When we arrive to the Caesars palace we go to the front desk. When we give our names she hands us key cards and tell us our rooms. We're all on the same floor. We get our keys and move over to get settled.

"Hey roomie I see you got your keycard. Are you ready to bless our room?" Our heads snap the 6 idiots who are supposed to be on their way to Mexico.

"Sebastian" I hiss out ready to murder this prick. All the guys stand there with smirks on their faces but Jameson runs up to me lifting me and spinning me.

"I miss you tiny don't be mad at me." He says with a pout. So much for girls vacation.


Okay I FUCKING LOVE CASSIE AND KADEN. Out of all the stories I have here and Wattpad Cassie and Kaden have my heart! 😍😍


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